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Show HN: Experiment to compare different techniques to move in Virtual Reality

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Show HN: Inspectar – Augmented Reality PCB Tool for Electronics Work

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Show HN: A weekly email for busy people who care about augmented reality

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Show HN: iOS App – Live Photos in Augmented Reality

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Show HN: Exanaview Author – Real-Time Augmented Reality Spatial Authoring App

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Show HN: Real-Time Spatial Authoring in Augmented Reality

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Hi everyone. I am originally from Russia and now I live in Israel so since I 've escaped of the bloody regime I am happy to say that we are developing a travel mobile application. ( Kidding about the bloody regime, no one can escape alive)And we really need your feedback about what to add, what to fix, ideas about future life in the digital world. I mean do you think we all will live in augmented reality and all the spheres of life will be covered with the digital world or u think in another way? :)So in brief last year in general 270 million people traveled abroad, practically each of them had spent from 2 to 4 hours for planning their trip and if we will multiply it we will get 100 years have been spent on research. So we created an app which shortens the time spent on researching the places to go.The usual question is whats the difference between our app and google or TripAdvisor... The main is that Google shows u only the spots u don't know the history. It doesn't cover the whole story of someone's trip. So u need to believe in someone's best not paid feedback about this or that place. More is like we provide detailed navigation which works offline. And what is more important it's a route which probably could create someone whom you know by means of 6 handshakes for example.So here is an application web site. I hope to c any feedback. Thanks for those who will answer and for those who will check it.​

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Hey guysI just published my latest side project: AR Weekly. It's a curated list of the most interesting AR related news of the week straight to your inbox.https://ar-weekly.blogI hope you like it :-)

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Show HN: The front page of the Augmented Reality world

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Technology is changing with time, and we need to keep up with its pace. Every year, the American multinational technology company – Apple Inc. introduces a variety of new techniques to make app development on the iOS platform easier and better. The iOS apps, which have gained massive attraction around the world, have boosted the iOS market popularity and revenues.As an iOS developer, you need to stay updated with the latest iOS app development and its feature.Below points discuss the iPhone app development trends.Swift4: Swift 4 is a programming language introduced by Apple recently, will support both, the iOS and Linux operating systems. An update to Swift 3, it is a robust platform that is secure, scalable and easy to learn. For developers, the application development will become smooth with minor consumption of device memory. Therefore, in 2018, we can expect the iOS apps to be more secure and developed in a faster timeframe.ArtificialIntelligenceandSiri: Siri, the personal assistant from Apple, has gained broad attraction around the world. It undoubtedly provided a significant boost to Artificial Intelligence and contextual learning, with its understanding of what people are talking, and what they wish to search. Further, Siri offers a GPS pin or code, while sending messages. The new Siri can also act as a task manager to help you efficiently access your mobile app alongside a QR code.MachineLearningFramework: Core Machine Learning is a new foundational framework from Apple, used across various Apple products, including QuickType, Camera, and Siri. It offers a lightning-fast performance and allows developers to leverage the machine learning models to develop smart apps by writing just a few lines of code. Further, CoreML will offer a level of communication that applies to all iOS devices with its robust library. CoreML will redefine the gaming app development. The developers focusing on the gaming industry will be able to build AI-enabled apps with face detection or voice recognition feature in a highly interactive manner.AugmentedReality: AR has been in existence for some time now, and we have witnessed a dedicated effort investment by organizations. Apple created ARkit that assists developers in developing apps based on augmented reality. ARKit enables iOS developers to create 3D and AR-based mobile apps that are gaining popularity. With Apple and Amazon joining hands to bring ARkit and Amazon Sumerican together.Moreuser-friendlyApplePay: Apple is one of the early movers of the reliable digital transactions movement with Apple Pay. An online wallet application, it enables seamless online transfers, buying tickets and shop online over an entirely secure platform.Focus on Creating Hybrid Apps:With the passage of time, the cross-platform apps have faded out and they are getting substituted by new and advanced tools including Native Script and React Native etc. This will help a great deal in solving issues related to performance and user experience.It will also support in developing hybrid apps having better interfaces and UX. iOS developers will also be focusing on creating hybrid apps as it is time-saving.AppleHomeKit: “Internet of Things” devices are prevalent in the global market. These devices currently operate with their companion apps. By leveraging Apple Home Kit, Apple’s framework for home automation, iOS app developerswould be able to build apps that easily connect with smart home devices. With devices working in sync, to speaking with each other, there lies a tremendous potential to take home automation to new heights. Apple HomeKit will play a pivotal role in change for future.Changes in iPad Applications:There has not been much of a progress in theiPad app development. However, ever since the introduction of Qualcomm, a kind of chipset, iPad apps have got the boost with enhancement of battery life. The changes largely took place due to the growing competition in the tablet industry and so 2018 will witness new apps stuffed with new features.Final thoughts:The iOS application industry is going through one of the most important phases especially after the launch of iOS 11 and 11.3. In fact, much has been changed after the launch ofiPhone X and iPhone 8. Therefore, keeping updated information on the latest trends is vital. Apple also keeps on bringing alterations after every few months providing better experiences to its end customers. In addition, it is also crucial to update your apps on regular intervals for best performance.

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Show HN: Design and Simulate Molecules in Virtual Reality

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Hi all, in this article i want to share our story on Virtual Reality and explain its way from a Side Project to a sustainable service.Junge Römer is a Vienna-based creative production studio. We have been doing videos, interactive videos, web applications and animations since 2006 - and of course some good parties since then. In 2015, just before the VR hype came along, we did first experiments with 360 video. During this time VR was a fun side project for us. We believed that this is the most interactive form of video out there and as we have been specialised in interactive video since many years this was a perfect match.Of course at this time nobody ordered VR projects and this is why we started to produce content on our own and built up know how in production, storytelling ad technics. One of this experiments was a 360° video from Vienna's highest building and it as an instant hit on social media. It reached more than 100K views on various pages.​Virtual Reality as a jobOne big milestone on our way to VR as a sustainable service was our grant for product development from the Vienna Business Agency. This enabled us to produce the interactive 360° Video Project "Escape Velocity". Along with this project we acquired the fabulous Nokia OZO camera and production system and have been able to build up more know how in UNITY coding, and 360° Production workflow. The App is available on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear Stores worldwide for the unbearable price for free and worked well for us to present high level production skills. International Organisations like IOM and UNHCR are using the app to teach empathy with people from other cultures.​Nokia OZOOther interactive Virtual Reality projects like TECTOS VR and Virtual Reality prototypes for Red Bull gave us reliable cases to present on our VR Cases Page.This was the way we followed to transform a side project to one of our most valuable services. Of course a lot of enthusiasm and analysis of drawbacks was necessary on the way.In the near future we plan to expand our VR services to international projects and start or first Augmented Reality projects. And of course we stick on the idea that working with VR is fun.Have a look at our 360 Video and Virtual Reality Services page and cases.​​​​​​​​

startup virtual reality $ no price

Show HN: Virtual Reality VS Augmented Reality – Know the Difference

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Show HN: My First “Real” Magic Leap Project: Part 1

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Project "Displar" is an augmented reality platform that allows you to generate your AR App quickly without long and expensive development process. PaaS model lets you to focus on what's important to you and we take care of all the rest.

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