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For sale is a trusted and reputable lead generation business in the rehabilitation and self-help niche. Launched in 2018, the business offers an essential resource for substance users looking for professional help and rehabilitation clinics. With an authoritative brand and a strong organic search presence, the website has helped thousands of users connect with clinics via its helpline. The business caters to the tens of millions of Americans struggling with substance abuse each year. With the number of rehab facilities surpassing 14,800 in 2018, the business provides a valuable service connecting medical providers with substance users seeking professional help. Since inception, the business has quickly grown, with the top line growing c.502% from 2018 to 2019. With highly targeted traffic, high commission per lead (CPL) of c.$250 and c.$393,000 in gross revenue throughout the LTM, this business is poised for continued growth under a new owner. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner to take over a well-built and reputable lead generation business with plenty of unexplored growth strategies. Yearly revenue: $351,000*

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For sale is a growing content business in the gardening and outdoors niche, with c.370,000 page views in the L6M and over 5,000 social media followers. Launched in 2017, the business has quickly scaled by establishing itself as a reputable source of information for gardening and outdoor enthusiasts looking for product reviews and advice. With the garden equipment market value set to grow to over $25 billion in 2025, the business is primed to benefit from continued consumer interest in this market. With c.200 information-packed articles, the business ranks for over 53,000 keywords. The high quality of site content and steady traffic have in turn generated annualized revenue of c.$60,000 in the L3M. The acquisition presents a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a fast-growing content business. Yearly revenue: $63,000*


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revenue under $1k $ for sale

softfocus.me Softfocus is a very simple site I made a while back to apply the "soft focus" effect to a picture easily (online and for free). It doesn't requires any account and display no adds, people can just drop a picture and download the modified version. It doesn't make any revenue but doesn't cost much either (can run on a free Heroku dyno). I didn't advertise it but somehow it still get 5 to 10 images uploaded per day ^^, probably from online searches. I'm not sure if there's money to make here but maybe by adding more capabilities and effects (tilt-shift, etc..) and talking about it more it could be monetized with ads or premium features. Anyway I don't really have the time to work on this any more so I'll be happy to offer the code for very cheap if you want to do something with it. Built with: Ruby / Rails / MongoDB / ImageMagick $100

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DrBlog | Blogging Script Drblog is a product that allows users and companies to start their own blogging website within 10 minutes. It is a blogging script based on laravel with admin panel available for sale on codester and codegrape. Built with: laravel, bootstrap $100

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Show HN: Direct Memo – the slack app store rejected it, what do you think?

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Show HN: A Hacker News GraphQL API

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Show HN: Parallel Multi-Scale Network Embedding with Walklets (Python)

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Show HN: No-code Browser Automation. RPA so non-coders can automate work

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Show HN: Reboot aviation – track development of air traffic during the crisis

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Show HN: Ldd as a Tree with an Option to Deploy

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