web advertisement business to business subscription wellness under $10M $ sold

authoritative and established SaaS business in the email automation and productivity niche. Launched in 2012, the business has gone from strength to strength by providing an effective email tool aimed at B2B and B2C users. With a number of valuable features via a browser extension, the software plays an integral role in the day to day of hundreds of thousands of users, helping send millions of emails over the years. Backed by highly regarded customer service, robust features, and wide-market acceptance, MRR has grown rapidly and consistently, reaching a c.27% CAGR for the period 2013 to (e)2018. With c.190,000 free users, a new owner will have plenty of opportunities to grow the business via upsells, marketing to the c.1.3 million-strong email subscriber list, or through the many explored advertising strategies. The owner built the business with scale in mind from the very start, automating much of the day-to-day and reducing overhead. This allowed business to scale with consistently high and steady margins while reducing owner workload to a few hours per week and leaving plenty of time to focus on growth. This business presents a great acquisition target for a new owner looking to take over an authoritative SaaS business with a long history of success, proven market demand, and plenty of untapped growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $401,000*

web advertisement social education infrastructure under $1M $ for sale

For sale is a popular and authoritative advertising business in the motivation and education niche. Established as a Facebook page in 2012 and later launched with a branded website in 2014, the business has become the go-to resource for millions of users by focusing on inspirational and educational content delivered in a variety of formats including articles, images, and videos. Specializing in a range of self-help, spiritual, scientific, and political topics, the business has skyrocketed in popularity through the deployment of a Facebook-first strategy. This proved to be a wise move, with the social media platform now serving c.2 billion users helping the Facebook page grow to become one of the largest inspirational networks on the Internet, with c.2.5 million highly-active followers. The business itself is relatively hands off, with the current owner’s role involving basic site maintenance and content curation, which could be outsourced. This allows a new owner to spend their time focusing on the growth opportunities available to the business. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a proven and scalable business with millions of loyal followers that has stood the test of time. Yearly revenue: $567,000

web affiliate advertisement email investment revenue under $1M $ sold

FE International is pleased to present a rare opportunity to acquire a portfolio of 14 high authority sites in the programming resource and tutorial niche, with the oldest dating back to 2006. All of the site in the portfolio have been acquired with significant traffic already in place but under-optimized (or no) monetization strategies in place. The owners have used their expertise to monetize these sites, which has resulted in both high levels of organic revenue growth and a blueprint for future acquisition growth. While the owners are very competent in advertising monetization, there is plenty of room for growth in email marketing and affiliate revenues – two areas that are almost non-existent. There are over 300,000 emails which could be targeted with affiliate offers. This portfolio is ideal for a buyer that wants to see their investment continue to grow organically (and quickly) over time. Yearly revenue: $300,000

web advertisement education revenue under $1M $ sold

established and authoritative display advertising website in the education niche with a proven track record. Launched in 2007, the business offers users a centralized location to view and apply for international scholarships. With over a decade of operations, the site has evolved to become the go-to resource for millions of students each month. Monetized via Google AdSense and seeing tens of millions of page views every year, the business reached an impressive revenue CAGR of c.56% for the period 2015 to (e)2017. In the past year alone, the site saw over 8.5 million uniques and 61 million page views. This strong traffic profile is aided by the website’s rankings for over 65,000 keywords. The business itself is simple to operate with the current owner, a graduate from the University of Oxford and Stanford Fellow, only spending a few hours a week on content oversight and employee management. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a scalable and highly authoritative business with a decade-long proven track record. Yearly revenue: $377,000

web affiliate advertisement food & drinks under $500k $ sold

For sale is a high authority pet food review site which is delivering consistent growth through affiliate and display advertising channels. The site’s content creation is outsourced to an established authority in the pet industry who has published multiple books on the subject. To date, the owner has successfully capitalized on the exploding popularity of the pet nutrition industry, with revenues up 145% YoY. This opportunity would be ideal for a buyer looking for an authority site in a niche that has plenty of room for growth. With a small and easily outsourced list of day-to-day operations, a new owner will have the flexibility to define their role and the direction of the business from day one. Yearly revenue: $186,000*

SEO analysis

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web advertisement seo under $500k $ for sale

SEO analysis A popular service with a well-known brand for the analysis of contextual advertising and SEO competitors is sold, the clients of which are leading Internet agencies that use the functionality of the site on the basis of a paid subscription. All six years of work since the launch of the project is actively developing and at the moment brings a stable forecasted income. The service is maximally automated, due to which the owner's participation in the management of business processes is minimal - no more than 3 hours a day. Business has a long-term potential - the product will continue to be relevant in the market, since SEO analysis has become an indispensable tool for website promotion, and information about competitors' advertising campaigns allows to reduce the costs of developing their resource and make it more efficient. Built with: php $430000

web advertisement social under $500k $ sold

For sale is a portfolio of sites in the highly desirable coupon niche. The portfolio is made up of 18 sites across a variety of niches for maximum reach and diversity. The main sites within the portfolio are focused around the baby/childcare, grocery, pets and auto niches. Monetization is relatively diverse, with revenues generated across 8 platforms, including Media.net and AdSense. Monetization in the portfolio includes both CPC and CPA revenues. The owner has seen great success in building the sites from the ground up, however, there are many easy wins left on the table for a new owner, including full utilisation of the c.75K strong email list, hundreds of additional brands to targets within niches (as well as partnerships to be fostered) and the adoption of a complete social media strategy. This business could be ideal for a buyer with a complementary business or a buyer looking for a sustainably built portfolio with multiple growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $167,300

amazon web affiliate advertisement under $500k $ sold

For sale is a growing content business in the home appliances niche. Launched in 2015, this site has been built with scale in mind, and utilizes both Amazon and display advertising to drive strong revenues. With strong keyword rankings and a highly scalable cost structure, this site is well positioned to build on its solid foundations for future growth. This business proves a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a growing and diversified content business ready to be taken to the next level. Yearly revenue: $102,000

web advertisement under $500k $ sold

For sale is a proven and authoritative direct advertising business in the photography niche. Launched in 2009 and acquired by the current owner in 2014, the business has stood the test of time to become the go-to website for photography competition resources. The site targets photography professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering the latest information on photo contests around the world. With robust photo contest filters and unique relationships with industry-leading photography brands, the site has proven incredibly popular. Boasting a leadership position in the niche, the business has reached an impressive c.29% CAGR for the period 2014 to 2017. With ads from over 115 partners in the past year, and a waiting list for premium ad spots (with no marketing spend), the business has shown time and time again the continuous demand for its offering. The business is simple to operate, with the owner spending around a few hours per week on client interaction and site maintenance. The virtual assistant, who sources content for the website, will be available to continue working under a new owner, allowing for plenty of time to focus on strategic growth opportunities. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a proven and scalable business with a strong traffic profile. With robust operations, an authoritative brand, and multiple growth opportunities at its disposal, the business is ready to grow to the next level. Yearly revenue: $127,000

amazon game advertisement under $500k $ for sale

Niche: Gaming Date established: August 2016 Monetization: Affiliate, Amazon Associates, Advertising Net Profit: $10,159.01

web affiliate advertisement seo travel under $500k $ sold

established affiliate and display advertising business in the travel niche with a 12-year track record. Launched in 2005, the business has become an authoritative site for family travel advice and destination reviews. Monetized via multiple affiliates, display advertising and sponsored posts, the business has seen steady growth. Revenues reached an impressive 146% CAGR for the period of 2014 to projected 2017 and have continued to grow at a c.4.6% CMGR over the last 12 months. With over 2 million unique visitors generating over 3.6 million page views in the last 12 months alone, the traffic stands as a testament to the brand’s authority. With hundreds of high-quality posts, the website ranks for over 36,000 keywords, creating a strong SEO foundation for a new owner to build on. The business itself is simple to run with the owner spending a few hours per week writing content and managing social media. Much of the work is outsourced to freelancers who are willing to stay post-sale, facilitating the transition process. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over an authoritative site on the rise, with a secure foothold in 1.3 trillion dollar travel niche. Yearly revenue: $98,000

amazon web blog affiliate advertisement investment under $500k $ sold

For sale is a high growth business in the personal development niche. Boasting over 2.5 million pageviews per month and net profits which are increasing monthly, this business provides a rare opportunity for a buyer to take over a business in an evergreen niche, which shows no signs of slowing down. The business generates revenues through passive advertising platforms (mainly AdSense) and more recently also through the Amazon Affiliate program. This business would be ideal for a first time buyer looking to capitalize on the work of this seasoned owner, or for an investor looking to add a high growth, passive asset to an existing portfolio. The business comes with a team on content and guest posts writers and a content formatter. Yearly revenue: $130,000

game web blog advertisement wellness chat under $500k $ sold

For sale is a high-traffic content site in the fast growing social app and gaming niche. Established in 2014, the owner has successfully capitalized on the ever growing popularity of social apps like Twitter, Tinder, Kik, Snapchat, and WhatsApp by providing high quality content which attracts tens of millions of pageviews each year. The owner had scale in mind when growing the business, so he entirely outsourced content creation to high quality writers. The site currently has roughly half a million words of high quality content. This opportunity would be ideal for a buyer looking for a high traffic site that covers a range of growing evergreen niches. Yearly revenue: $108,000

web advertisement fun under $250k $ sold

For sale is a well-established forum which acts as an aggregator and portal to the online world of adult entertainment. The site has two annual fixed advertising contracts worth $83,500 combined, which will transfer upon sale to a new buyer. The business has averaged $19K net/mo in 2013 and also comes with 2 million verified email addresses, which are not currently monetized. Yearly revenue: $199,375

web marketplace advertisement under $250k $ sold

FE International is pleased to present a rare opportunity to acquire a 12 year old digital microstock business. This household name has been run by a passionate husband and wife whose efforts have gained widespread press coverage, including popular publications like Inc.com, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, TechRadar and Internet.com. To date, this photography marketplace has seen nearly half a billion pageviews. The site generates revenues through sale commissions and display advertising (AdSense). This business has seen a huge amount of success and there is plenty of room for further growth. Images are a founding part of Web 2.0 and this site is set to continue capitalizing on the growth in Internet usage for years to come. Yearly revenue: $180,000

web blog affiliate advertisement social revenue wordpress design under $250k $ sold

This established blog provides readers with free content surrounding graphic and web design, tattoo and hair design as well as Wordpress themes and Photoshop tutorials. It earns revenue from Google Adsense, affiliate earnings and banner ad sales. Over 100 uniquely written articles are included in the sale and maintenance time averages around 30 minutes per day uploading content and managing the social media pages. The website is listed on DMOZ as one of the web's top design blogs. Yearly revenue: $285,198*

game web advertisement business to business under $250k $ sold

For sale is a three year old Minecraft server business. Leveraging off the popularity of the long-standing online game, this business generates advertising revenues from B2B clients, looking to increase the exposure of their servers to the millions of visitors seen to this business on a monthly basis. The Minecraft game itself is highly established and has proven its popularity since its launch in 2010. B2B server owners have numerous lucrative ways to monetize their online real estate to users, making the proposition of advertise on a site such as this an easy financial decision. Boasting repeat B2B sales, a strong traffic base and high margins, this business is idea for a buyer looking to expand into online gaming, without any/much software knowledge or expertise. Yearly revenue: $100,700

android ios web mobile advertisement subscription under $250k $ sold

The site provides unrestricted Anime content to subscribers and non-subscribers on a download basis. A unique automated system automatically downloads and converts content from various hobby translation groups when new videos are released, adding to the extensive database. The site boasts 1,963 paid members, 32,707 active members, and a total of 400,754 members since the website's beginning. Active members, especially in the mobile space, support the site's growing AdSense revenue, while paid members provide a steady monthly income. 40% of revenues now come from mobile users, with the site fully optimised for iOS and Android use (unlike other sites in the same nice). Yearly revenue: $135,728

advertisement seo investment infrastructure under $250k $ for sale

For sale is a proven and established display advertising business in the family and parenting niche. Launched 18 years ago, the business has stood the test of time to become a leading content provider aimed at parents with children. Covering a range of evergreen topics including recipes, kids’ games and education, healthy living, and holiday ideas, the site has educated hundreds of millions of visitors over the years. Aimed at the lucrative parenting market, valued at $6 trillion, while also targeting the 115 million cooking enthusiasts in the US, a new owner will have a large and highly profitable target market to pursue for growth. With a notable content catalog of over 3,500 posts, keyword rankings for over 70,000 keywords, and a robust backlink profile, the site has demonstrated product-market fit. The owner has scaled the business by focusing on display advertising, leaving plenty of monetization strategies unexplored. With simple operations and a scalable cost structure allowing for strong margins, a new owner will have plenty of time and free cash flows to invest in growth opportunities. This business presents a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a well-built and reputable content business primed to be taken to the next level. Yearly revenue: $100,000

advertisement under $250k $ for sale

Niche: Lifestyle Date established: October 2014 Monetization: Affiliate, Adsense Net Profit: $5,609.38

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