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For sale is a trusted and reputable lead generation business in the rehabilitation and self-help niche. Launched in 2018, the business offers an essential resource for substance users looking for professional help and rehabilitation clinics. With an authoritative brand and a strong organic search presence, the website has helped thousands of users connect with clinics via its helpline. The business caters to the tens of millions of Americans struggling with substance abuse each year. With the number of rehab facilities surpassing 14,800 in 2018, the business provides a valuable service connecting medical providers with substance users seeking professional help. Since inception, the business has quickly grown, with the top line growing c.502% from 2018 to 2019. With highly targeted traffic, high commission per lead (CPL) of c.$250 and c.$393,000 in gross revenue throughout the LTM, this business is poised for continued growth under a new owner. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner to take over a well-built and reputable lead generation business with plenty of unexplored growth strategies. Yearly revenue: $351,000*

startup ios $ no price

Show HN: Direct Memo – the slack app store rejected it, what do you think?

startup infrastructure $ no price

Show HN: We created IT Pack – a social networking platform for IT Professionals

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