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Show HN: ChitChat – Chat with Friends in High School

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Show HN: TextBlast Bulk SMS – Send Personalized Mass Messages Easily

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Show HN: MySellerBot: Affordable alternative to live chat

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Show HN: Slack chatbot for quick text analysis

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Project description Finally, you can have a smart bot that's on point, on-brand, and on your website. Connect Google Dialogflow agents to a customizable, rich-media web chat UI. No more mandatory logins for your users.This project is built usingreact.jsGoogle App EngineAmazon Clouddynamo dbCSSTypeScriptFirebase Until Botcopy, there's been no easy way to host Dialogflow agents on your website in a rich, bra.. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Developer Tools Entrepreneur Technology Posted by: website viewed 3 times posted by rob lubow Technology: This project is built usingreact.jsGoogle App EngineAmazon Clouddynamo dbCSSTypeScriptFirebase Until Botcopy, there's been no easy way to host Dialogflow agents on your website in a rich, bra..

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Show HN: HideContacts- Hide Contacts from Whatsapp

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Project description Mimicr is a mobile to mobile screen sharing app. It allows for instant live stream of entire phone screen between two Android phones along with voice chat capability.This project is built usingna There are a lot of screen sharing apps that facilitate screen sharing between a phone and a computer.. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Android Developer Tools Games Posted by: mobile app viewed 3 times posted by ted kebede Technology: This project is built usingna There are a lot of screen sharing apps that facilitate screen sharing between a phone and a computer..

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Show HN: Retro Split-Screen Chat with Realtime Typing

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I have recently built a chat application prototype that I hope one day can be a product in the market. But as of now, I will let it be there for anyone who needs it for casual use.You can check it out here:​Basically the features are:Easily invite your buddies to a channel and password protect it.Channels can be easily accessed by appending #channel_name behind the URL.Users can choose to 'Persist' their messages or not. Persisted messages will be stored and logged. Any returning user will be able to scroll through persisted message history in the application.Features I am not so sure if it's good:No name (anonymous). No user accounts are required as of now. I find this preference subjective.Features that I plan to have:Lock a channel to public. (Unlike password protection, the channel is locked in public mode, hence no one can claim it and is strictly for public use). - Great for a business' chat, feedback or any public opinion discussion.Have users decide whether if they want to have user accounts. hence no longer anonymous.

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Show HN: AskThe.Host – Open Source platform for audience interaction over SMS

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Splitting equity is a difficult but important task for startup teams. This exercise defines ownership and level of authorities.Here is our story of how we got through it.--------------------------------------------------------------Often, startup teams are made up of friends and turning that relationship into “business partners” completely changes the dynamic. It essentially puts a number on the value of contribution an individual has. And no one likes to hear their “value” is less than the expectation or another partner.But in reality, equity has little to no tangible value (unless there is capital involved). There is no customer nor revenue and any valuation tied into it is all hypothesis. Equity is paper money with perceived value and can’t be monetized, yet. It is the carrot reward that founders use to attract talents to work without pay. It is also a promise of the great return in the future for the sacrifices we have to make now. People need to buy into that vision to believe there is value in the company equity.We started with a hard equity split and everyone would get a set amount with no vesting or incentive to work harder. There is no motivation to do more or committing to weekly meetings. When life gets in the way, then the project goes on the back burner. I knew things had to change and I needed to come up with a different equity incentive system.After a few iterations, I came up with a creative incentive system that allows members to earn equity through actions. This new structure with points can be earned through the following objectives:Attending meetingsTaking vacation days to work on the projectCapital investmentMeeting deadline for tasks they were assignedWithout going into too much detail of the math and calculation behind these factors, everyone is working under 1 pool of share. The more 1 person does, the more share he earns, which also means that there are less equity for others to get in the same pool.This new system gave us a significant improvement in productivity. Meeting attendance and task completion rate improved dramatically. People were taking a week or more vacation to work on the project. Money was also being invested. Along with a purposed-driven mindset and a rewarding system, we were able to do more work in 4 weeks’ time than all the previous 3 months combined.The downside was that everyone had to start at a lower share %. My own equity went down 10% and I had to work my way back up even though I was the founder and provided for the majority of the capital. With the original equity structure, I would have gotten more equity when I invested an additional $8K into the project, but under the new structure, I was simply just catching up to my original share.Some may ask if that’s a fair distribution for me? My view is that equity means nothing if there are no products to offer. With the way it was going, it would have taken significantly more time (possibly with lower quality). In fact, that lack of momentum would probably have killed the project eventually. If by reducing my own equity means that we can have a serious commitment to speed up the development, then I feel it’s well worth it.However…This system isn’t without its flaw. One downside is that it didn’t encourage collaboration and the development team was racking up significantly more equity than the business side (myself). Our co-founder didn’t end up getting too many task completion points either because he was focusing on helping the rest of the team. I personally didn’t get anywhere near where I wanted to be because my tasks were meant for a much later stage in the project. The system was also adding unnecessary and unhealthy internal competition.After 2 months of steam, we just had to end the incentive system and locked everything down. But on the bright side, the core team was significantly more committed and the momentum kept on going. In fact, one of our teammate (Sean Zhao) believed in it so much that he recently quit a good permanent paying job to go full time on this project WITHOUT pay and additional equity.--------------------------------------------------------------You can see my profile for a link to join our Telegram to learn more about our project!Original content came from ->

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Just want to take a few minutes of your time and introduce the new note-taking app my friend and I worked for a long time.We've decided to create it because we didn't find any effective solution for collecting and organizing a big number of notes (yes, I have a lot of them).So, Unit is a note-taking app that provides a quite new experience of collecting, organizing and managing all your notes.Content in Unit is made up of independent blocks, like texts, lists, tasks, images, files etc., so a user has the ability to manage the data more efficiently.There're a lot of interesting features like content reordering by gestures, the ability to create nested hierarchy, tags, reminders, color coding, offline mode, telegram messenger integration etc.Currently Unit is available for iOS only, but we're planning to develop apps for all popular platforms in the nearest future.We're actively looking for feedback. Please let me know what do you think. I will be happy to answer your questions.Thanks.​

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Hey everyone,​I’ve came up with a beta forhttps://remotepresence.ioand thought about sharing my motivation behind it.​So about a year ago I had the opportunity to become a remote worker - all thanks to my company’s policy about virtual offices and flexible hours. I really enjoy that freedom of working from anywhere. Funny thing is, I felt that there was an invasion of my privacy since then.​I am a hard worker - if not a workaholic. I normally put a lot of hours to make sure I finish a project on time because I love results. I just do it on my own schedule, and I often feel more productive at night. When I am not on my computer on a particular afternoon, I am not comfortable being asked why because my Slack status is at ‘away’. I felt watched, and it’s was invasion of my privacy. Plus, productivity is not necessarily correlated to the time you put in, or related to a green dot.​That said, I started to manually put myself ‘active’ on slack whenever I remembered. It was an annoying process. Being a developer, I assumed there was a better way of doing it. So that is how I created,a platform initially for myself to automatically update my status according to a desired schedule. To my surprise, co-workers and clients even started initiating conversations more often.​After talking to my friends and having few request from them, I decided to put on a cloud to make it accessible to others without the need to download anything. We are currently in beta, so please feel free to provide any feedback.​You can try without charges for 7 days. I’ve then set the price to $12/year to help me cover the cost of the servers and to do any updates whenever Slack changes something. Other chat services will also be added eventually. Please register on if you would like to try.​Thanks for reading :)

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Show HN: Metachat – Group chat with a dynamic tagging system

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Show HN: Whapp-irc – A simple WhatsApp IRC gateway

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