web business to business social subscription api under $500k $ sold

For sale is a B2B and B2C SaaS business in the URL tracking niche. Established in 2010, the website offers a free version of the software with a dashboard that tracks URL shares and engagement measuring Facebook likes, shares, comments, Twitter shares, and LinkedIn shares among others. Access to the API is monetized through recurring subscriptions. With a focus on functionality and accurate tracking, the business boasts impressive SaaS metrics. Over the trailing 12 months, customer lifetime value has averaged $2,225. Recently, the product has found strong product/market fit and has averaged just 1.92% gross MRR churn and 3.96% customer churn over the past three months. This is a great opportunity for a buyer looking to enter a growing, evergreen niche through the acquisition of a proven SaaS product with a strong record of success. Yearly revenue: $173,000*

web business to business subscription api under $500k $ sold

For sale is a proven workflow solutions tool for developers and businesses looking to optimize and easily scale their form generation capabilities. Launched in 2014, the business has gone from strength-to-strength, with thousands of customers having successfully used the product to more easily customize the backend of forms. The tool simplifies the process of creating forms and provides additional features such as enhanced spam filtering, external integrations and an API without having to create the backend to receive and store form data. MRR has remained strong and highly predictable from 2016 into 2017, rising c.23% from July 2016 to June 2017. Customer lifetime value continues to grow and customer churn has simultaneously dropped in the past 12 months. The company has scaled predictably and efficiently thanks to its value proposition, driven by a software that is highly ingrained in its customer’s day-to-day business operations. This business presents an ideal acquisition for a buyer looking for a well-built SaaS product with a strong customer base and a history of sustainable growth and profits. Yearly revenue: $131,000

business to business subscription investment api under $250k $ for sale

For sale is a well-established B2B SaaS business in the real estate niche. Launched in 2014, the business provides a unique solution to quickly and seamlessly import real estate database listings to customer websites via a robust API. Aimed at specialty brokerages, real estate investment trusts, and real estate tech firms, the software delivers a mission-critical offering that is difficult to match. The business has demonstrated market fit by focusing on an under-served area of the $217 trillion real estate market. Built in line with industry best practices and regulating agency standards, the unique features and clear value proposition have helped fuel explosive growth, with the business reaching an impressive CAGR of c.155% for the period 2015 to 2017. The business itself is simple to operate with the owner absorbing much of the required time to develop the product, build robust API integrations, and source valuable partnerships at the very start. This creates plenty of time for a new owner to focus on growth initiatives. This is a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over an established B2B SaaS business with a dominant position in the lucrative real estate niche. With unrivaled functionality, a proven track record of success, and a history of sustained growth, the business is primed to be taken to the next level under a new owner. Yearly revenue: $76,000*


SOLD $20,000 CryptoPrice.io  contact    23 days ago
mobile blockchain api design under $25k $ sold

CryptoPrice.io SOLD Live Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Capitalizations - Real time ticker price data (websockets) - Basic RESTful API (nodejs) - Charts: Live / 1 Hour / 24 Hour / 1 Week / 1 Month - Exchange market data for each coin on most of the popular exchanges - Fast and responsive, mobile design - All data is retrieved from exchange APIs/websockets (in a job/queue architecture) - 45+ coins (easy to add more) Currently hosted on 2 DigitalOcean servers (frontend/backend) + cloudflare Built with: nodejs, websockets, react 20000

Meet Me In

$16,000 imgur.com  contact    23 days ago
travel api under $25k $ for sale

Meet Me In Ever tried planning a trip with someone who lives in a different city than yourself? Meet Me In is a web app that shows you the cheapest place for both of you to fly to (on the same date). For example: Flying from NYC & LA on Sept 16: 1) Dallas (DFW) $119 (62+57) 2) Ft Lauderdale (FLL) $138 (51+87) 3) Houston (IAH) $144 (87+57) *one way prices The heart of this app is its flight search API that allows for queries from one city to anywhere (similar to google flights explore page). These results are compared between the two input cities to determine the cheapest destination. Built with: Python 3 (Flask), Javascript, HTLM/CSS 16000

api under $25k $ for sale

Chargeback Disputer Originally spun out of Crunchbutton, Chargeback Disputer automatically responds to customer chargebacks to combat and eliminate friendly fraud. It is built on top of the Stripe API and is fully functional. With a little more development and functionality, Chargeback Disputer could be your new best friend. Built with: Node, Angular, MongoDB $15000 or offer

Grad (City)

$7,500 grad.ba  contact    23 days ago
android ios mobile food & drinks api under $10k $ for sale

Grad (City) Grad (eng. City) is a mobile application that offers just best locations, events and coffee bars to visit. The project includes Laravel based backend, an iOS mobile application written in Swift and large part of Android application written in Java. Web-application also includes administration panel, a landing page creator, and API serving the data. There is another microservice that parse data with newest events (feed). The project is currently designed for Bosnia and Herzegovina but feed is being extracted in real-time therefore you can transfer Grad and use it for any city or country of your choice. Built with: PHP, Sqlite, Swift, Java $7500


$5,000 oneminutefax.com  contact    23 days ago
api documents chat under $10k $ for sale

OneMinuteFax Free internet fax service. I have 5+ projects going on right now and need to thin out the herd. The engineering work is done on this, it's time for someone with marketing experience to take over. Built with: Ruby on Rails, Twilio API $5000 or best offer

api under $10k $ for sale

Hotel Price Comparison API - MakCorps This API lets you compare hotel room prices from more than 200 websites like agoda.com, booking.com , hotels.com, amoma.com, etc. Response will consist of top 3 vendors along with the best vendor. Address , reviews, ratings , features, etc are the part of JSON response. . We, are working on a different project now which is based on machine learning. So, it is getting very difficult to manage this project. By its business version. In the first month itself we have generated around $350. We have launched this project in April 2018. Built with: Python, Flask, POSTGRESQL, HTML,JAvascript, CSS and AWS Instance $5000

Forex API

$2,500 forexapi.io  contact    23 days ago
api infrastructure under $5k $ for sale

Forex API Forex API is a simple service which provides reliable and accurate exchange rate data for any business or application. The platform is developed using Python3 and Django. I would like to sell Forex API as I have other commitments which require my full attention. This is a great project for someone looking to get started within the FinTech industry and has great potential. Built with: Python, Django, PostgreSQL $2500

Pretty Little VPN

$1,000 prettylittlevpn.com  contact    23 days ago
api infrastructure under $5k $ for sale

Pretty Little VPN Turn-key VPN hosting service built using Ruby on Rails, Stripe, and Digital Ocean. Users sign up and provision dedicated VPN instances through Digital Ocean Droplets. VPN's are setup automatically in a highly secure manner. Built with: Rails, Stripe, Digital Ocean API $1000

GeoQuiz Bot

$500 geoquizbot.com  contact    23 days ago
game travel api chat design under $1k $ for sale

GeoQuiz Bot GeoQuiz Bot (geoquizbot.com or facebook.com/GeoQuizBot) is a travel trivia game played on Facebook Messenger Platform. I wanted to create games on Messenger to replicate the success on the Facebook Canvas Apps platform. This one in particular makes use of unique features on Messenger like sending user location. Currently it gets single digit users a day (new or returning), but users who start playing always play many rounds before stopping, proving the base game to be interesting at least. I am selling because 1) I don't know how to market it further without spending money, 2) I've lost interest and want to work on other projects instead, 3) I have many other projects going on plus a full time job so I want to narrow focus. I think with some good game design it could have a deeper/more meaningful game play, or another directionally different approach is to tack on a lot more travel-related content to it, making it a good acquisition target for TripAdvisor eventually. Built with: PHP, Redis, Apache, Linux, Facebook Messenger API $500


$500 facebook.com  contact    23 days ago
audio & music api under $1k $ for sale

SongsOye Song Downloader. This app lets you search for any song using youtube's api and once you select a song it fetches that song convert it into mp3 using ffmpeg and then lets you download the song. Built with: PHP (Laravel) for the Web and Python for commandline $500


$100 play.google.com  contact    23 days ago
amazon android affiliate api under $1k $ for sale

Shopie Shopie is an android app that implements a Tinder like interface (cards + swipe to like) for amazon products. Original business plan was to get amazon affiliate commissions but abandoned project due to failing to get traction. If you are looking to implement a tinder like app with a easy to use, swipeable cards interface, the code for this should serve you well. Built with: Java, Android, Amazon API $100

startup api $ no price

Show HN: A Flask extension for accepting multiple API calls in one HTTP request

startup amazon api $ no price

Show HN: BrowseNodes – Get unthrottled access to Amazon Product API

startup api $ no price

Show HN: RoadDelta – An API for detecting changes on the road

startup api $ no price

Show HN: Markdown API for Medium

startup api $ no price

Show HN: Started learning JavaScript and what API is by implementing HN API

startup web api design $ no price

To extract data, semanti.ca loads a web article in a browser and reads it, just like humans do. semanti.ca accurately recognizes titles, headlines, published and updated dates, images, captions, tags. It extracts the content text and the HTML code, by ignoring advertisements, the design elements, and any other text or image not related to the main content.semanti.ca is not tailored to some specific website user interface designs or technology. It is trained on examples of real web pages and is capable of recognizing relevant elements on the web page, independently of how the web page was built. It actually "looks" at the web pages and recognizes the content based on a statistical model learned from data.

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