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Show HN: E-Commerce Customer Analytics for Shopify

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Show HN: Openship – open-source Shopify operations dashboard

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Show HN: Advanced Recommendation System for Your Shopify Store

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Show HN: Top Shopify Vendors

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Project description Shopify app that automatically tags product images with useful tags to improve shop SEO and conversion.This project is built usingShopify Made with love at Code Orange .. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: E-Commerce Internet Marketing SEO Posted by: other viewed 10 times posted by launchpropeller Technology: This project is built usingShopify Made with love at Code Orange ..

startup shopify ecommerce $ no price

Show HN: Theme Scheduling App for Shopify

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Show HN: Top Shopify Themes

startup shopify ecommerce $ no price

Show HN: Crawl products from manufacturer site and upload to your Shopify store

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Project description A premium dropshipping store in women's fashion ripe for scaling thanks to a profitable pixel looking for the lucky buyer to positively impact their life with a profitable, easy store. COMES WITH: 3 pixels, 2 premium themes, 2 bonus funnels Not much involved in the business operations. With our pix.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ Contact for price Project type: E-Commerce E-Commerce Platforms Online Shopping Posted by: website viewed 57 times posted by eddy

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Project description At NORTHERN eCommerce, we build, drive and scale eCommerce business in Scandinavia. Our passion for creating unique and flawless customer experiences is the core of the company. Currently, we manage these Webshops: iPhoneopladere.This project is built usingHTMLCSSliquidjava script Passion for eCommerce & Shopify ;) .. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: E-Commerce E-Commerce Platforms Web Design Posted by: website viewed 3 times posted by theappledude Technology: This project is built usingHTMLCSSliquidjava script Passion for eCommerce & Shopify ;) ..

startup shopify ecommerce $ no price

Show HN: Shoppy – a better Shopify and Slack app

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Hi everyone!​Domain:​Elevator pitch: We help parents remember the size of their baby at birth by creating a timeless illustration of a custom-made baby poster that adapts to the baby's true size at birth.​Main difficulties: Online Marketing, online marketing, online marketing.​After 3-4 months of development next to my studies (I am studying industrial engineering and I am in the final semester of my master's program), I have finally launched my shop The shop is based on the Shopify platform and I've coded most of the customizations myself, with a little help from overseas. My main focus right now is to grow the sales by testing and implementing growth hacking strategies (mostly free or little budget involved), I have found a post with many bullet points about this, that I can share if anyone is interested.​Happy to hear your feedback or improvement ideas!​BR

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Hello r/SideProject,​I know that there are plenty of guides out there for online marketing but I wanted to pursue more of a hands-on-mentality so I started this side project. I did create a "ThisIsWhyIamBrokeClone" Shopify clone within 4days and challenged myself to reach certain (marketing related) KPI goals.Since Online Marketing (OM) is a huge field I set my priorities as follows:Content marketingSocial media marketing (esp. Influencer Marketing)Search engine optimization (SEO)Conversion optimization and other KPIsWhile I am at the very beginning of my OM journey I'm willing to share the very early stages.1. Entrepreneurial BasicsStarting from pretty much zero I had to get a little into entrepreneurship first. So I started my research (mostly reading on the internet) and gathered got some insights.Reminder: The following is my personal top lessons learnt list and therefore very subjectiveIt all starts with a vision or project.Every vision is, due to it's innovative nature, a collection of assumptions.First big milestone I want to reach is a "Proof of Concept".The goal of a Proof of Concept (PoC) is testing an idea while putting the least amount of resources in.To do so I have to break my project down into it's essentials and identify the underlying assumptionsAsking myself "How do I prove assumption a,b,c without having the final product today?" From my experience this is hard brain work. There are some very smart yet easy ways to prove a concept. Best is to google "smart proof of concept examples" and read some.The tool to achieve my PoC is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)A MVP can be anything from a website (in my case) to a video or a 3d printed prototype. It basically transforms a vision into something a (future) customer can interact with. Interaction is key.2. Ecommerce StrategyAfter applying some of the entrepreneurial basics to my project I knew that my MVP shall be an ecommerce store. So again back to research and dig into it.Reminder: The following is my personal top lessons learnt list and therefore very subjectiveHandling purchasing and logistics add a huge layer of complexity. Not suitable for my MVP but there are optionsFulfillment by Amazon (FBA) - I basically send my products to a Amazon Warehouse and list them on Amazon. Whenever someone orders Amazon does all the logisticsFBA is nice but does leave the purchasing or producing process to me. Not suitable for my MVP.Dropshipping - Grouping up with producers choosing some products and listing them in my own ecommerce shop. Whenever something is bought I buy the product form the producer he sends it out. Suitable for a viable product but it's not the minimum viable product for my project. Producers are mostly from Asia the shipping takes long and grouping up can be very time consuming.Affiliate Shopify Store. Listing products from marketplaces I'm affiliated with. The margins might be smaller but I can choose products quite freely and the product mix can be a part of my future marketing strategy. No purchasing, no logistics. Vistors can realize the concept and interact.This is where I started reseraching and discovered "ThisIsWhyIamBroke" - I did not know it before. I decided that there is still a nieche within the nieche and initiated this side project.​3. Building A Minimum Shopify Store4. Online Marketing first baby stepsSince it's almost 5 a.m. here and I don't know if you guys even want me to continue I gonna stop here for today.​I don't know the rules of this board please delete the link if it's not okay.Current progress:​​​​​

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Hello!I’m trying to build up a portfolio of websites that I can showcase from 2019.To make this happen, I would like to offer my web design skills for free! If you have ever wanted to have your own website (personal/business) – feel free to contact me and I’ll create one for you!​Nb.I use a WordPress web host provider to design websites.I have completed 4 websites so far. Happy to share these with you - PM me.No e-commerce websites unless you're happy with using Shopify HTML (or something similar) to list your products.

startup shopify ecommerce $ no price

Show HN: Plug in Git – Two-way Shopify / GitHub sync

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