android ios web business to business subscription revenue under $10M $ sold

For sale is a portfolio of two productivity and organization Apps sold across multiple platforms. The B2C family App, launched in 2013, and the B2B workplace organization App, launched in 2014, have quickly grown to become authoritative brands in the productivity App space. The B2C product offers families a central location to track, schedule, and organize tasks through calendars and notes, amongst other functionalities. It has frequently ranked in the top 50 of all productivity applications in the U.S. iOS store. The B2B productivity App provides similar features, focused on SMBs. The Apps are monetized via recurring subscriptions across multiple platforms, including the Apple App Store, branded websites, and Google Play Store. The two Apps have quickly found product market fit as demonstrated by the paying customer list of over 11,000 users (c.538,000 free users) and glowing reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This has resulted in an impressive revenue CAGR of over 211% over the period of 2014 to 2016. This unique portfolio of Apps presents a great opportunity for a buyer to enter the rapidly growing B2C and B2B App markets through the acquisition of a high-quality and popular product. Yearly revenue: $596,000

android ios web mobile advertisement subscription under $250k $ sold

The site provides unrestricted Anime content to subscribers and non-subscribers on a download basis. A unique automated system automatically downloads and converts content from various hobby translation groups when new videos are released, adding to the extensive database. The site boasts 1,963 paid members, 32,707 active members, and a total of 400,754 members since the website's beginning. Active members, especially in the mobile space, support the site's growing AdSense revenue, while paid members provide a steady monthly income. 40% of revenues now come from mobile users, with the site fully optimised for iOS and Android use (unlike other sites in the same nice). Yearly revenue: $135,728

android web mobile advertisement revenue under $250k $ sold

This site provides free icon and logo graphics and makes revenue from Adsense and 3 other ad networks. It has one of the largest resources of icons available and has over 18,000 registered users. A mobile version of the site and an Android app were launched in the last two months. Both are included in the sale and present an opportunity to expand the site's reach and earn more revenue. There are also numerous other ways to increase revenue (details in the prospectus). It currently takes 4-5 hours a week to regularly update content, but this can be outsourced for $150 a month to one of the current owners. Yearly revenue: $47,789

android web infrastructure under $100k $ sold

For sale is a software business in the computer security and encryption niche. Launched in 2011, the business creates file encryption software for Windows, Mac and Android devices. The software offering enables users to encrypt Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive files as well as locally stored files and media. In the last 12 months the business has boasted strong gross and net margins of c.91% and revenues of c.$24,000. Additionally, The business is in the process of developing new software compatible with iOS, providing a new platform to generate revenues. The business presents a great opportunity for a buyer looking to enter the computer security space with a proven business and plenty of profitable growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $24,000

android web affiliate $ sold

affiliate business in the electronics niche. Acquired by the current owner in 2015, the business has carved out a reputable position for itself by focusing on computer, television, and android reviews. The website has seen an explosive surge in popularity since acquisition, with the majority of traffic coming from organic sources, driven by the c.9,000 keywords the site currently ranks for. The business proves a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a site with a proven track record and well-known brand. Yearly revenue: $13,500

android ios web affiliate $ sold

Provides online magazines for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android across a broad range of genres. The site provides premium magazines at a fraction of the cost of buying the magazine in paper form and currently has over 800 magazines and 1000 unique pages on offer. The supplier, Zinio, has over 10,000 magazines to choose to feature and all income is from their affiliate programme on Commission Junction. As one Zinio's highest performing organic affiliates, the site has preferable commission rates (25% vs. 20% for other similar sites) and there is the possibility to earn addition income by promoting complementary products. The site also has popular Facebook (1,527 likes), Twitter (950 followers) and Pinterest (326 followers, 2,435 pins, 1,106 likes) accounts. Yearly revenue: $Private

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