web business to business plugin revenue wordpress documents design under $10M $ sold

For sale is a package of two sets of B2B WordPress plugins in the web design and productivity space. Launched in 2013 and 2015 respectively, the two sets of plugins have carved out leadership positions in the WordPress plugin niche. Aimed at developers, the plugins offer invaluable solutions for G-Suite integrations as well as PDF capabilities. With glowing review, the plugins have been successfully implemented by hundreds of thousands of users to date. Targeting the c.75 million WordPress sites, the plugins are primed to capitalize on the growth of WordPress, which received 198 million downloads in 2016 alone. In turn, this has helped the business reach a c.78% revenue CAGR for the period 2014 to 2017. The business itself is simple to run, with the current owner spending only a few hours per week on customer support and basic maintenance. Much of the customer support work is outsourced to a VA who is likely to be willing to transition with the business post sale. This will leave plenty of time for a new owner to focus on the many growth opportunities the business has at its disposal. The business presents an excellent opportunity for a new owner to take over two sets of well-known and authoritative plugins that have shown consistent user demand time and time again. With rapidly growing revenues, a strong value proposition, bountiful cross-selling opportunities, and a scalable cost structure, the business is ready to be taken to the next level under a new owner. Yearly revenue: $323,000

web blog revenue infrastructure design under $1M $ sold

For sale is a high growth business in the Fashion and Personal Style niche. Boasting over 1.2 million uniques / 8 million pageviews per month and explosive revenue growth over the last 12 months, this business provides a rare opportunity for a buyer to take over a business in an evergreen niche which shows no sign of slowing down. Launched as a hobby site, the business provides high quality style tips, trends and reviews for the fashion conscious male looking to improve their image. This content has proven extremely popular and the site has gained a high authority link profile, including links from New York Times, Business Insider, Men's Health, Huffington Post, Design Taxi and many more. With over 50,000 organic keywords, the traffic sources are both sustainable very defensible to competitors. This is a great platform for future growth. Yearly revenue: $342,000

ecommerce web affiliate social subscription plugin design under $500k $ sold

For sale is a software as a service (SaaS) business, providing a highly quality one stop solution for beginner entrepreneurs looking to create affiliate ecommerce websites. The owner of the business spent the first six months of 2013 developing the software at a cost of c.$50K, ahead of a launch in the middle of that same year. Since launch, the software/services have been a great success, providing a unique offering of a full CMS with built in blog, page creation, social media integration, drag and drop design - all build within sleek and modern templates. The revenues of the business are generated through both recurring monthly memberships and by selling add-on services. With internet usage continuing to grow exponentially (https://feinternational.com/blog/6-reasons-buy-online-versus-offline-business/) businesses such as this will continue to see high consumer demand and service a growing population of first time website owners, looking for their own piece of online real estate. Yearly revenue: $255,200

web investment freelance design under $500k $ sold

For sale is a growing and popular digital products business in the photography niche. Launched in 2017, the business has scaled quickly and predictably by providing a range of high-quality Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop presets. Aimed at beginner and advanced photographers alike, the business has established itself as an authority in the niche by offering dozens of professional products at an affordable price. The business has secured a firm foothold in the rapidly-expanding photo editing software market. With the niche forecast to grow at a c.8.2% CAGR for the period 2018 to 2023, the business is primed to capitalize on the increasing demand for photo editing software to continue its own upward trajectory. The business itself is simple to operate, with the owner focusing on scale from the very start. With a lean cost structure allowing for net margins of c.88% in the LTM, automated operations, and a freelance designer staying on post-sale, a new owner will have plenty of time and free cash flow to invest in the many growth opportunities the business has at its disposal. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to acquire a growing content business with a portfolio of high-quality products and proven market fit. Yearly revenue: $140,000*

web blog affiliate advertisement social revenue wordpress design under $250k $ sold

This established blog provides readers with free content surrounding graphic and web design, tattoo and hair design as well as Wordpress themes and Photoshop tutorials. It earns revenue from Google Adsense, affiliate earnings and banner ad sales. Over 100 uniquely written articles are included in the sale and maintenance time averages around 30 minutes per day uploading content and managing the social media pages. The website is listed on DMOZ as one of the web's top design blogs. Yearly revenue: $285,198*

web business to business social subscription legal design under $250k $ sold

For sale is a B2B SaaS digital marketing business aimed at law firms looking to increase their online presence. The software, launched in 2014, offers a powerful content management system (CMS) with tools to facilitate blogging, social media presence, and website design among others. The business delivers a lucrative value proposition as illustrated by the impressive SaaS metrics. MRR has been on a stable upwards trajectory, closing in at over $4,700 in July 2017. The software is incredibly sticky with an average MRR and customer churn rate of c.2.1% and c.2.6% over the last 12 months respectively. The business presents an ideal opportunity for a buyer looking to enter the rapidly growing digital marketing niche through the acquisition of a profitable and scalable SaaS business in a highly sticky niche. Yearly revenue: $52,000

web advertisement subscription revenue design under $250k $ sold

This SaaS business has made an average of $4,290 in profit a month for the last twelve months providing users with a set of tools that detect click fraud and monitor PPC (Pay Per Click) and other paid advertising campaigns. The site is listed under DMOZ for web design and development tools and requires only 5 hours a week of maintenance time which can be outsourced for roughly $400 a month. Over two months of after sale training will be provided including a 14 day "crash course" on how to run the business. Yearly revenue: $73,913

web amazon ecommerce design under $250k $ sold

For sale is a growing Amazon Merch business with over 20,000 live SKUs on the highly coveted Tier 22,000 account. Since inception, the business has quickly scaled by creating thousands of evergreen designs for the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Amazon. Unlike traditional Amazon Merch businesses, this business employs an innovative set of scripts to automate and streamline design creation. This has allowed the owner to quickly reach the Tier 4 Amazon Merch level, making the business eligible for exclusive piloting programs. The script has helped drive down owner involvement and minimize expenses, allowing for automated design creation with minimal design experience. With over 20,000 live designs across various evergreen niches, the business offers a solid product foundation for a new owner to build upon. This business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to acquire an innovative Amazon Merch business with a unique design automation script and a diverse catalog of products. Yearly revenue: $37,200

ecommerce web design under $250k $ sold

For sale is a unique digital product and dropship e-commerce business in the art and design niche. Launched in 2013, the business has quickly grown in popularity by creating unique sound wave artwork, converting any recorded sound into art. As a pioneer with a history of innovation, the business uses proprietary, state-of-the-art technology to create amplitude-based designs, available as digital downloads (c.60% of revenue) or paintings/posters (c.40% of revenue) via a dropshipping partner. The distinctive designs have allowed for rapid growth, with the business reaching a 22% CAGR for the period 2015 to 2017. With lean and simple operations, the business boasts continuously high and steady gross and net margins of c.80% and c.65% over the past year, respectively. This presents a great acquisition target for a new owner looking to take over an innovative and scalable business using proprietary technology to deliver a unique value proposition. Yearly revenue: $56,000

amazon ecommerce web design under $100k $ sold

For sale is a rapidly growing and highly scalable Amazon Merch Business. First launched in 2016, the business itself is relatively hands-off and simple to operate. The owner now spends a few hours per week on design research, sketching designs, and keyword optimization. This creates plenty of time for a new owner to focus on the growth opportunities the business has at its disposal. This business presents a strong acquisition target for a buyer looking to take over a rapidly growing Amazon Merch business. Yearly revenue: $46,250*

web design under $100k $ sold

For sale is a 100% passive business in the stock icon space. Established in 2012, the business designs and sells professional vector icons to businesses, developers and designers. The business has close to 200 high quality sets of icons which have achieved thousands of sales and attracted impeccable customer feedback. The business comes with an automated subscriber management website which will aid a new owner in growing the business. All tasks are either automated or outsourced; including design and day-to-day operational and management tasks. Yearly revenue: $34,800

web email design under $100k $ sold

Established in 2009, the site targets professional graphic and web designers. The business has over 1,000 high quality articles published on site as well as a newly launched online deals platform. All content is currently guest-written; the owners concentrate on editorial work and overall business strategy. With a big social following (50K Twitter followers, 12K Facebook followers) as well as a growing mailing list (c. 28,000+) this business is primed to be taken to the next level. A new owner could hire a VA to help support this growth. Yearly revenue: $25,449

web advertisement email design under $100k $ sold

authority online web design and development resource. Established in 2011, the owners have focused on publishing high-quality content, free tools, plugins and scripts for use by web professionals. The website boasts strong user engagement with a low bounce rate (48%) and high avg. session duration (over 19 minutes). The business generates healthy advertising income as well as having a successful weekly sponsored newsletter that generates 74% of the business’ current revenue. With a content writer in place, this business would be ideal for a buyer looking for a hands-off acquisition that has real potential for expansion. Yearly revenue: $27,447

web business to business subscription design under $100k $ sold

For sale is a B2B SaaS business in the digital marketing niche. Launched in 2011, the software allows customers to create promotions, giveaways and sweepstakes. With an intuitive and simple UI, the product targets clients interested in running promotional campaigns, requiring little to no coding or design experience. The business now serves c.150 customers and generates c. $4.5K MRR. With a strong CLV, closing in on c.$560 in July 2017, the company is highly scalable and ready to be taken to the next level. The business presents an ideal opportunity for a buyer to enter the lucrative and growing digital market niche through the acquisition of a proven B2B SaaS offering. Yearly revenue: $58,000

web advertisement revenue design under $100k $ sold

This established online gallery displays new and creative business card designs and has earned an average of $2,050 a month in profit over the last year from direct advertising and CPA. If a new owner decides to hire an outsourcer for content needs at an estimated cost of $100 a month, maintenance time would be greatly reduced from its current 9 hours a month requirement. Yearly revenue: $24,905

web investment revenue design $ sold

For sale are two genuine Google Page Rank 7 blogs. Both are in the web design niche and distribute free web templates to webmasters for use on their sites. The business model means links are built organically and there is little/no work required from the owners. Income is from private ad-sales which are kept to a high quality in order to maintain the integrity of both sites. Plenty of potential with the two sites to build out with content or other revenue streams - these have been a genuine, hands off investment for the current owners. Yearly revenue: $13,800

web advertisement social design $ sold

AdSense business in the evergreen interior design niche. The site provides home and interior design ideas in a range of visual formats for homeowners seeking inspiration. The business has become extremely popular among new homeowners, particularly the 25-34 year old audience. The site is entirely passive; the current owner does not carry out any ongoing work. A new owner could look to grow the site through social media platforms such as Pinterest. Additionally, there is likely to be significant upside in approaching home improvement/interior design affiliates. This site would be perfect for a first-time buyer with an interest in the niche or a buyer wishing to add stable, passive incomes to an existing portfolio. Yearly revenue: $14,256

amazon web affiliate wellness design $ sold

For sale is a high-growth Amazon affiliate business in the health and fitness niche. Since launching in January 2016, the site quickly rose in popularity attracting over 105,000 visitors in the trailing 12 months and averaging 21,000 monthly sessions over the last three months. The website’s unique design and authoritative articles help drive an impressive c.20% conversion rate over the last six months. This is a great opportunity for a buyer looking for a fast-growing affiliate with plentiful growth opportunities and a strong content base. Yearly revenue: $11,800*

web business to business subscription revenue infrastructure design $ sold

authoritative B2B SaaS software provider in the digital marketing and design space. First launched in private beta in 2010, the business offers an intuitive design-sharing platform for graphic design freelancers and SMB marketing agencies to securely share their designs with clients. As an incumbent in the design-sharing space, the business commands well-known brand and boasts c.125 paying customers and a low net MRR churn rate of c.6.8% over the trailing 12 months. With almost a decade of operational history, the business has serviced multiple large clients including notable corporations and governments. These household names stand as a testament to the robust and feature-rich capabilities of the software. The business presents an ideal opportunity for a buyer looking to enter the growing digital marketing and design niche through the acquisition of a proven B2B SaaS business primed for growth. Yearly revenue: $13,100


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mobile blockchain api design under $25k $ sold

CryptoPrice.io SOLD Live Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Capitalizations - Real time ticker price data (websockets) - Basic RESTful API (nodejs) - Charts: Live / 1 Hour / 24 Hour / 1 Week / 1 Month - Exchange market data for each coin on most of the popular exchanges - Fast and responsive, mobile design - All data is retrieved from exchange APIs/websockets (in a job/queue architecture) - 45+ coins (easy to add more) Currently hosted on 2 DigitalOcean servers (frontend/backend) + cloudflare Built with: nodejs, websockets, react 20000

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