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Show HN: A QR Code Generator for Slack in 7 Lines of JavaScript

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Show HN: Make a QR code with your domain spelled out in the code pattern

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Show HN: QR Code Chrome Extension Without Reading All Your Data Permission

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Show HN: Side Project Feedback – No App Needed – QR Code Based Self Checkout POS

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Show HN: Chirp is like an audio QR code

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Show HN: A PWA for checking products' nutritional values by scanning its barcode

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Hello, my fellow Redditors!I'm basically launching an online service that combines marketing and sales. You just need a QR code scan of the advertised product which will land you directly to the buying page of that product in the app. It is basically an e-commerce store that will provide online shop services to sellers or vendors and complete buying experience for customers. Our financial model revolves around the vendors as they will give 1-time subscription fee along with 5% of monthly sales income every month. All the web development has been done and tested. The main focus here is the utility of QR codes. A person can scan QR code in an advert and a POS is created right there through the app.Here is the website link - to the android app - I need now is a little bit of direction and guidance, should I use standard OOH marketing techniques along with digital marketing or create some hype in youth by giving the marketing campaign as a college project to final year students? Also, what should be the ground level techniques to have maximum savings since it is a lean startup.... Should I look for investors for seed money or work upon the revenues initially?

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I recently launched my sideproject, a SaaS that allows you to get photos from a users mobile phone via QR Code and HTML5 on the phone (no app installation required).I'm making heavy use of websockets to make the API very "interactive", in a way that a user is always notified about what is going on (upload progress, image previews pushed via websockets before full upload starts etc.). I tried to keep the API simple so that I can fit a full code example into a single-screen JSBin that you can play with and serves as documentation example.I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. I would be especially interested in developer opinions about the JS API, whether it is concise, understandable etc.I've been working on the project more than 4 month next to my day-to-day job, which is freelance fullstack developer with a focus on frontends (React and Angular stacks using TypeScript). I am now focusing full-time on the project. For those interested: I wrote the stack using TypeScript/React and TypeScript/Node/ in the backend.​

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Show HN: Easily transfer files with a QR code

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Project description Generate free QR Codes. Utilize this tool to createqr codes in different sizes and various content types. QR codes are available for download and are ready to be scannedby mobile phones.This project is built usingPHPMySQL Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Internet Marketing Marketing Automation QR Codes Posted by: website viewed 19 times posted by mbwebd 1 Technology: This project is built usingPHPMySQL

startup barcode $ no price lenses marked cards is a kind of Marked cards,It is more practical than Ordinary Marked cards. When you wear special contact lenses on yous eye, you can read the marked in the middle on the card's back,but The naked eye can not see it. This is the latest and the best marked cards. When you play Texas Hold'em,use such of playing cards,and you will win Billion of wealth Cards invisible ink ,This ink filled inside a pen to mark invisible ink marked cards for poker cheating. Or you can use it for printer to print the marked cards. Any kind of poker cards can be marked with the ink such as KEM playing cards, Bicycle playing cards and Bee playing cards. Besides, the paper and plastic cards can be marked perfectly. The ink on cards will dry quickly and it can stay on cards for a long time. Our naked eyes can not read the invisible ink and only our special devices can read. The IR lenses are for reading the invisible ink marked cards and camera lens is to read the barcode marked cards. With the help of this magic ink for making cards, you will gain more chances to master the poker games.

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