ecommerce web shopify business to business subscription revenue under $10M $ sold

For sale is a B2B SaaS business in the digital sales and marketing niche. Launched in 2013, the business has quickly become the go-to brand for thousands of Shopify sellers looking for a proven, high-quality App in the sales and marketing space. With a portfolio of several mission-critical Shopify products, the business has developed a full ecosystem of sales and marketing Apps, providing a unique value proposition and unparalleled synergies. The business has made a name for itself by focusing on the ever-growing Shopify platform. With over 500,000 active shops and 1.2 million users, the business has a large and lucrative target market to tap into. The products have quickly found market fit, commanding an impressive 1,000+ five-star reviews and fueling rapid YoY revenue growth, reaching a c.52% CAGR for the period 2014 to 2017. The business itself is simple to operate, with minimal owner involvement of just a few hours per month on basic product maintenance and employee oversight. With a capable customer support team staying on post-sale, and a developer assisting with the transition, a new owner will have plenty of time to focus on growth. This is a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over a proven B2B SaaS business aimed at a profitable and growing target market. With a portfolio of successful Apps, lucrative SaaS metrics, and a history of continuous growth, the business is primed to be taken to the next level. Yearly revenue: $407,000

ecommerce web shopify business to business subscription audio & music revenue under $250k $ sold

For sale is a high growth SaaS business serving Shopify e-commerce stores. With Shopify going from strength to strength, this is a scalable opportunity with the security of a loyal subscription base. The software supports Shopify shop owners in their everyday storefront management, allowing editing and placement of wholesale orders through the Shopify back-end. This essential software vastly improves the customer experience, offering complete user management customization, with no interruption to the front-end customer. As an early entrant to the growing Shopify App market, this software has been able to leap ahead of the competition through its easy-to-use interface and highly intuitive functionality. The end result is a highly powerful software tool capable of a full array of services not offered by Shopify itself. The business boasts over 700 paying customer (plus 844 free members) that range from ordinary shop owners to high end customers, such as Airbnb, Wikipedia and popular music artists. This business sits in a very privileged position: dominant product in a growing niche. A new owner proficient in marketing and B2B sales could grow this business exponentially with relatively few risks, given the subscription nature of the revenues. Yearly revenue: $108,207*

ecommerce shopify business to business subscription investment under $250k $ sold

For sale is a growing B2B SaaS business in the digital sales and marketing niche. The business is a portfolio of Shopify Apps launched between 2013 and 2017 and acquired by the owner in 2017. Offering a wide range of marketing and sales-related tools, the portfolio of Apps delivers a unique value proposition aimed at the large and profitable market for Shopify merchants. The owner has focused on operational synergies and organic brand exposure to spur growth. This strategy has left many growth opportunities for a new owner to explore, including upselling the 12,000 users on free plans, experimenting with product bundles, or implementing paid marketing strategies. With an ever-expanding target market of active Shopify merchants, a new owner will have a lucrative target market to pursue. The owner has built the business with scale in mind, automating much of the operations and minimizing overhead. In turn, this has helped drive strong net margins of c.75% over the past 12 months and reduce owner involvement, leaving plenty of time and strong cash flows for a new owner to invest in growth. This is a unique portfolio of B2B SaaS Apps with a mission-critical offering, thousands of users, and glowing customer reviews, primed to be taken to the next level under a new owner. Yearly revenue: $62,000*

web shopify ecommerce business to business email subscription under $250k $ sold

For sale is a growing and reputable B2B SaaS business in the email marketing space. Launched in 2015, the business offers email automation software aimed at business owners on Shopify. With multiple essential features including: abandonment cart recovery emails; automated requests for product reviews; coupon promotions and scheduled emails at pre-set intervals, the software has successfully differentiated itself from competitors. With years of operational history, the business has delivered results time-and-time again for its loyal customer base, securing dozens of five-star reviews and driving an average product rating of over 4.5 on Shopify. As Shopify continues to gain traction with users, now boasting 1.2 million active users and over 500,000 stores, a new owner will have a large, accessible and rapidly expanding target market to pursue for additional growth. The business itself is simple to operate with the owners focusing on scale and automation from the very start. This has reduced maintenance requirements to a couple of hours per week, allowing for plenty of time to reinvest in growth opportunities. This business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a stable B2B SaaS business. With steady cash flows, glowing user reviews, and a well-known brand, this is a business that is primed to be taken to the next level under a new owner. Yearly revenue: $53,000*

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Project description This is a Shopify/eCommerce Store with all related assets on a Dropshipping Model. Highest Profit Month: 84k USD Total Revenue: $1,056,435 USD (20 months) 14k USD Net Profit for July 2018 FEATURES - 30 Days of Support from the Store Owner so you can learn how to run the entire process properly an.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $85,000 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: E-Commerce E-Commerce Platforms Online Shopping Posted by: website viewed 3 times posted by brandencarroll

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online business in the aquatics and fishkeeping niche. Established in 2015, the website has quickly become a dominant authority in the space. With 3,000+ backlinks (including Mashable and Wikipedia) this passive website is primed for further growth. This business requires very little owner maintenance time and would be perfect for a new buyer looking for a relatively low-risk, first acquisition. Yearly revenue: $12,816

shopify ecommerce web travel under $25k $ for sale

Project description Hey! Thanks for viewing this listing. For sale is my 3 month old Shopify dropshipping store which I built from scratch. I was hoping to grow the store to 6 figures in the next 2 months and 7 figures by this time next year but I've had some issues with cash-flow and decided to sell the store to reinv..This project is built usingShopify Feel free to contact me at .. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $19,500 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: Adventure Travel E-Commerce Sporting Goods Posted by: website viewed 38 times posted by andrejstef Technology: This project is built usingShopify Feel free to contact me at ..


$15,000  contact    3 months ago
ios famous under $25k $ for sale

Kite Kite's an iPhone app that allows the user to remove email newsletters from their inbox and give them a specific place. The newsletters the user chooses (we have a collection of 200+ hand picked publishers) won’t show up in their inbox anymore. The user's notified and can read them in the Kite app. The project got 300+ likes on Product Hunt ( and a lot of interaction from the community. Built with: Swift, Objective-C, Node.js $15000

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OfficeHours Cards OfficeHoursCards is both a physical and digital product for helping people to prepare for their startup accelerator interview, or just to help refine any startups vision. It's a super simple business model with huge room for potential. Would suit someone who likes the startup world but doesn't want to have to manage an app or a team of developers. It featured on ProductHunt last October and got around 50 orders in 1 day. It continues to bring in orders each time there is any promotion of it. It has brought in thousands of dollars of profit so far and can easily be expanded upon. I am now consolidating all side projects to focus on new work. The sale includes :- Domain HTML & CSS site Design assets Supplier contacts Remaining inventory & branding materials worth $250 Future marketing suggestions documentation Contacts for graphic & web designers Assistance with transition and setup to new owner. It's pretty much a business in a box! Serious offers only please Built with: HTML, CSS, Gumroad $3000

What If Bitcoin

SOLD $2,999  contact    3 months ago
blockchain social famous under $5k $ sold

What If Bitcoin SOLD will make the user so unhappy that they will share it on social media and generate more traffic for the site :). The site got featured on major news publications like , lifehacker and more and since the initial viral hype has passed it still gets 8000 page views a day and people share it all over social media. You can read more about how I built it here: Built with: HTM,CSS,JS $2999 or worthy trade

Urgent Sales Timer

$2,499  contact    3 months ago
ecommerce web shopify finance under $5k $ for sale

Urgent Sales Timer Urgent Sales Timer 5 STAR Shopify App lets you sell 3x more by placing disappearing discounts on your website through growth hacking and automation. Selling because of some health issues that are making me not have time to grow the app. -Currently, 5 star rated -Will include shopify partners account with full access to all the resources needed, including development team assistance with no work on your part -Passive income potential to $10,000/month or more -Willing to negotiate on price or offer payment plan Built with: Ruby on rails $2,499

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18 hours agoBounty Hunter SaaSGreat product hunt traction. Needs to be relaunched. Prices: MRR No Profits No Asking price $2,000

Oh, My Coins!

$2,000  contact    3 months ago
web blockchain famous under $5k $ for sale

Oh, My Coins! "Oh, My Coins!" is a website where you can anonymously share your cryptocurrency loss. So far people submitted stories of lost coins that are worth about 230.5k BTC or ~$4.5B. Project did relatively great on Producthunt - despite badly timed launch and the website has very positive feedback from people. The reason I'm selling is that the project feels finished for me and I don't have any more ideas. Built with: Vanilla JS, HTML, CSS (framework - open source) $2000

Slot Win

$1,999  contact    3 months ago
ecommerce game shopify fun under $5k $ for sale

Slot Win Slot Win (Shopify App) Grow your store 3x faster with gamification and interactive pop-ups allowing customers to "earn" fun prizes and discounts. Slot Win is a unique Shopify application, with the potential to make $5,000/month or more! In the app, customers will see a game board that looks like the game "Plinko" and they can enter their email to drop one ball down the board to win prizes like discounts/free shipping. The result? 3X more emails and sales for you! The psychology behind the application is that nobody wants to miss out on a good deal..or a fun game! This is just the beginning of this app because it has not yet been submitted to the app store, so you can still put your unique spin on it and add new features before releasing it! All Source code is included You can reach millions of Shopify merchants each month, showing them the no-brainer of using this app and you can receive passive income each month! Contact me if interested, my last Shopify app went quickly! Built with: ruby on rails 1,999

Cat Attack

$1,500  contact    3 months ago
famous under $5k $ for sale

Cat Attack Selling because I don't have the time to update or maintain it. It's already made me a couple thousand dollars, and has huge potential. The vast majority of that came over the week I launched on Product Hunt two years ago. Despite doing zero marketing since then, I still get a few bucks a week from the site. With some love and attention, this could be a steady stream of income! You can also take the code and build numerous texting sites. You could even clean up the code and sell it as a generic "annoying texting site" template for $99. Tons of possibilities if you have the time and energy! The entire thing runs off of a $5 digital ocean droplet and texts are sent through plivo. Whole site is custom coded on php, so you should know how to code php if you're buying the site! Built with: php $1,500


$600  contact    3 months ago
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Hpyegadget Fully functional Dropshipping Aliexpress store + fully automated with descriptions and images grabber + automatic ordering plugin(Zero-up cost $1700) +Domain +Soaicls Account Built with: Shopify 600

shopify ecommerce web under $1k $ for sale

Project description Shopify dropshipping website in the Pool and Pool toys niche. I started this website as a test on starting a shopify dropshipping business. Due to a lack of time, I cannot continue to improve and test different marketing and business strategies.This project is built usingShopify No profits have been made, due to marketing costs. I've yet to find a marketing tactic with a po.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $300 (USD) Project type: Home & Garden Online Shopping Posted by: website viewed 20 times posted by bonifan88 Technology: This project is built usingShopify No profits have been made, due to marketing costs. I've yet to find a marketing tactic with a po..

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Show HN: Multi-Browser Screenshots -LambdaTest Launched on ProductHunt

startup blog subscription plugin revenue famous design $ no price all, this is an updated post looking at other features of upvotenation.Hope you enjoy it, and as always we look forward to your feedback.https://www.upvotenation.comWhy Just Have A Boring Blog, Or Share The Occasional News On Social Sites, When You Can Manage A Full Blown Online Community?Why just have a boring blog, or share the occasional news on social sites, when you can manage a full blown online community? Create a channel, write a blog, share news, videos, and pictures, connect, explore, create...Do all that and more on We're looking for experienced bloggers and writers to lead our main channels and take back control over the news.Are you passionate about a topic? Be it Politics, Economy, Blockchain, Photography, Travel, Movies, etc? Let us help you reach a better and broader audience.Sign up today or contact us at[](, and Let's build something that matters!Why are we better?1- Regular blogs are static, you can't really interact with your audience, and even if you are an avid writer who writes a blog a day, there is no need for your users to spend more than 10 minutes on your blog, finish reading it, and maybe come back the next day. Upvotenation supplements your blogs automatically with news, videos, and images ( In reality you don't even need to write blogs if you don't want to and we will provide the blogs for you, but more on that later). It allows you to send direct notification to your followers and subscribers about upcoming events, blogs, products and services you are promoting and more. Upvotenation also provides your community with a message board and a way for your audience to share your channel and connect with you in all your other social networks. Want to write a blog and share on Facebook and twitter? Do it from just one place. Once you create your channel you have a interactive community that's is constantly active even when you are on vacation at the beach!2 - Many sites claim to be a community when in reality they are just a very large number of individuals. While those individuals may be interacting, they are not really helping one another. We change that paradigm on our model. Every member is incentivized to provide relevant and interesting media to Upvotenation. If that media meets your channel criteria related to news category, keywords, media source, content, blog writer rating, popularity and so on, it gets immediately pushed to your channels for your users to see. The more and better content on your channel the more followers and subscribers you get, which also plays into your incentives and builds your audience for you.3- Interested in multiple topics? You can create multiple channels all managed from your settings and visible to your users on their display. What this means is that you can segregate your audience into specific topics but easily manage everything from one place. Since you can create a channel in less than 2 minutes it gives you much more flexibility than a traditional blogging or news media platform. Also, since you get your own unique url with every channel you create, your users can bookmark, share and subscribe to your channel and always come back to you without having to go thru the broader upvotenation community first.4- Gamification. We keep an active leaderboard with the top user rated by their contribution to the community and you can see your points go up as you contribute content or the community interacts with your content. We also issue badges for accomplishments such as the "founder's badge" for the top 1,000 users that sign up, and we will continue to find new and interesting ways to make Upvotenation engaging and entertaining for the users.5- Smart algorithms. The way you select what news source are available on your channel is not by selecting from a large list of potential source (CNN, CNBC, FOX, etc.) But instead, every time you read and rate a particular media on upvotenation we record your ratings and we aggregate it in a way that only highly rated sources are included. That way if a particular news source that you originally liked start to provide sub-par content it will be removed from your channel automatically without the need for you to do anything. So you and your subscribers will always only get the news and news sources that gives you the best information. The ratings app is at the heart of Upvotenation.6- Profit sharing. The points users earn on upvotenation means something. And as the site developers and it's monetized the revenue is split with the community so we can all benefit together.7- You help fight fake news! Since users points are based on community votes and media rankings, posting news from non reliable sources are discouraged based on this built in incentive. More importantly, when you design your channel, the only media shared on your channel are the media that meets your personal criteria, and only from sources you personally rated above your defined threshold. You can change your parameters whenever you want and our algorithms will do the rest for you.8 - Regular users going to Upvotenation will benefit even more than you will. Upvotenation has a dual search structure where the homepage lists the top rated media of the day independently of category. This is so the homepage can be a place where users can find out about trending topics and new and interesting things. we call it the discovery layer. However, they can quickly drive down into different categories (i.e Politics), news outlets ("Search TechCrunch on Upvotenation"), and keywords, or as we mentioned above search by channels and going straight to the topics they are interested in.We are waiting to reach the 1,000 users to release a broader marketing campaign and the second beta version of Upvotenation with additional features that will definitely change the way you look at news and allow you to influence how media is created. Now that's something worth waiting for!But we need to start with channel and content creators. So, sign up, help us spread the word, share it with your friends, and let's take back control over the media! https://www.upvotenation.comWant to start sharing? Download our Google chrome extension and start sharing today from anywhere on the web.

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Show HN: SEO Auto‑Tagger for Shopify

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