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Show HN: Lifetime SaaS Deals (tired of paying monthly for biz tools?)

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ApexHere Provide with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the Apex Legends. Project with plenty of potential of the most talked about and most striking game of the moment, with good marketing and original content and uploaded daily can profit immensely with publicity and sponsorships. premium host offer (3 months), excellent domain name (1 year), logo and ideas to take the project forward. Built with: Wordpress 75€

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Project description Digital space has widened to a great extent in recent years. Digital marketing is today the best avenue to market the business throughout the world. Earn high revenue by propagating online business globally with the help of internet marketing services by Geekschip- an accomplished digital marketing .. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Advertising Posted by: website viewed 6 times posted by geekschip

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Project description This store Has made Over 34,000 the last 8 months 25,000 in Gross i have three of these stores im selling the other two as chains after purchase i will train to run the store plus make your first 1,000 for you i also with turn it into a app for you.This project is built usingxbox oneps4Facebook instagram twitter Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ Contact for price Project type: Console Gaming Games Posted by: website viewed 26 times posted by jermaine Technology: This project is built usingxbox oneps4Facebook instagram twitter

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Show HN: Reduce phone addiction by paying 0.003$ every time you open it

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Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ Contact for price Project type: Active Lifestyle E-Commerce Fitness Posted by: website viewed 13 times posted by maxitnutrition

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Launch HN: Modern Labor (YC W19) – Paying People to Learn to Code

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Project description Crate of Good is a quarterly subscription box containing products with a powerful, social impact tied to their purchase. The products in the box each make a quarterly impact in one of these four globally felt causes: Animals, Children, Environment and Poverty. We are the only subscription box that e.. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Charity E-Commerce Subscription Businesses Posted by: other viewed 57 times posted by crateofgood

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Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Business Services Posted by: website viewed 6 times posted by entsellingsolutions

movewize  source    2 months ago
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movewize Movewize is a moving services marketplace where you instantly find, compare and book movers. After submitting information about a move the user instantly gets quotes, compares and books. It's a powerful platform that is custom built from scratch and features a full dashboard for movers, industry leading design and UI/UX, and an algorithm that instantly generates quotes for the consumer based on their submitted data. Built to monetize based on either a percentage of each booking or a monthly fee for the companies to be on the platform. Over 100 companies already signed up, primarily in NYC, Chicago and Texas. Over 100k people move per day in the US and industry revenue averages 17b/year. Serious inquiries only, thanks! Built with: Ruby on Rails Best Offer

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Project description Worried about paying taxes on cryptocurrency? Let our CPAs take care of it. We are a FinTech firm offering Crypto tax preparation services for different types of Cryptocurrencies, visit us now. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Financial Services Posted by: website viewed 6 times posted by peterkelvin33139

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Splitting equity is a difficult but important task for startup teams. This exercise defines ownership and level of authorities.Here is our story of how we got through it.--------------------------------------------------------------Often, startup teams are made up of friends and turning that relationship into “business partners” completely changes the dynamic. It essentially puts a number on the value of contribution an individual has. And no one likes to hear their “value” is less than the expectation or another partner.But in reality, equity has little to no tangible value (unless there is capital involved). There is no customer nor revenue and any valuation tied into it is all hypothesis. Equity is paper money with perceived value and can’t be monetized, yet. It is the carrot reward that founders use to attract talents to work without pay. It is also a promise of the great return in the future for the sacrifices we have to make now. People need to buy into that vision to believe there is value in the company equity.We started with a hard equity split and everyone would get a set amount with no vesting or incentive to work harder. There is no motivation to do more or committing to weekly meetings. When life gets in the way, then the project goes on the back burner. I knew things had to change and I needed to come up with a different equity incentive system.After a few iterations, I came up with a creative incentive system that allows members to earn equity through actions. This new structure with points can be earned through the following objectives:Attending meetingsTaking vacation days to work on the projectCapital investmentMeeting deadline for tasks they were assignedWithout going into too much detail of the math and calculation behind these factors, everyone is working under 1 pool of share. The more 1 person does, the more share he earns, which also means that there are less equity for others to get in the same pool.This new system gave us a significant improvement in productivity. Meeting attendance and task completion rate improved dramatically. People were taking a week or more vacation to work on the project. Money was also being invested. Along with a purposed-driven mindset and a rewarding system, we were able to do more work in 4 weeks’ time than all the previous 3 months combined.The downside was that everyone had to start at a lower share %. My own equity went down 10% and I had to work my way back up even though I was the founder and provided for the majority of the capital. With the original equity structure, I would have gotten more equity when I invested an additional $8K into the project, but under the new structure, I was simply just catching up to my original share.Some may ask if that’s a fair distribution for me? My view is that equity means nothing if there are no products to offer. With the way it was going, it would have taken significantly more time (possibly with lower quality). In fact, that lack of momentum would probably have killed the project eventually. If by reducing my own equity means that we can have a serious commitment to speed up the development, then I feel it’s well worth it.However…This system isn’t without its flaw. One downside is that it didn’t encourage collaboration and the development team was racking up significantly more equity than the business side (myself). Our co-founder didn’t end up getting too many task completion points either because he was focusing on helping the rest of the team. I personally didn’t get anywhere near where I wanted to be because my tasks were meant for a much later stage in the project. The system was also adding unnecessary and unhealthy internal competition.After 2 months of steam, we just had to end the incentive system and locked everything down. But on the bright side, the core team was significantly more committed and the momentum kept on going. In fact, one of our teammate (Sean Zhao) believed in it so much that he recently quit a good permanent paying job to go full time on this project WITHOUT pay and additional equity.--------------------------------------------------------------You can see my profile for a link to join our Telegram to learn more about our project!Original content came from ->

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Project description Every day brings in a different challenge for business organizations. A survey on 10,000 employees revealed that 85% of employees are unhappy with their workplace and find it hard to concentrate. Now, these hurdles become a lot easier to cross when there is effective collaboration at work.This project is built usingsoftware Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Project Management Software Technology Posted by: website viewed 6 times posted by orangescrum Technology: This project is built usingsoftware

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Would love feedback about an idea I have been working on.​In today's day and age people still buy new cars by walking to the dealership and facing all the negative issues at the dealerships.​My idea is to let people haggle for the best and lowest price for their new car and get their new car delivered to them at their home. Just like or but for new cars. Carvana or shift don't let you haggle the price of their cars as they have single pricing.​PHASE 1: Service would let users haggle car price with dealerships without disclosing their information.PHASE 2: Service would let users complete the purchase process via the website and have their new car delivered to them.The idea would be initially a web app where users would sign up, post a request to all nearby dealerships who sell new cars for the particular car make you chose to buy.​Dealers would then reply with offers on the same website. Each time a dealer posts an offer which is less than other offers, all other dealerships would get notified that their offer was beat by another dealership. All dealership data is shown as anonymous and also the users data is not disclosed to any dealerships. Dealerships want to win a customer/lead in any way possible.​The next step is not fully finalized but this is what I came up so far in the MVP:If a user accepts an offer, we would place a hold on the user's card for a certain amount, say $300, we would then disclose the dealership details to the user along with a unique code which they have to disclose to the dealership in order to avail the offer posted by the dealer on our website.​If the user ends up purchasing the car, they have to come back to the website and upload a proof of purchase, and upon submitting, we would release the hold on their card, so the user ends up paying nothing to use our service.​We would then charge the dealership a commission for the sale.​NOTE: The signing of papers and delivery of the car would be implemented in phase 2 of the project like I mentioned above. Currently, in the MVP, the user would get the lowest price for the car they would want to buy and then they would have to walk in the dealership and complete the purchase.​To my knowledge there was a service - CarWoo who did this till 2014 when they shut down and the founders moved to TrueCar. There is also another service which is currently not operational for some reason.​My vision is to let users purchase new cars for the lowest price right from the comfort of their home without having to face all the dealership gimmicks, sales person pressure etc.​Do you think I should still pursue this after having a well funded business fail? In my opinion they failed because they were too early for this kind of a service? Please feel free to give any kind of feedback. I am all ears.​Thanks in advance for reading this long post.​

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Project description 12 Steps Marketing is an addiction marketing company based in Los Angeles. We specialize ROI focused digital marketing services that helps drug rehabs, addiction treatment centers, eating disorder treatment centers, and mental health centers improve their census and revenue. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Brand Marketing Direct Marketing SEO Posted by: website viewed 2 times posted by vince12

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I am thinking about making a reward app that pays users for watching ads and doing stuffs using paypal maybe. But I am worried about taxes. I have 0 idea about tax for paying reward. I am tarketing US market, any advice?

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I had a platform generated tens of thousands of dollars each week serving oversea audience, it was attacked by unknown source then forced to shut down. I lost my programmer, we have never met in person only on the web he went dark after the attack.It was an adult video platform, we sold video based on pay per play, on a good day a few thousand people pay around a dollar for each video they watch so the profit is great. The demand is huge and stable, scaling up is not difficult either.There's some technical details about the platform being a non programmer myself it is difficult for me to rebuild. It is a PHP website with Mysql database, the video is stored in a separate database. The concept has been proven and the money is very good. I was born in the other country so I have good connection with people there who will help us push out the new platform (they make good money for their work of course).If you are a PHP programmer who is interested relaunching and making money with me, PM me.BTW, is it an adult site so only contact me if you are OVER 18 years of age please, if you are younger than 18, comeback after a few years, I will still be here.Thank you guys.

startup web revenue $ no price

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