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Show HN: I wrote a book about building a freelance business with WordPress

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Show HN: – An UpWork bot for Freelancers

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Show HN: Crowdsourced freelance contract template, written in plain language

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Show HN: Focusmate – Distraction-free productivity via virtual coworking

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Project description The complex yet fully-functional, iOS marketplacesimilar to Upwork, where users can post jobs and freelancers can apply to them. It also has messaging functionality to enable communication between employers and freelancers iOS Features Book Appointment(s) Online Payment(s) Nearby Freelancer Loc..This project is built usingPHPObjective Cswift 4 Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ Contact for price Project type: Application Platforms Freelancers iOS Posted by: mobile app viewed 10 times posted by launchyourappidea 1 Technology: This project is built usingPHPObjective Cswift 4

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Hey guys!Two friends and I are working on a website, and we are looking for your feedback!It's called Lito and it's a virtual office that connects your distributed team through voice.Waiting for replies, feeling left out, not knowing who is working at the moment, and struggling to find a time to meet. 😩 If you are working remotely or work with remote co-workers, these problems might resonate with you.That's why we build Lito (You can read our full story on Medium)Try it! We're really looking forward to your feedback!

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I built GigSmash to help everyone who's interested in part-time and gig work easily find the right platform(s) for suitable work. It's a side project that was built out of my own needs, to find and manage sources of freelance work as a web developer. It's still in a very early stage and I have a huge list of NTH features that I want to add - but it's also time to get it out there and get some feedback :)Hope you find it useful, and please don't be shy to criticize, review & propose ideas!

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My name is Dan and I'm a sales copywriter in the EST time zone looking to gain traction with my freelance work.I'm looking to connect and potentially build partnerships with specifically niched businesses that currently have Print ads, Online ads, or a website running.​WHO YOU ARE:You know your product or service is better than the competition, your prices are better, and you have the dedication - the drive to surpass everyone in your industry because you want to be the top 3%... Top 1%.​You've been looking for ways to gain more traffic, more attention to your awesome company and completely revamping your landing page and sales page to turn visitors into sales is something you're open to.​If this all sounds familiar then we can already agree that you and I both are in the same mindset. The final piece to the puzzle is how well your sales copy is implemented, who's it's targeted to, and how well it performs to make you more money.​WHO I AM:As I said, I'm Dan. I'm a simple guy who's always been into finding creative ways of making money. Everything from selling worms in the creek to the neighborhood kids (the biggest issue was the refund policy when the worms died..) to dropshipping, FBA, MLM's, Affiliate's, Stocks, Investments and much more.​My one request is this:Please only reach out if you're READY. As much as I'd love to, I can't magically write a killer sales page that increases conversion rates, floods your email list, or makes you MORE MONEY in 12 hours and without your help. Knowing who your customer is, knowing the language they use, knowing their problems and pain points.​That's just the tip of the iceberg to creating compelling copy that sells like crazy.​If you've made it this far in my post then I'll take the guess that you're interested. The best thing you can do at this moment is to send me a Direct Message. Let's get in touch and see if us working together is something that will benefit you and me.​I'm not sure if this post will get any attention but just remember, I'm only one man, so as soon as I get too many replies and get in touch with multiple businesses, I'm going to work with whoever reached out first. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Previous weekend I took up a side project based on a really simple idea I frequently had popping up in my head. It was building a way/tool to instantly share something from my laptop to my phone, or any two devices for example. I used to get into this position where I came across a really beautiful article on Medium and I wanted to send a piece from it to a friend. The ways to get that text from my laptop on my phone were tedious. I would have to message it to myself, or open up Whatsapp web to text it from there. Text remains a bit easier, though; I thought why not do the same for images! I do freelance graphic designing, where many a times I have to send images I created on my laptop to my phone. Usually they aren't the final ones. The easiest way, I use, is to mail them to myself, or upload them on Dropbox/Google Drive and then download them on phone. This has a subtle problem. Usually, my cloud storage would fill up to the brim and Gmail would start warning me to clear my storage or I would stop receiving mails. What can be the solution here, I thought? Enter Sync ( I think, we come across many such situations, where we just want to share things instantly to people, or to our own devices, but do not wish to store them. We usually forget to delete files once uploaded to cloud. Through Sync, I tried solving this problem, where you just create a 'room', to which you connect other devices, and then simply broadcast stuff. Everyone connected instantly receives the text/image.Sync also has additional features like speech-to-text for real-time text sharing. Give it a try and let me know how you find it. Sync :

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So I've started to work on a freelance portal. To know why I wanted to work on this,I run a Dev shop based out of India and I have experience working as a product manager for a startup and in the automotive design industry.I used to freelance years ago and search for freelance projects on portals like freelancer, Elance etc. Now recently I was checking whether there is any possibility for me to get some qualified clients through those portals and surprisingly nothing has changed much.It is infested with projects without even a decent description and freelancers who race to the bottom to land a client. In a situation like this is it even possible to find good freelancers and clients ?I do understand that there are some other portals which I haven't tried plus companies like Gigster which only hire the top among the top talent and charge exorbitant rates. There are good, talented people who can't get into Gigster and how do they manage to find freelance work ?In your experience as developers and designers what do you think is broken in these platforms ?Or are there any decent solutions available ?Is something being overlooked ?What do you think a new solution should address ?Is it time for a new freelancing portal ?Your thoughts please.

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Name/URL: Digital SuperCat/ www.digitalsupercat.comLocation: 4401 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, California, usThe Digital SuperCat team is made up of well-versed digital marketing specialists. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds which include venture-backed startup entrepreneurs and managers, freelance marketers, writers, web d esigners, small business owners, actors, comedians, dancers, large corporations, and current college students. What do they all have in common? A focus on results and the returns on investment.More details: Helping great companies grow their business on and offline. 1-10 employees.Make contact networks

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Project description The Digital SuperCat team is made up of well-versed digital marketing specialists. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds which include venture-backed startup entrepreneurs and managers, freelance marketers, writers, web d esigners, small business owners, actors, comedians, dancers, large co..This project is built usingPHP Awesome People. Awesome Strategies. Awesome Results. We are Redefining the Status Quo. .. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Internet Marketing Marketing Automation Posted by: website viewed 5 times posted by digitalsupercatcrm 1 Technology: This project is built usingPHP Awesome People. Awesome Strategies. Awesome Results. We are Redefining the Status Quo. ..

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Hey guys, we're launching Infinity today 🚀Whether you’re looking to coordinate your entire company, or you’re a freelancer trying to manage multiple clients, Infinity’s flexible interface lets you collaborate and organize literally anything you need.You can use Infinity to create to-do lists, roadmaps, kanban, bug tracker, sales pipeline, meetings, lightweight CRM, galleries, notes, bookmarks or anything else. There’s really no limits.Read this guide to understand what you can do with Infinity: would love to hear your feedback. Thanks

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Project description Handcrafted project leads for freelance developers and web agencies delivered right to you inbox! We sift these leads for you from a variety of sources (job boards/social media/premium communities/RFP sites) so that you can work more effectively and close more sales in a fraction of the time. All of..This project is built usingRuby On Railshtml5/javascript My cofounder and I are both freelance developers ourselves and spent 3 months building and optimizin.. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Developer Tools Freelancers Web Development Posted by: website viewed 4 times posted by cavemangraham Technology: This project is built usingRuby On Railshtml5/javascript My cofounder and I are both freelance developers ourselves and spent 3 months building and optimizin..

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I recently launched my sideproject, a SaaS that allows you to get photos from a users mobile phone via QR Code and HTML5 on the phone (no app installation required).I'm making heavy use of websockets to make the API very "interactive", in a way that a user is always notified about what is going on (upload progress, image previews pushed via websockets before full upload starts etc.). I tried to keep the API simple so that I can fit a full code example into a single-screen JSBin that you can play with and serves as documentation example.I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. I would be especially interested in developer opinions about the JS API, whether it is concise, understandable etc.I've been working on the project more than 4 month next to my day-to-day job, which is freelance fullstack developer with a focus on frontends (React and Angular stacks using TypeScript). I am now focusing full-time on the project. For those interested: I wrote the stack using TypeScript/React and TypeScript/Node/ in the backend.​

startup freelance $ no price

Show HN: Feastflow – Handcrafted leads for freelance developers

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Hi Redditors.I started Remote Jobs Club as a fun side-project and it quickly turned into an income-generating project. Since I run a podcasting agency and a podcast, I'd like to focus on them full-time.HighlightsRemote Jobs Club is a weekly newsletter of hand-curated remote jobs. Since there are way too many job boards out there, many of the jobs that are posted there are not legit. Remote Jobs Club manually curates best remote jobs from different job boards and sends them out once a week (you can easily outsource this part, but I enjoyed doing this).OperationsIt takes me around 4-5 hours a week to run Remote Jobs Club. I spend 2 hours on Sunday evening going through various remote job boards and picking the best remote jobs for the newsletter. Remote Jobs Club makes money through companies who want to feature their job posts in the newsletter. Currently, I charge $150 for a job feature.I spend around 2-3 hours per week on outreach/communication with these companies.I use ConvertKit for email marketing service, and there are 3,000+ passionate remote workers on the list (68.19% AVG open rate, and 31.49% AVG click rate). I also use ZipBooks and pay $10/mo to collect the payments.On average, around 100-150 people are added to the newsletter every week. Remote Jobs Club also has a Twitter account with 2,800 followers, all organic.There's also Remote Jobs Club blog that has been featuring articles that have been sent in by the subscribers.Overall, the business has been growing at a steady pace without my full-time attention.At the current trajectory, the list price will likely only increase. Now is your chance to buy before the future growth materializes and pushes the list price even higher.​Interested? Check it out on Flippa.​

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Hello everyone, from this idea I have made the extension that will count the words on google docs and if you have a price per word set, it will also tell you how much are you earning.​You can find the extension here​Any suggestions/criticism/ideas are always welcome​Code will be uploaded to github soon

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Show HN: A tool to explore 100+ coworking retreats

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