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ApexHere Provide with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the Apex Legends. Project with plenty of potential of the most talked about and most striking game of the moment, with good marketing and original content and uploaded daily can profit immensely with publicity and sponsorships. premium host offer (3 months), excellent domain name (1 year), logo and ideas to take the project forward. Built with: Wordpress 75€

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Show HN: WordPress Running on .Net Core

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Show HN: WordPress plugin – new effective way to re-engage website iOS visitors

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Project description Hallo allemaal! Mijn naam is Veronique. Sinds mijn 12de heb ik last van ernstige acne. Met mijn project probeer ik anderen die ook last hebben van deze vervelende huidziekte te helpen.This project is built usingPHP I have used Wordpress as CMS to tell about my story about acne. .. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Health and Wellness Health Care Healthcare Services Posted by: website viewed 5 times posted by veronique89 Technology: This project is built usingPHP I have used Wordpress as CMS to tell about my story about acne. ..

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Show HN: Wordpress Notification Plugin

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Launch HN: Cosmic JS (YC W19) - API-first drop-in replacement for WordPress

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Show HN: Building a zero-latency WordPress front-end

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Show HN: Automated WordPress Management and Deployment Dashboard

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Show HN: WordPress Management and Deployment System for Devlopers

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Show HN: Successful WordPress freelancing, an ebook

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Show HN: I wrote a book about building a freelance business with WordPress

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Show HN: TheSaaS X – A Landing Page Builder for Startups on Top of WordPress 5

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https://en.archivarix.com/ - Is an online wayback machine downloader, website downloader and CMS converter. It works very simple, just enter website URL, download options, your e-mail and wait a little bit. Content can be downloaded from the system in a zip file and installed on your server. For content management, we have developed a free Open Source CMS - It is one small PHP file and does not require any installation or database. See more detail about CMS here - https://en.archivarix.com/cms/ What's the purpose of it? Firstly - to create your PBN with the unique content found on the Web Archive. When parsing the site, you can set the parameters necessary for the normal use of content as a source of traffic and links. Such as deleting all external links and clickable contacts, removing counters, advertising and analytics, optimizing HTML code and images. Thanks to the Archivarix CMS, you can easily manage, search and replace, edit the site with the WYSIWYG editor, insert your own TDS scripts. It is also possible to work together with any other CMS, for example Wordpress on the same domain. Secondly, the system can be used to convert websites created in another CMS or in static HTML to Archivarix CMS. It is also possible to remove all external scripts, counters and advertisements (for example, if the site was on a free hosting).

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Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Application Platforms Posted by: other viewed 6 times posted by sylviemiller

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A while ago I discovered the concept of PWA. Progressive Web App concept appeals to me because I run my podcast for more than three years and even if PWA for it wouldn't be very popular, it can be a new channel to contact my followers without much effort.Especially, Wordpress Rest API combined with PWA seems to be extremely powerful in such scenario or in any other case of a website which provides content. On the other hand, I also think about using this knowledge in my future work as a front-end developer or as a marketing manager who knows powerful IT concepts which can enhance the way company thinks about its online presence (PWA used to build MVP seems to be very cheap compared to iOS or Android - these guys said so.)Have you ever built PWA on your own? Are there any sources which I should learn before I would start to build PWA on my own?

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Today I released the source code of Blog Finder: https://github.com/whiteseagull/blogfinderBlogFinder is a tool to find people on blogs. Blog Finder scans a blog reading all the posts in a given period of time and lists the users that commented or put a like with their site URL, so you can easily see if a user has a blog or a site.Blog Finder works with blogs on WordPress.com and with WordPress sites in general.The tool uses the WordPress.com and WordPress.org REST API and is written in pure JavaScript. Blog Finder uses React to build the user interface and MobX to maintain app state.MIT License

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Hello!I’m trying to build up a portfolio of websites that I can showcase from 2019.To make this happen, I would like to offer my web design skills for free! If you have ever wanted to have your own website (personal/business) – feel free to contact me and I’ll create one for you!​Nb.I use a WordPress web host provider to design websites.I have completed 4 websites so far. Happy to share these with you - PM me.No e-commerce websites unless you're happy with using Shopify HTML (or something similar) to list your products.

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Project description Ananya SEO Services provides Digital Marketing Services to start-ups, micro-businesses, NGOs and non-profits. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Adwords Advertising services and Wordpress website development. Currently we are giving 75% discount on our standard ra..This project is built usingWordPress Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: SEO Social Media Marketing Posted by: website viewed 2 times posted by ananyaseo Technology: This project is built usingWordPress

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Hi all, I would really welcome a bit of impartial third party feedback on my creative side project.My core product is large scale abstract fine art prints. Friends and family have been very encouraging so far. However I've always wondered if they are just being kind, so I set up a Kickstarter for a calendar of inkblot images to try and gauge interest from the big wide world: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gabrielleturner/the-ink-said-a-damn-good-calendar-for-2019Truth be told, it hasn't really taken off which hasn't filled me with confidence about the whole concept. I'm wondering if I'd be better off wrapping it up as a business idea (if art can ever be business?) and just doing it as a hobby. The thing is, it's the project I enjoy the most, I see real potential in it and I'd be quite disappointed to drop it.Completely honestly, do you guys have any feedback on whether this is worth pursuing?My other sidelines are ceramic sculpture, creative writing/editing and photography. I also manage some Wordpress sites but none of these avenues are great earners. I love the idea of a portfolio career, but in practice I'm finding it really hard to decide what to focus on... Anyone else in the same position? Any tips?

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Show HN: Convert a Markdown Doc to WordPress Posts and Pages

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