$1,000,000 Tick.chat  contact    23 days ago
chat under $10M $ for sale

Tick.chat Tick's main aim is to removing prejudgments. You can chat nearby persons in anonymously. There have been tons of startups for these. But wait, why I did Tick.Chat? 🤔 If an app says you, "Hey, you can chat anonymously!", the app mustn't have registration step. The app shouldn't ask gender, name, profile picture and whatever which your personal identity. If the app asks, we have to think about our privacy. I thought a lot. That's the reason I write Tick.Chat. Tick's vision is solid and simple, yet both UI and UX are lightweight. And the most exciting thing is it is open source! 💪 What does the app brings you? 💭 The right question is, who are you? If you strict politician, you can do politics. If you a real cat lover you can give an advice who has cats. If you are a product owner, ask for feedback your last cool app. The sky is the limit. Eventually, Tick.Chat's main aim has your fun/productive time. If the vision got you, keep reading please. 😻 Built with: Nodejs, Vuejs, socket.io $1M

game web blog advertisement wellness chat under $500k $ sold

For sale is a high-traffic content site in the fast growing social app and gaming niche. Established in 2014, the owner has successfully capitalized on the ever growing popularity of social apps like Twitter, Tinder, Kik, Snapchat, and WhatsApp by providing high quality content which attracts tens of millions of pageviews each year. The owner had scale in mind when growing the business, so he entirely outsourced content creation to high quality writers. The site currently has roughly half a million words of high quality content. This opportunity would be ideal for a buyer looking for a high traffic site that covers a range of growing evergreen niches. Yearly revenue: $108,000

web business to business subscription chat under $250k $ sold

For sale is a B2B SaaS business in the messaging and user engagement niche. Launched in 2013, the product delivers software for businesses looking to improve their customer communication capabilities and user engagement via an embeddable group chat. Offering numerous essential features including real-time visitor monitoring, live chat support, file sharing, and much more, the software has successfully differentiated itself from competitors and ingrained itself in the standard operating procedure of its loyal customer base. As competition online continues to rise, customer engagement is playing an increasingly important role in customer acquisition and support. With group chat offering tangible benefits to the bottom line by improving on-site interaction, the business is able to deliver an increasingly valuable service. The business itself is simple to operate, with the owner focusing on scale from the very start. This has allowed the business to grow with high and stable margins while reducing owner workload to a few hours per week. With stable cash flow and automated operations, a new owner will have plenty of time to focus on growth opportunities. This presents a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a well-built B2B SaaS business in a rapidly growing niche. With a strong value proposition and unparalleled functionality, a new owner will be immediately set up for success. Yearly revenue: $67,700*

Ionic Video Chat

$25,000 devin.la  contact    23 days ago
video chat $ for sale

Ionic Video Chat Fully functional real time Video and Group Text chat app similar to Viber or WhatsApp. It has full multi-platform support for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux built using Ionic 2. There are two separate versions, for Ionic 1 and 2, both of which generate income on the marketplace, and include a Node backend. I am running out of time to maintaining them, as I am spending time on Unity rather than Ionic lately. If you are looking for a custom chat app with full source code, this project is for you. Built with: Ionic, Ionic2, Node, WebRTC $25000 or offer

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1 week agoLoveBot OtherDating chatbot on Facebook Messenger platform with Tinder-like functionality Prices: MRR No Profits No Asking price $10,000

Monday Morning

$10,000 FinallyMondayMorning.com  contact    23 days ago
finance chat under $25k $ for sale

Monday Morning Facebook Messenger automated messaging service. The user simply needs to answer a few questions, then wait for Monday morning for an introduction. The service is live and has been tested in southeast Asia. The payment flow is enabled through the website. The only thing left to create a business is traffic generation. Built with: Java, AWS. 10000


$5,000 oneminutefax.com  contact    23 days ago
api documents chat under $10k $ for sale

OneMinuteFax Free internet fax service. I have 5+ projects going on right now and need to thin out the herd. The engineering work is done on this, it's time for someone with marketing experience to take over. Built with: Ruby on Rails, Twilio API $5000 or best offer


$2,500 virl.ink  contact    23 days ago
chat under $5k $ for sale

WhatsLink WhatsApp's Click to Chat allows people to begin a chat with you without them having your phone number saved in their phone's address book. Currently have over 1500 links created Built with: Laravel/PHP, MySQL $2,500 or Worthy Trade


$2,500 boxrowseat.com  contact    23 days ago
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BoxRowSeat BoxRowSeat is a marketplace to enable direct, secure ticket resale between sports fans or concert-goers. BRS connects sellers who want to re-sell their ticket online without the hassle of haggling, emailing and meeting strangers in dark alleys and the buyers looking to purchase guaranteed, authentic tickets direct from sellers without paying unnecessary fees. Technologies include: Rails, Stripe for payments, Twilio for SMS notifications, SendGrid for email notifications and AWS for storage. Built with: Rails, Stripe for payments, Twilio for SMS notifications, SendGrid for email notifications and AWS for storage. $2,500

Chat with strangers

$1,900 flippa.com  contact  23 days ago
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Chat with strangers Bids: 11 BidsAsset Type: Android App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $1,900 Time Remain: a day left Detailed Category: Lifestyle

GeoQuiz Bot

$500 geoquizbot.com  contact    23 days ago
game travel api chat design under $1k $ for sale

GeoQuiz Bot GeoQuiz Bot (geoquizbot.com or facebook.com/GeoQuizBot) is a travel trivia game played on Facebook Messenger Platform. I wanted to create games on Messenger to replicate the success on the Facebook Canvas Apps platform. This one in particular makes use of unique features on Messenger like sending user location. Currently it gets single digit users a day (new or returning), but users who start playing always play many rounds before stopping, proving the base game to be interesting at least. I am selling because 1) I don't know how to market it further without spending money, 2) I've lost interest and want to work on other projects instead, 3) I have many other projects going on plus a full time job so I want to narrow focus. I think with some good game design it could have a deeper/more meaningful game play, or another directionally different approach is to tack on a lot more travel-related content to it, making it a good acquisition target for TripAdvisor eventually. Built with: PHP, Redis, Apache, Linux, Facebook Messenger API $500

Browse by voice

$500 browsebyvoice.com  contact    23 days ago
android social audio & music hardware chat under $1k $ for sale

Browse by voice 'Browse by Voice' is an end-to-end speech based browsing application that captures user commands from your computer based audio input or your android device. Here is what you can do using ‘Browse by Voice’ - Check emails Send Chat messages Open websites Navigate websites Use search engines Play videos Open images Automatically login to your social media and email accounts All of these without using your keyboard or mouse. And this is not it. You can even connect your computer to your android device wirelessly and send voice commands via our android app. Built with: JavaScript, Chrome APIs $500

Bot Explorer

$300 botexplorer.co  contact    23 days ago
chat under $1k $ for sale

Bot Explorer Bot Explorer is a a bot to search and explore bots for messenger, slack, sms, kik and telegram. Started off as a simple side project has now grown to a lot a of users. Im occupied managing me other projects so this one is up for sale. Built with: Node, Express $300

android app video chat under $1k $ for sale

Photo and Video Downloader for WhatsAppAsset Type: Android App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $245 Time Remain: 3 days left Detailed Category: Internet

startup chat $ no price

Show HN: P2p IRC-inspired browser chat on WebTorrent

startup chat $ no price

www.captchafy.comIt's very simple: you enter a URL, and it gives you back a 'captchafied' URL (this part is just like bit.ly). Someone visits that 'captchafied url', passes the recaptcha, and then gets redirected to the original URL.It might be useful when you want to post a link to a public whatsapp group on facebook or whatever, but want to catch any bots.

startup chat $ no price

Show HN: Telegram is the new IRC – list of communities, bots and channels

startup finance subscription video revenue famous chat $ no price

Hi, It's Sabba from Take The Bait.We publish weekly stories from makers about how their are building their MVP's and finding their first customers. This interview is from upload.fm, they create let you Put your podcast on YouTube automatically.First off, can you tell us about your background and your product?It’s just me here! I’m a 16 year old, and love shipping side projects on the side. I learned how to code with Node.js last fall and since then have built Routeshuffle, a random route generator for running, and then continued on to build Upload.fm, my biggest project yet. It’s a tool for uploading podcast episodes to YouTube easily and automatically.How long did it take to build your initial prototype and how did you validate it?I started working on it in early March, and worked on it up until May when I launched. I did no validation, which may have been the wrong thing to do. But when I get an idea I like, I’d rather just build it and see what happens. I knew the idea would be big after a guy (who will remain nameless) who worked at a very large podcast network reached out to me wondering if we could partner and work together on Upload.fm, even before I had a final product. Ultimately I backed out of the deal because I wanted to own 100% of it, and I couldn’t completely trust the other person. But it was very clear that there is a need in the industry for a tool like this. Supposedly YouTube wants to see more podcasts on its platform.How did you get your first paying customer and how long did it take?My first paying customer was an hour after launch. I messed up and forgot to take Stripe out of test mode, so my first customer thought they had paid when in reality their credit card wasn’t charged! They luckily signed up again in live mode once I realized what I had done and reached out.What worked and what didn't work when finding your first users?I’m still figuring a lot of this out to be honest. I’m very much in the early days of this still. The only real marketing I’ve done was the initial launch, and some cold emails to podcasts that are already being uploaded to YouTube manually. I’ve been holding off on marketing as I develop some more key features for the product, and then I’ll transition to working completely on marketing.How did you grow your user based from the first paying customer?Here’s a graph of where my customers have came from. Product Hunt was where most customers came from initially.What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs looking to onboard their first users?Cold emails work. Use a tool like Mailshake to send out emails, but be sure that you’re emailing relevant people that would actually find your product useful.What resources have helped you in the early stages?As always Stack Overflow saved me multiple times, but reading Twitter and looking at tweets about entrepreneurship is great motivation. I also got some good advice from wip.chat, a Telegram group, about what to do when the partnership deal was in talks.How can people reach you and find out more?I’m on Twitter @riieywz, my site is at walzr.com and Upload.fm is at… upload.fm :) Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help or advice about bootstrapping or building a SaaS!Instagram: @riieywzWebsite 2: upload.fmWebsite 2: walzr.com

startup chat $ no price

Show HN: PHLO – Visually integrate Voice and SMS into your apps in minutes

startup chat $ no price

Show HN: KIA-World's first voice+chat widget.Talk and chat at the same time

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