web education hr $ for sale

Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Business Information Systems Business Services Education Posted by: website viewed 5 times posted by khan vani

startup hr $ no price

Show HN: Job search more organized Interview feedback

startup subscription video hr $ no price

I want to share my side-project (that I'm trying to turn into a business) VidHug (r/https://vidhug.com). People use VidHug to easily create group video messages for special occasions like milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Currently it's marketed as B2C, but I'm also exploring other uses that could support a subscription service for businesses (e.g. as an HR tool). Would love your feedback on anything and everything and if you want to try it out, use coupon code SIDEPROJECT for 20% off!

web hr $ for sale

Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $0 (USD) Project type: Business Development Business Intelligence Business Productivity Posted by: website viewed 2 times posted by khan vani

startup hr $ no price

Remote Circle is a jobs site for remote jobs in all sectors. You can filter jobs by your own timezone as well as various skills and job preferences.​Check it out here : www.remotecircle.com

startup hr $ no price

Hi,I will launch an awesome job site on Monday. Its a cool remote jobs board. I saw $240 per month on weworkremotly.com and do not understand it, really. Its a too big is it? The question is how much I have to set for job listing to get a lot of jobs and looks like a good platform? Your opinion?$19 per week is OK?Thanks guys)

startup hr $ no price

Show HN: #1 Jobs Site for Product Managers

startup hr $ no price

Show HN: I am building a community to help 10 people find a job every day

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Project description Yazira is the smartest time-tracking, task-management and performance-management solution for enterprises. Yazira's social and mobile cloud technologies help companies connect with their employees, stay up-to-date regarding their tasks & projects and analyze & manage their human capital resources an..This project is built usingiOSAndroid Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Cloud Computing Human Resources Project Management Posted by: mobile app viewed 11 times posted by andrewn Technology: This project is built usingiOSAndroid

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Did you know that tech companies are willing to pay $5,000 in referral reward for a hire?Well, it's true. It is also true that you know your friend's talents and skills better than any pesky recruiter. So let's stay friends and help people we really know to find a job they deserve. You need to spend just a minute for your friend by filling in the application, we do the rest and pay you honest referral bonus as the reward for a successful hire.We're building https://sayjay.co - an employee referral marketplace and we need Early adopters to test the product. Our goal is to make the hiring process fast, painless and rewarding for everyone. We're excited to get your feedback.Thank you for your help!

web education hr $ for sale

Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Business Development K-12 Education Posted by: website viewed 2 times posted by vanya15

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Show HN: Python Wrapper for Indeed Job Search API

Job Buddy

 githustle.com  source  3 months ago
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Job Buddy makes your job search easier than ever by enabling you to track and control all the job offers you find distributed across the web. It also features a launcher pad to access the most popular job boards and aggregators to help you find your next career opportunities.

hr $ no price

Project Management Leads, Opportunities Management File manager Module Client Management Income Management Expense Management Estimate,Invoice & Billing System Ticket and Tasks management HR Management Payroll Management Attendance Management Team management Leave Management File sharing and team conversation Event calendar Private messaging/notes Announcement/notice management Recruitment / Training Management Powerful Report Generator Check Our live Demo http://www.dci-marketplace.com/FullCRM/login Username: demo Password: democrm2017

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