web subscription hardware under $1M $ sold

Built in 2011, this B2C SaaS business is a leader in the security and tracking software niche for missing or stolen Apple devices. The company's unique and proprietary technology helps individuals and organizations track missing or stolen handsets and has won critical and media acclaim for its effectiveness including several quality backlinks from sources like CNN, the New York Times and the BBC. The business boasts high margins and low owner involvement, presenting an ideal opportunity to purchase a tried-and-true SaaS company. A new owner could continue to operate the business as a passive income source or go after the multiple existing growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $220,800

web advertisement business to business social email subscription investment infrastructure hardware under $1M $ for sale

innovative B2B SaaS business in the social media marketing automation niche. Launched in 2017, the business offers powerful automation tools across the world’s largest advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. By providing extensive functionality, the product has saved customers thousands of hours of work. As one of the only providers of its type, the business has become a certified partner of one of the leading global social advertising platforms. As global connectivity and device usage continue to increase around the world, companies are increasingly turning towards digital advertising to promote their businesses. Global digital ad spending is projected to increase at a c.13% CAGR reaching $518 billion by 2023. Having established a strong foothold in this niche by developing functionality across the major social media platforms, the business is perfectly placed to continue benefiting from this long-term, structural tailwind. The owner has built the business with scale in mind, focusing on using a developer and customer representative to handle the limited daily operations of the business. With strong net margins of c.85%, a new owner will have plenty of time and capital to explore growth initiatives. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for an investor looking to acquire an innovative B2B SaaS business with a clear value proposition and a vast addressable market. Yearly revenue: $146,000

web business to business subscription investment travel hardware under $500k $ sold

For sale is a B2B SaaS business in the lucrative fleet tracking niche. Established in 2010, this business has quickly become an established player, currently serving over 70 enterprise clients that rely on the software 7 days a week for fleet GPS tracking. The product itself is highly advanced, providing a suite of asset and vehicle tracking features based on the core hardware and software provided. The business generates revenues through hardware sales and monthly recurring revenues. This provides the business with a ROI on clients from the first day, plus the security of monthly recurring cash flows. With a low customer acquisition cost and high ROI per client, there is plenty of margin left for investment into growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $401,000

web email subscription infrastructure hardware under $500k $ sold

established SaaS/digital service business in the real-estate email marketing niche. Launched in 2007, the business focuses on the real-estate niche and offers clients a single location to simplify email marketing via monthly newsletters with niche-specific, pre-populated content. The newsletters are available in both email and printable form, with an additional fee for printing and distributing the physical copies on behalf of clients. With a decade of operations under its belt, the business is an authority in the lucrative email marketing niche. The software integrates with popular email marketing provider via a proprietary App to deliver monthly newsletter templates. By merging email templates to fit a client’s customized specifications (colors, names, etc.) via the App and a team of outsourced writers to create high-quality content tailored to a customer’s niche, the business delivers a unique value proposition. The business went from strength to strength by focusing on the real-estate niche. CAGR reached an impressive 24% for the period 2012 to 2016. Revenues are driven in large part (c.70%) via recurring subscription sales. The remaining c.30% are driven via printing fees charged to clients for printing and mailing physical newspapers. This business presents an ideal opportunity for a buyer to enter the highly profitable email marketing niche through the acquisition of an established and proven business ready to be scaled further. Yearly revenue: $524,000

web mobile business to business subscription hardware under $250k $ sold

established and reputable B2B SaaS business in the conversion rate optimization niche. Launched in 2014, the business offers a feature-rich software service that helps businesses increase their mobile App downloads. The software allows clients to embed their websites with a customizable badge or widget, prompting site visitors to download a mobile App through text links and localized App stores in over 190 countries. As the mobile App industry becomes ever-more competitive, the company offers an increasing value proposition for businesses. With a clean layout, dynamic device detection, extensive analytics, and a robust API, the company has helped clients drive hundreds of thousands of App downloads. The owners have automated much of the day-to-day, allowing for a low-touch operational model. With a lean cost structure and low owner involvement, a new owner will be able to focus on growth. This business presents a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over a highly scalable B2B SaaS business with proven feature-rich offering and a strong brand identity. Yearly revenue: $65,000

advertisement hardware under $250k $ sold

established content business in the computer hardware niche. Launched in 2015, the business has made a name for itself by focusing on flagship Microsoft products. With over 700 informative articles and years of operational history, the site has built a reputable and trusted brand. This has helped the site attract over 1.5 million sessions in the past year and secure keyword rankings for c.30,000 keywords. The site targets a product niche in which sales have been growing at 32% YoY, and are expected to reach c.$1.1 billion in sales in Q3’18. Wall Street Analysts are predicting device sales in the target niche to continue growing, creating a large total addressable market of users for a new owner to target. This presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over an authoritative business with simple operations and low overhead, primed for additional growth Yearly revenue: $41,500*

web affiliate advertisement hardware under $100k $ sold

For sale is a scalable business in the hardware tools niche. Launched in 2005, this site has been built with scale in mind, and utilizes both display advertising and affiliate programs to drive strong revenues. The website has seen a surge in popularity over the trailing 12 months, with the majority of traffic coming from organic sources, driven by the c.75,000 keywords the site currently ranks for. This business proves a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a growing and diversified business ready to be taken to the next level. Yearly revenue: $26,000*

ecommerce web hardware under $100k $ sold

Sells a device that adds GSM/GPRS capabilities to the iPod Touch worldwide. The product is currently in its 3rd generation (latest product launch in April 2012) and has a net income margin of c.29%. The current supplier, Yosion, has been verified by the previous owner in person and is based in Hong Kong. All products are drop-shipped worldwide and the product has a low return rate of c.2%. Yearly revenue: $163,000

web blog affiliate investment hardware $ for sale

For sale is a rapidly growing content business in the hardware and power tools niche. Launched in 2017, the business has quickly established itself by providing informative guides and product reviews of hardware and other tools. With c.230 posts and over 2,700 words per page, the site boasts a vast library of educational content that continues to attract a growing number of visitors each month. With the global hand tools market expected to reach c.$17.7 billion in annual sales by 2020, the business is in a strong position to capitalize on this demand to continue scaling. The early investment in content has paid off, with the site now ranking for c.16,500 keywords and seeing rapidly-increasing organic search traffic. Revenues have followed a similar upward trajectory, rising at a c.33% CMGR in the LTM. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to acquire a well-built content business in a growing niche. Yearly revenue: $15,500*

web affiliate hardware under $25k $ sold

For sale is a growing content business in the hardware & tools niche. Launched in 2014, this site has been built with scale in mind, and utilizes Amazon's affiliate program to drive strong revenues. With strong organic traffic as a result of the c.2,000 keywords the site ranks for, this business is well positioned to continue growing as the niche expands. This business proves a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a growing and diversified content business ready to be taken to the next level. Yearly revenue: $11,400

web affiliate seo investment revenue hardware under $25k $ for sale

For sale is a portfolio of three content businesses in the tools, hardware, and accessories niche. Launched in 2017, the portfolio of sites has grown in user popularity by offering hundreds of informative guides and reviews focused on a wide range of evergreen tools and accessories. With over 300 articles combined, the sites now rank for c.8,100 keywords, allowing for a strong SEO presence. The upfront investment into content has also helped drive steady traffic, with the sites seeing c.30,000 sessions in the L6M. With three complementary content businesses, the portfolio offers a diversified revenue base that continues to generate stable cash flows. With simple operations and clear synergies, a new owner will have plenty of time and cash flow to invest into new content creation or guest posting. The portfolio presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a diversified content business with a solid SEO foundation, primed for additional growth. Yearly revenue: $8,600*

web amazon affiliate hardware under $25k $ sold

For sale is a growing Amazon affiliate business in the hardware and power tools niche. Launched in 2016, the business has scaled at an impressive rate, thanks to the site’s focus on informative content. With an average word-count of over 1,900 words per page, the business continues to gain traction with users. With the market for power tools predicted to grow at a c.6.6% CAGR, this business is has a vast and highly profitable target market to tap into for additional growth With a clear focus on quality content, the site has quickly established a strong organic search presence. This has helped the site rank for c.3,100 keywords. This presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a well-built Amazon affiliate business on the rise. Yearly revenue: $9,200*

web affiliate hardware under $25k $ sold

affiliate business in the gardening hardware niche. This business provides useful reviews to users looking to purchase high value gardening items, which often require extensive research before sale. Content requirements are low, with the owner spending approximately 1 hour per month looking at the business. This is a good opportunity for a first time buyer or a buyer looking for passive (and growing) cash flows to add to an existing portfolio/income stream. Yearly revenue: $3,600*

OfficeHours Cards

$3,000 officehourscards.com  contact    8 months ago
revenue startup famous hardware design under $5k $ for sale

OfficeHours Cards OfficeHoursCards is both a physical and digital product for helping people to prepare for their startup accelerator interview, or just to help refine any startups vision. It's a super simple business model with huge room for potential. Would suit someone who likes the startup world but doesn't want to have to manage an app or a team of developers. It featured on ProductHunt last October and got around 50 orders in 1 day. It continues to bring in orders each time there is any promotion of it. It has brought in thousands of dollars of profit so far and can easily be expanded upon. I am now consolidating all side projects to focus on new work. The sale includes :- Domain HTML & CSS site Design assets Supplier contacts Remaining inventory & branding materials worth $250 Future marketing suggestions documentation Contacts for graphic & web designers Assistance with transition and setup to new owner. It's pretty much a business in a box! Serious offers only please Built with: HTML, CSS, Gumroad $3000

video infrastructure hardware chat under $1k $ for sale

Project description Dating social script, is the best way to start your own dating website! It is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated Upload Images: Upload any image from your device and share it online with other users High Performance & Capability: PixelPhoto can handle any amount of vidoes / images ..This project is built usingPHPMySQLhtml5/javascripthtml5 & css3jQuerybootstrap 4 Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $800 (USD) Project type: Chat Online Dating Video Chat Posted by: other viewed 3 times posted by mbarkichadi Technology: This project is built usingPHPMySQLhtml5/javascripthtml5 & css3jQuerybootstrap 4

Browse by voice

$500 browsebyvoice.com  contact    a year ago
android social audio & music hardware chat under $1k $ for sale

Browse by voice 'Browse by Voice' is an end-to-end speech based browsing application that captures user commands from your computer based audio input or your android device. Here is what you can do using ‘Browse by Voice’ - Check emails Send Chat messages Open websites Navigate websites Use search engines Play videos Open images Automatically login to your social media and email accounts All of these without using your keyboard or mouse. And this is not it. You can even connect your computer to your android device wirelessly and send voice commands via our android app. Built with: JavaScript, Chrome APIs $500


$300 SendCatch.com  contact    a year ago
mobile infrastructure hardware under $1k $ for sale

SendCatch.com Sendcatch.com is a neat little app that lets you transfer files between anything with a web browser and an internet connection. Go to https://sendcatch.com on two devices, and then connect any of the following ways: - Press 'Bump!' on two different devices, OR - Bump a mobile device with the spacebar, OR - Bump two devices together Here are all the ways you can connect: https://www.sendcatch.com/help DigitalOcean hosting is $5/month. Includes @sendcatch Twitter account. Built with: NodeJS, MongoDB $300

amazon web affiliate hardware under $1k $ for sale

Project description Domain Registrar: Namesillo (easy to push) Reg Date: 2019-05-14.This project is built usingWordPress Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $200 (USD) Project type: Computers Hardware Wireless Posted by: website viewed 14 times posted by yasirgasim1 Technology: This project is built usingWordPress

web education hardware under $1k $ for sale

Project description Get thorough answers for verifying your device from various infections, malware, and other online dangers at one single stage. Learn appropriate direction for downloading, introducing, and enacting the norton. com/setup. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $99 (USD) Project type: Computers Posted by: website viewed 4 times posted by davisjohn64

web hardware $ for sale

Project description Phonak has developed a world-class personal hearing amplification devices. Their sound amplification hearing device will let you hear the sounds from a distance. Visit https://us. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Health and Wellness Posted by: website viewed 7 times posted by phonakworklife

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