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For sale is a subscription service business in the social media marketing space. Founded in January of 2014, this platform leverages a network of freelance writers and editors to provide social media updates that can match a given subscriber’s content style, quality, and volume requirements. Perhaps most impressive are the business’ subscription metrics. In November, 2016, customer and gross revenue churn both stood below 5.2%, with average revenue per user above $233. This equates to over $4,500 in implied customer lifetime value. This represents an ideal acquisition target for an investor looking for a recurring revenue platform play in the social media marketing space with an upward trajectory and plenty of room to grow. Yearly revenue: $264,000

web revenue freelance under $500k $ sold

For sale is a well-established content creation business, completing 20-30 million sold words in 2013 alone. Launched in 2007, the business boasts 3 long-term strategic clients, who over the course of several years have consistently ordered projects through the company. Other revenue is generated through Elance, a popular outsourcing platform. With its own custom-built plagiarism software and a team of approximately 20 freelancers, this business is highly profitable and uses it's significant reputation to arbitrage the gap between what a client will pay for high quality content online and what a freelancer is paid per job. This business is easy to run, established and highly profitable, ideal for anyone with an interest in online content services. Yearly revenue: $250,000*

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For sale is a business in the technology blogging niche. The site focuses mainly on Apple Macintosh (Mac) users, with useful reviews, tips and guides to improve their user experience. The blog also targets PC/Microsoft users and other popular devices/technologies (i.e. smartphones, wearables, etc.) Launched in 2013, this business has seen high growth driven from the reliable and highly informative content on site. The site has become a 'go to' in the niche for common Mac issues by fixes, sometimes even outranking the Apple community support pages for everyday support issues. The site itself is simple to maintain with a number of growth opportunities. The owner currently uses a freelancer to write when time does not allow him to write articles himself - a strategy which could be adopted and scaled by a new owner. The site sees high volumes of traffic from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. With a CDN in place for targeted affiliate promotions, this site is well placed to grow both in local regions across the world and the main market, the US. This business could be ideal for a buyer with a complementary business or a buyer looking for a sustainably build a dependable content site with affiliate revenues. Yearly revenue: $79,600

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For sale is a portfolio of two high-traffic and authority display advertising websites in the ‘top lists’ niche, boasting over c.18MM page views per year. Established in 2012 and 2014 respectively, these two sites have rapidly grown by specializing in ranking food, fashion, places, and games. To date, the sites have over 400,000 words of content across c.640 articles. The sites are fully automated, with the current owner spending roughly one hour per month checking advertising revenues. All content writing has been outsourced from the start, with the freelance writer generating all article ideas. This portfolio is a perfect opportunity for a buyer looking to enter or expand into the display advertising space with a tried-and-true evergreen niche that requires minimal owner input. Yearly revenue: $52,000*

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FreelanceDevLeads FreelanceDevLeads is a project aggregator for freelancer web developers. Finding new freelance projects is time consuming. Even more so if you are looking for remote work. To allow you to spend more time developing and less time searching for projects, the website provide a list of remote-friendly developer projects sourced from reputable online boards such as Authentic Jobs, WeWorkRemotely and Smashing Magazine. Built with: php,mysql $2500


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andCards Spaces is a coworking space discovery platform. No need to hunt for a free seat at Starbucks. andCards Spaces allows to instantly book a hot desk, fixed desk or private office anywhere around the world. andCards Suite is a coworking space management software: - meeting room booking system - space utilization and occupancy statistics - IoT smart locks, payment system and Salesforce integrations - native apps for iOS, Android and web

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Show HN: WeWork location and price API when scraped through APIGenie

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Sold 4 months agoWorkRemotely SaaSWorkRemotely.io is a remote job board where we both aggregate jobs from many of the leading remote job boards and offer employers the opportunity to post their own remote jobs for our thousands of monthly visitors to see. We have just added the paid listing option and believe this sets up the site for a great growth opportunity, but I just don't have the time to work on marketing the site and selling job posting opportunities for employers due to some other projects I'm involved in. Prices: MRR Hidden Profits Hidden Asking price Hidden

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