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Show HN: Foodcratic – Another food finding iOS app

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Show HN: Patterns, a habit tracking and visualization iOS app

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Show HN: DropZap World game for iOS and tvOS. [TestFlight Public Link, Videos]

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Show HN: Spend Together iOS app for sharing expenses

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Show HN: My iPhone app for mapping pins

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Show HN: Upload Your App to Apple App Store Connect Without Mac

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Project description Mobile commerce company is committed in providing clients with high-quality Mobile application development services. Our fast growing team of 40+ mobile app developers have experience across iOS app development, Android app development, native app development, responsive websites, system integration..This project is built usingPHPWordPress Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Mobile Software Tools Software Posted by: website viewed 7 times posted by gomeekisr Technology: This project is built usingPHPWordPress

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Show HN: Mark Ferrari's “Living Worlds” dynamic pixel art scenes now on iOS

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Project description SooNet aims to protect each person who uses our services. We want everyone to be socially involved and active. We aim to change the way people use social media, and to be responsible as individuals in the world with advance technology.This project is built usingiOS - Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Apps iOS Mobile Posted by: website viewed 7 times posted by soonetsr Technology: This project is built usingiOS -

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Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Apps iOS Mobile Posted by: website viewed 5 times posted by soonetsr

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Show HN: A minimal working native WebRTC app for iOS with audio and video calls

startup ios food & drinks $ no price

Show HN: Count Calories in Food Photos iOS App

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Show HN: Multi-tally counter on your iPhone or iPad

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Show HN: Caption This – an iOS to make Instagram story videos accessible

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Do you use the same passwords for multiple accounts? Do you write your passwords on a piece of paper or on your laptop? Sentinel is an iOS app that securely stores your passwordsand allows you to access them whenever you need them. Sentinel also lets you know which of your passwords are vulnerable to hacking and allows you to generate stronger ones.Sentinel lets you:Access your passwords wherever and whenever you need themNever forget your passwords again!Detect vulnerable passwords and generate stronger onesOrganize your passwords in foldersUse stealth mode to make the app icon look like a folder icon to make your passwords invisible to prying eyesStore an unlimited amount of passwords with Sentinel UnlimitedSentinel Security Features:Sentinel was created as a zero-knowledge security architecture, meaning only you have access to your passwordsWe use end to end encryption meaning that your data is encrypted on the database and only you can view itWe do not store your master password on our database so only you know itSentinel uses multiple layers of security including HTTP/TLS, SRP authentication, Hashing, and EncryptionStealth mode hides the app icon to make your passwords practically invisibleUse touch id or face recognition to quickly access your passwordsSentinel is available now at the iTunes Store is free to use. However, Sentinel Unlimited subscriptions are billed at a monthly rate of $1.99.

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Hey y'all! I made an app called "Caption This" that adds real-time captions to videos for Instagram stories.Have you ever been in a public space, without headphones, and had to mute the volume in IG stories? Have you skipped your friends' stories because you couldn't hear what they were saying? I made an app that solves this problem by using speech recognition to automatically add closed-captions to videos.You can edit the captions, in case the speech recognition thinks you meant "ducking". You can also change fonts, text and background colors to find just the right style for your videos.Here's a link to the iOS app. It's iOS only at the moment, but if the iOS version does well I'll make an Android version.The Caption This app is also open source. It's build with React Native, and the entire source code can be found on my Github if you're into that sort of thing!

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Just want to take a few minutes of your time and introduce the new note-taking app my friend and I worked for a long time.We've decided to create it because we didn't find any effective solution for collecting and organizing a big number of notes (yes, I have a lot of them).So, Unit is a note-taking app that provides a quite new experience of collecting, organizing and managing all your notes.Content in Unit is made up of independent blocks, like texts, lists, tasks, images, files etc., so a user has the ability to manage the data more efficiently.There're a lot of interesting features like content reordering by gestures, the ability to create nested hierarchy, tags, reminders, color coding, offline mode, telegram messenger integration etc.Currently Unit is available for iOS only, but we're planning to develop apps for all popular platforms in the nearest future.We're actively looking for feedback. Please let me know what do you think. I will be happy to answer your questions.Thanks.​

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App Links Below (Only Android for now, I'm waiting on Apple to approve the iOS version, will update here when they do):PLAY STORE LINK: for taking the time to read this. As described I created a map based social networking app for AndroidThis is the home page: like this, you download the app, share your location and then signup (you can use it w/o signing up but since I just published it that probably won't be very useful around your region).After signing up you create a group or join an existing one.Example of your screen once you join a group after signing up: you create/join a group you can checkin by pressing the button with the location symbol on the home page which is also the map view. This will prompt google to fill up the nearby places around you, you can also do a GPS checkin or create a place you don't find on the list.Example of places to checkin: you checkin to a place with your group, this will bring you to the map view where you will see the circle with the symbol of your group show up spinning around the place where you just checkedin at.Example of circle on the map: will also automatically create a place page for the place where you checkedin , you can see that by clicking on the recently created circle.Place Page: circle on the map marks the territory of your group. If there is more checkins on this place, the circle will inflate, and if days go by without anyone checking in that place, the circle will deflate until it dissapears. If other groups checkin and create group circles around your circle and those touch, the oldest circle deflates upon touching, so it's like a competition for territory in this sense. Groups also compete to have the most checkins on a place and therefore "conquer" them, this can be seen on the place page where the group that is place owner has the majority percentage of frequency.The groups you join/create have a full suite of features like newsfeed (so you can post photos, text & videos), places owned by the group, calendar of events, members. You can check it out by clicking on the group name.If my explanation confuses you a bit I'm sorry. But the app in itself is very simple and the UI is very minimalistic, there aren't many users now b/c I just launched but please check it out for yourself and be my first users!:Why I am doing this ?I have been very inspired by old maps I've seen on map related subreddits like /r/ MapPorn, specially a map called Orbis Terrarum, which is considered the first modern atlas, in homage of this map, I named my app Orbis. ;)From a philosophical perspective. I believe there is a secret map of society that is composed of personality groups that are in and around a city/region, everyone knows where certain groups hang out on their city/region, but this is not very well defined, I hope this tool can help create this understanding and hopefully become some sort of modern compass of the personality tribes of the now. I hope this app can bring the same sense of wanderlust that a person from the 15th century would get from looking at an old map of the world and imagine the undiscovered misteries out there. I try to replicate this feeling and bring it to a more local level in app format.I just published recently, so if you find any bugs please let me know and try to reboot the app (usually rebooting the app works out many bugs).Try to go through the whole experience of creating a group and checking in so you can understand the concept. I have facebook & twitter connect but if you are privacy sensitive, you can login with pseudonim and an email (sort of how reddit has it's signup process)All in all, thanks for reading it this far and let me know what you think. I will be reading the comments and suggestions here.

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