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Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Beauty Cosmetics Healthcare Services Posted by: website viewed 10 times posted by herrybraun

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Hi,I've been working on this project for a while. It's a place for project owners to showcase their projects. At the moment, it's focussed on designers (like graphic designers) but I hope to expand it in the future.The beauty of this project is that you don't need to spend time building a website to showcase your project. It aims to make your hard-working projects stand out.It's an MVP and got more ideas to input.What do you guy think?Link: https://www.showject.com

web beauty $ for sale

Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Posted by: website viewed 4 times posted by missurat

startup beauty $ no price

Show HN: Cream Skimming of Startup Knowledge – LEARMO

startup beauty $ no price

Show HN: A CLI multiplatform java software to manage beauty saloons

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Hi /r/SideProject!I'm Martin, the creator of Nimonikku, an online Japanese kanji learn tool! Nimonikku helps you learn Japanese kanji by splitting up its constituents into smaller pieces and forcing you to learn them first. After knowing all the constituents it's easy to come up with a mnemonic of yourself. I am posting some of them on my Instagram if you are curious on how they work. Sometimes you can't come up with one, and here comes the beauty of sharing. All users can see the mnemonics of others and benefit of them. If you are into the Japanese culture, feel free to check it out!Thanks for using the site and let me know what you think :)

Nail Designs

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Nail Designs Assortment of 4 beauty apps available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms with combined count of over 2 million downloads. All equipped with original content and full IP rights. All native client side code. Built with: Swift, Java Offer

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