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Show HN: SaaStraQ – Get more trial signups for your SaaS products

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Show HN: Crowdsourced List of Black Friday and Cyber Monday SaaS and Tech Deals

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Show HN: – SMS and Email Meeting Reminder SaaS for Small Businesses

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Show HN: TillyPay – Recurring and single payment links, powered by Stripe

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Show HN: Simple SaaS Price Optimization in 30 Days Using Your Stripe and GA Data

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For sale is a digital service business with recurring subscriptions in the audio production niche. Launched in 2015, the business provides a simple and effective audio and voice production platform aimed at businesses looking to engage with their audience via podcasts. With a well-built product and intuitive user interface, the business has successfully productized its service offering, allowing brands to create professional podcasts with minimal technical know-how. With over 700,000 podcasts and c.29 million episodes in circulation, Podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium for businesses and influencers to engage with their audience. As an early entrant in the niche, the business has established a strong footing in this rapidly growing niche. Over the past years, the business has demonstrated clear market fit, producing tens of thousands of podcast episodes for numerous global brands. With a portfolio of reputable customers, along with numerous positive reviews and glowing testimonials from satisfied users, it is perfectly-positioned to continue scaling via one of the numerous growth opportunities available to the business. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner to take over a reputable digital service provider with a productized service offering, established operations, and a lengthy track record of success. Yearly revenue: $Private

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Show HN: Peacemakr, Crypto SDK and SaaS for Data-Security

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Show HN: Hacker Subscribe – Subscribe to your favorite users on Hacker News

$2K of MRR  source  2 months ago
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Show HN: HN – Subscribe to Your HN Replies

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Show HN: If you own a SaaS product, get benefited with OneClick trials

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