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Show HN: MinIO HDFS Gateway Adds Amazon S3 API Support to Hadoop HDFS Filesystem

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Show HN: Advigator – Monitor Your Competitors on Amazon

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Show HN: VoiceJobs – Job Board for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Voice UX, and More

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Project description Amazon Fire Stick has taken the home entertainment world by storm. Perhaps it can be said that the Amazon fire stick is burning up the competition. The Amazon Fire Stick is an innovative media player that allows users to stream content on their television via the internet. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Accounting Posted by: website viewed 5 times posted by aaronfinch7

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Show HN: SuperVoc Text to Speech with Google, IBM Watson, Azure and Amazon Polly

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Show HN: Control use with facts and gorgeous photos of the Amazon

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Show HN: S3sup – static site uploader for Amazon S3

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Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ Contact for price Project type: Active Lifestyle E-Commerce Fitness Posted by: website viewed 13 times posted by maxitnutrition

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Show HN: Audio Tours Using Amazon Polly

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Show HN: AmzHive – Easy to Use Tool Suite for Amazon Sellers

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Project description We are here to assist you with the process of Amazon Fire Stick account setup. There could be many reasons for an unsuccessfulAmazon Fire Stick Account Setup, and if you don’t know what those reasons are, then don’t worry, we are here to help you. What you can do is, you can call us at our toll-fre.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: News Technology Posted by: other viewed 14 times posted by margaretus

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Project description If you want to use the smart features of Alexa to control your TV, then follow these steps to complete the setup: Your computer should have the webOS operating system or higher. Install Alexa App on your smartphone form the Play Store or App Store. Launch Set-Up TV for Alexa App from the home scr.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: 3D Technology Computers Customer Service Posted by: website viewed 10 times posted by nancypaul

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Show HN: Amazon Redshift Management Studio – Datarow

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For sale is a growing Amazon affiliate business in the printing and apparel niche. Launched in 2016, the business has scaled steadily and predictably by providing informative guides and reviews for heat press machinery. Aimed at consumers and businesses alike, the website continues to gain traction with users. As t-shirts and other printed merchandise remain some of the top-selling DIY products, the business has securely positioned itself in a lucrative industry. With the average article consisting of over 1,000 words and a robust backlink profile of over 2,000 active backlinks, the site has secured an impressive keyword profile. The business ranks on the first Google results page for highly sought-after terms such as ‘Heat Press’, helping drive over 75,000 visitors in the past year alone. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a growing and scalable content business primed for future growth. Yearly revenue: $38,700*

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Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: E-Commerce Market Research Software Posted by: website viewed 9 times posted by christaylor

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