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Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Adventure Travel Posted by: other viewed 8 times posted by mala tours

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Show HN: Foodcratic – Another food finding iOS app

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Project description Mr. Checkout is a national group of Independent DSD Distributors, Full-Line Grocery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers. We represent products in over 60 major retailers and our distribution network services approximately 35,000 retailers across the United States, Canada and parts of the Caribbean.This project is built usingWordPressinfusionsoftAgile CRM - Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Distribution Food and Beverages Groceries Posted by: website viewed 4 times posted by mrcheckoutsr Technology: This project is built usingWordPressinfusionsoftAgile CRM -

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Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: B2B E-Commerce Platforms Food and Beverages Posted by: other viewed 1 times posted by agro24

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Show HN: Recipe Scaler – Parse and scale up/down recipe from any website

web food & drinks $ for sale

Project description As the premier choice on Long Island, NY for quality ice products, we provide a complete range of ice products for customers in Suffolk County, NY and surrounding areas. Call 631-727-3010 for quality ice products. Address - 656 W Main St, Riverhead, NY, 11901 Company Email Id - icefuelcc@verizon. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Food Processing Posted by: website viewed 11 times posted by icefuelli

startup ios food & drinks $ no price

Show HN: Count Calories in Food Photos iOS App

startup blog food & drinks documents $ no price is an AI powered domain name generator we built as a side project.My wife was trying to name her blog and I threw out an offhand comment over dinner about how we could totally build an AI to do that. She asked why we never actually build any of these things we talk about and it turned into a challenge. By late that night we had a dataset of a million domain names and were generating text that looked enough like domain names to encourage us to keep going.The names aren't all perfect but there are some really good ones in there! There are also some hilarious ones in there. For some reason the internet seems to be biased towards chickens and is available, as is a personal favorite of mine www.greatergoats.comFor the AI-inclined: we're using a character-level RNN to generate domain names which we match against the user's query with word vector similarity.

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Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Blogging Platforms Brand Marketing Food and Beverages Posted by: website viewed 11 times posted by fasterchef

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Show HN: World Bank Blockchain Hackathon to address global water challenges

startup food & drinks $ no price

So we all know this problem: Save something to read later and then never see it again. It happens with browser bookmarks, videos saved to watch later or the things you write down in your notes.I had over 600 saved articles I wanted to read in my Chrome bookmarks and decided I need to do something with it. So I built really simple, free web app (and Chrome, Firefox) which reminds me about my unread content.How does it work?Save any link by copy&paste or using the browser pluginOn a chosen day, receive one weekly email with random, unread links.Just pick a day you have time for your readings, grab a mug of good coffee and enjoy your weekly lectures.Additionally, share your weekly list with others, so they can read what you collected.Magic available hereMeet Mailist App​This side project is being developed for over 6 months now, slowly growing organically with almost 1000 users onboard. Now it's your time to give it a try!

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Show HN: Foodspan – Reduce your food waste

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Hey makers,I started learning to code and this is the first product I ever built. 🔨Here is how it looks: page:🐶 PRODUCTI’m a proud owner of two dogs and I want to make sure that I feed them with food that keep them healthy in the long-term.When it comes to feeding our dogs human food, some typical questions arise: What kind of human foods can dogs eat? What foods are dangerous for dogs?🍞🍈🥓🍌🍐🥩🍔🍕So I thought how cool would it be an app that tells you exactly that by simply typing in the food’s name.I also wrote a long guide answering the most frequently asked questions regarding feeding dogs with human food.The app checks mostly basic foods and the most popular human foods, not complex, prepared meals. :)I’m so excited to share this early version with you guys, let me know what you think so I can make a better new version. :)

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Show HN: Tools, recipes, and resources for the aspiring vegan

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Hi r/SideProject fam, I would like to ask for your feedback for my first big project!Often in our life we need help. In my experience getting them is completely dependent on who you know. Off course you get referrals to a friend's friend but generally you have to be lucky to ask them to do something beyond simple request.One of the experience that make me want to pursue this is when I had a univ-school project to build a movie which requires actors. I couldn't drop the project (cuz I would have failed the class) and this is one of a situations where my friends are too shy and their referrals are to busy. In addition to finding someone who wants to lend me their camera, I had to pull my plugs of shame to ask random strangers to help. I felt VERY uncomfortable every time I did it. I was lucky enough to get some people but I had to spend around $50 to buy some food for them because they are giving their precious time. I though it was real bad that I need to spend my hard earned money after going around campus like a hyper-active salesman.So I thought that I'd like to make the experience of getting help much more better and creates an efficient mechanism of trade to reward them (in the case above, there was no way to payback the stranger I had to spend money for food). This is how my startup; fiivv is created!PROJECT : FIIVVFiivv is a timebank and social network for people who are willing to help. Timebank allows you to store a unit of credit against the time/value you spend when you help other people. You can spend the credits you earn for other things you need and want. You can post your request/ service in the marketplace or start a conversation with people here.Please sign up (you have to do it via computer, not mobile phone)! I'm just starting out so there is not a lot of people there but I'd like to know your feedback! I mean without your help this won't work.fiivv.comFeel free to contact me at believe many people have unused time and usefull skills others can use and we can build this community!

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Show HN: Launched my First project; Instagrammable places, food and moments

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Hey there subscribers!My partner and I have recently started a new business venture- DUO Bottles. It is a bottle that holds hot and cold liquids simultaneously. We came up with the idea from our own frustration; we tried to cut out single use water bottles and coffee cups by swapping to re-usable coffee flasks and reusable bottles, but found carrying two bottles was inconvenient, bulky and prone to leaking! We therefore decided to come up with a bottle that carries both liquids at the same time! We are hoping to launch on Kickstarter in the next few months to obtain money for tooling costs. I wanted to ask this community if there is anyone who has any experience of running a crowdfunding campaign and any tips to building brand awareness without having to spend large amounts? Any help would be much appreciated, and of course any website sign ups ;) www.duobottles.comMany thanks for reading this and any response I might receive,Sarah​​​

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Project description This food delivery application is similar to UberEats, iOS Features User/Facebook/Google Login Nearby Restaurant Locator Restaurant Information Online Ordering Order Status Real-time Delivery Status Updates Messaging Ratings, Reviews Push Notifications Arabic and RTL Support Share App Featu..This project is built usingPHPswift 4 Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ Contact for price Project type: iOS Posted by: mobile app viewed 6 times posted by launchyourappidea Technology: This project is built usingPHPswift 4

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Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Health Care Medical Personal Health Posted by: website viewed 8 times posted by maxibbott

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