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For sale is a proven and established digital service business in the employment resources niche. Launched in 2010, the business has made a name for itself by offering a differentiated, all-in-one hiring solution. Using proprietary patented technology to screen, analyse, and track job applicants, the business has successfully aided thousands of clients in finding the perfect hire. Servicing c.615 clients over the past year, the software has demonstrated product market fit. With the global recruitment market forecast to grow at a c.8.5% CAGR for the 2016-2021 period, the business delivers an increasingly lucrative value proposition. The owners have focused on scale from the very start, delegating much of the day-to-day. This has allowed for minimal owner involvement in daily operations, with the owners spending their time on employee oversight. With three employees willing to stay on post-sale, a new owner will have plenty of time to focus on strategic growth opportunities. The business presents a great opportunity for an investor looking to take over a proven business with an authoritative brand, ready for continued growth. Yearly revenue: $792,000

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established software in the productivity and business automation niche. Launched in 2008, the business has quickly found market fit by providing high quality productivity tracking software that is entirely automated and does not require manual “start” and “stop” actions, as many competitors do. The product is used across multiple industries and is used by companies and individuals alike to record precise timings used on each project, task or any other active job. By targeting individual and small-firm attorneys, the company has carved out a defendable position within the US legal services industry. With firms losing up to $50,000 per year on each employee due to insufficient time tracking of emails and other client-related tasks, the software delivers a highly desired value proposition. The owners focused on scale from the start, with much of the required support tasks outsourced to freelancers. This creates plenty of time for a new owner to focus on strategic growth. With a well-built product, low churn, stable customer base and strong traffic, the offering presents a great opportunity for a buyer looking to take over a robust business with a lucrative value proposition. Yearly revenue: $261,000

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opportunity to acquire an extremely unique e-commerce business in the home and leisure niche. Launched in 2014, this business has seen huge levels of organic press coverage and exposure given its distinctive, patent pending product range – this is a must see! This is a great opportunity for a buyer looking for a unique e-commerce business with real online and offline growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $161,000

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For sale is a B2B SaaS digital marketing business aimed at law firms looking to increase their online presence. The software, launched in 2014, offers a powerful content management system (CMS) with tools to facilitate blogging, social media presence, and website design among others. The business delivers a lucrative value proposition as illustrated by the impressive SaaS metrics. MRR has been on a stable upwards trajectory, closing in at over $4,700 in July 2017. The software is incredibly sticky with an average MRR and customer churn rate of c.2.1% and c.2.6% over the last 12 months respectively. The business presents an ideal opportunity for a buyer looking to enter the rapidly growing digital marketing niche through the acquisition of a profitable and scalable SaaS business in a highly sticky niche. Yearly revenue: $52,000

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For sale is a rapidly growing display advertising business in the legal records niche. Since launch in September 2016, the site has skyrocketed in popularity by offering an easy and accurate court records querying database containing over 50 million records to date. The site is monetized via Google AdSense and delivers highly relevant content, attracting over a million visitors since October of 2016. Each user visits an average of 4.3 pages/session, helping drive over 4.5 million page views in that time. This business presents a great acquisition for a buyer looking to enter an evergreen niche with a rapidly growing site and multiple growth opportunities at its disposal. Yearly revenue: $62,800*

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Australian Visa & Immigration Services

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Project description Avctoris é a primeira startup de gestão de direitos autorais (copyright) do mundo, na sua primeira fase estamos realizando o registro on-line de direitos autorais de imagens, desenhos, textos, músicas, softwares,personagens, logot ipos, ilustrações, apps, etc.This project is built usingPHPWordPress Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Intellectual Property Legal Software Posted by: website viewed 9 times posted by avctoriscrm Technology: This project is built usingPHPWordPress

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As I was putting myself through college, I understood that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I’ve majored in International Business, minored in Finance and I wanted to get into importing and exporting business. I spent over 5.5 years in college to get my bachelor’s degree. It took me longer to graduate than I wanted to because I was working at many different odd jobs during my school years to support myself. During my last 2 years in college, I have also traded vehicles. I would buy a car that I thought was undervalued and then I would resell it. In general it worked well and from time to time, I would lose money as well. The more I worked on it, the more knowledgeable and experienced I became at selling them. But I didn’t want to be a car salesperson for some reason and I wanted to explore other businesses.When I was in my last semester, one of my friends offered me to join a startup that he was developing. At that time, I didn’t have any idea about what it was like to develop a startup, but I’ve heard many times how media would picture founders who’ve built successful technology companies. Without thinking long, I accepted the offer and joined his company as a co-founder. We’ve started developing a Fintech company that would help Millennials invest in fractional shares with as little as $1 and help them gain the fundamental knowledge of finance/investments through our blog posts and educational material. Long story short, the company failed after over 2 years of developing it. I’ve put all my savings into it and I’ve used my credit cards to their max. We’ve also built a website during winter to sell 'Christmas Trees’, but it has failed as well.Then we’ve built an Immigration website tailored towards immigrants from Eastern Europe where we would help them with filling out various immigration forms and translations. That business has also failed.As we’ve built new products over and over, we learned from our past mistakes and the following products would come out better than the previous ones. In the last 3 months, we've built 2 SaaS companies and finally started seeing traction. Now both of these companies are bringing 4-5k MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and we finally started to understand what products might work and what products might not work. I look back and think that it took us almost 3 years to learn these things. I thought what if we had mentors when we started who would show us guidance or steps that we needed to take in order to increase our odds of success. If they could show us the things we needed to avoid, then we wouldn’t go through so much struggle and failures. We still don’t consider ourselves successful, it’s just our hard work started paying off slowly. It could come to us earlier, but not after 3 years.Recently I’ve run into a product called “DIY Development Roadmap" that is developed by SUPERTEAM(https://www.superteam.io) and I thought if I saw this 2 years ago while I was in college, I would probably not have made so many mistakes building online businesses. They provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide on planning, hiring, building and launching your idea.I am not saying it would be an easy process, but at least I wouldn’t make dumb mistakes and waste my time, money and energy. What are your thoughts about that, have you ever gone through similar experiences?

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Show HN: Namegine Monitoring – Protect your company name without trademark

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Hi Redditors, some of you may have read my previous article on my justification of using blockchain for marketing purposes. Here I just want to share my story of how I got started with this cause.My family moved to Canada back in 1995 through the Immigration Investment Program. The main requirement for this was to invest and own a business in Canada for a period of time. We ended up buying a small photo finishing store a city around Toronto, Canada.I witnessed the hard work they put into every photo film and always strives for the truest colors of each image. They would actually throw out an entire set if the color was a bit off. They took pride in their work and services. But it was a very tough business to be in. In fact, we were losing $3–5,000 a month running that place. On top of the rent, utilities, and inventory, we also had an old photofinishing machine that was worn out and costed a fortune to fix. They were left with little-to-no money for advertisement and marketing. The lack of growth was slowly killing the business. The overwhelming stress even caused my mom to faint a few times.The financial stress was really caused by low revenue, which resulted from a lack of exposure and traffic from the community. Even though the store had been there for a few years, very little people knew of us. The bigger franchises were often the top choices for people. They had more marketing dollars to be on TV, magazine, and radio. They had the budget to work with postal offices to distribute flyers and coupons. They were well known and popular. Trying to take their businesses meant we had to drop our prices even further, which made things even worse.This went on for about 3 years and we sold the business as soon as we met the immigration requirement. It was just not a sustainable investment. If only there were easier ways for others in the community to see the quality and heart that my parents put into their work…Well, that thought stayed with me. After 20 years, even in the days of social media and everyone being more connected than ever, the same lack of exposure problem still exist for small busineseses. It has motivated me to pursue a career in marketing. In fact, experiencing the problem first hand became my cause for Nodis.io.Thanks for reading!--------------------------------------------------------------Original content came from -> https://hackernoon.com/what-can-blockchain-do-for-small-business-marketing-7a1458f1784cIf you want to follow our project, please see a link in my profile to join our Instagram and Telegram!

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Hi Redditors, as some of you may have seen my other post about my rationale for using blockchain in Marketing, this post is about which blockchain to use. The project (Nodis.io) that I am working on is looking to move forward on the NEO blockchain platform. Here is a little learning of why I feel NEO is the better bet for reasons like cost, development-easiness, and transaction speed side.Smart Economy - NEO specifically developed the blockchain with trades and economy in mind. Its goal is to digitize any physical assets. All users have a digital identity so that the owners are clearly identified. This is extremely important for legal compliance and legitimacy of ownership.High Transaction per Second (TPS) - NODIS.io has the potential to generate significant amounts of transactions due to the community validation feature. We need a blockchain that has high TPS. Bitcoin can do 3–4 transaction per second, Ethereum does around 15, and NEO is currently at 1,000 with the potential to get up to 10,000. Note that I am aware of Ethereum's Sharding but that may not be implemented until 2020.Free Cost of Storage (as of now)- As mentioned above, while there is a cost of 0.0001 GAS for each transaction, there is no cost for storage.Efficient Consensus Mechanism- NEO uses the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism. It allows for the community to decide who will be the consensus node (bookkeeper). A consensus is achieved when two-thirds of the voting participants agree with the consensus node's version of the blockchain.3 This mechanism allows for quicker validations with less resource consumption for higher scalability.Finality- Due to NEO's dBFT consensus system, there will be no chance of forking. As long as the consensus node has 66% of the vote, the decision will be enforced. In the case that the community does not agree with the consensus node, a replacement bookkeeper will take the spot to propose an agreeable version.NeoContract (Smart Contract 2.0)- NEO uses a lightweight virtual machine called NeoVM. It allows for faster start up while taking less resources. It is highly scalable, reliable, and possesses high certainty through a combination of high concurrency, dynamic partitioning and low-coupling design. It also optimizes and reorganizes Smart Contract codes before executing for efficiency. Lastly, it can be used with familiar IDEs such as Visual Studio and Eclipse.Coding Language Flexibility- NEO allows for C#, Java, Python, and Go programming languages.What do you guys think of these justifications? Do you think they are sufficient reasons over the more popular Ethereum?Original article from -> https://hackernoon.com/identifying-the-right-blockchain-for-business-marketing-solution-6ad7e1f18512--------------------------------------------------------------You can see my profile for a link to our Telegram to learn more about this project!

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Project description Blade Active is the next generation in fitness with a patented blade, weight locking system and extendable handles that give you the power to change your workout. Perfect for in-home cardio, resistance and weight training, this multi-purpose training tool is low impact, easy and fun to use and deliv.. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Fitness Health and Wellness Personal Health Posted by: website viewed 3 times posted by natalie12

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Document automation for the modern law firm.

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Project description Marketplace #1 to contract Lawyers and Accountants in Colombia. Receive up to 3 contributions from different lawyers or expert accountants. Compare and select the one that most suits you.This project is built usingPHP Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Accounting Legal Marketplaces Posted by: website viewed 19 times posted by tusabogadoscrm Technology: This project is built usingPHP

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I'm starting a new side project and could use some help. I'd like to make it easier for people to find and get reviews on freight forwarders.Freight forwarders are companies that handle the logistics and legal hurdles of shipping goods from point A to point B, whether within the same country or over seas.http://www.jumpcargo.comIs this something you would be interested in? What features would you like to see on a site like this? Suggestions on ways I can improve my copy?Thanks!

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Project description SignRequest makes online signing easy and affordable. No need for printing, signing and scanning anymore. Just sign any document electronically or send a Sign Request to a client, partner or employee.This project is built usingPHP Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Document Management Legal SaaS Posted by: website viewed 1 times posted by signrequest Technology: This project is built usingPHP

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Show HN: Legal Marketplace for Startups

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I'm using pre-generated sprites rotated around 3D models to render a pixel art world with 3 dimensions without the computational cost of a 3D engine. I say a side scroller because it's meant to look like Kingdom New Lands with the bonus of being able to rotate your plain of view and explore a universe in 3 dimensions. This is the very very alpha result and I already like it very much.This 3D rotation is key in this game because you'll be able to farm materials and build your own ship to explore the stars, interact with other players as a trade vessel, pirate, or protector, or perhaps build a station in space or on a planet and beacon others to warp in and do business. Whether it be a space trading post or a resource mining facility on an asteroid or planet, you'll rely on powerful automated drones and turrets to protect your valuables from baddies and other players. You'll need to engage in trade with other players to access rare resources needed for some powerful tech fabrication, while other tech you should be able to gather on the surface of any planet.My long term goal is to get this game to an alpha state after which we'll rely on alpha sales and crowd funding to flesh out a small team to dedicate a few years of development to grow this game from a 2-man side project to a thriving MMO, open universe pixel art explorer. The end goal is for all vegetation and creatures on the planets to be evolved physically and behaviorally to create a universe so full of truly unique and interesting life that you'll be genuinely excited and surprised by not only every planet you land on, but by every new location you explore once there, which is something I feel No Man's Sky failed to do. I have experience with developing such neural networks, here's a demonstration of a project I developed from absolute scratch.Imagine finding and taming a species that you can saddle and ride and only you know the location of these creatures, so you go to a trading station set up by other players and sell these tamed creatures for a fortune to wealthy players who love this unique style of mountable creature you've discovered.As you explore, you'll find new blueprints to stylize and decorate a wide variety of ship parts which you can learn for yourself or sell to others so they can build their ships to look and feel unique. One feature I'd like to put in also is uniquely generated sound tracks which can be saved by your character onto a drive and sold / played on board the various rooms of a ship. You'll find rare resources and share secret locations with your friends so you can all get filthy rich selling coveted items, unique blueprints, and domesticated creatures who's home location might be known only to you.I think what I just described will be a really fun game, but let's be realistic, that's not a side project, it's an indie game meant at least for a small team. The early alpha version of this game will be a full scale earth-like planet to explore with hand made creature and vegetation models to explore in single player mode only, with a limited feature set to serve as a beautiful proof of concept so a crowd funding phase can begin and some additional members can be added to the team.I'm hoping to find a collaborator, because even the alpha version is quite an undertaking. I've developed the engine and core of the game myself and am making good progress, but someone willing to take on about 30% of the workload would drastically help bring this fairly ambitious project to fruition. If you know anyone who might be interested, PM me. I'm not interested in scamming or taking advantage of anyone, I just want to create awesome things and make a living doing it, I'm happy to split the profit fairly and am completely open to setting up legal documentation to lock in ownership details in the case that someone dedicates significant time into helping me develop this game.The game is developed in pure JavaScript, even though it'll be published for Windows, Mac, and Android and iOS. Don't worry, it's highly optimized and frames are rendering at a rate of 1ms per HD frame right now on my moderate gaming PC, so even the most potato system will be able to get 120 FPS on this game with max settings easily. WebGL has empowered JS with incredible performance for graphics rendering.PM me if interested. You'll need to have mastered JavaScript and feel comfortable with very advanced development as we'll be working with neural networking, raw bitmap buffers, matrix operations, and a JS rendering engine built from scratch (although 2D rendering is not exactly rocket science, its just a matter of simplistic ray tracing with sprites using WebGL). If that makes you uncomfortable this project is probably not the right fit for you just yet, but keep working :) I'm looking for a collaborator who may not have unlimited free time but genuinely loves to take on challenges, loves game development, puts an emphasis on code quality / optimization, and is willing to dedicate at least a few hours per day to helping code the game features.If anyone simply wants to be notified when the game drops in alpha just pm me "Notify me!" and I'll add your reddit username to a list and PM you ~3-6 months from now.

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Show HN: Tool for Discovery and Aggregation of Legal Notices in Source Code

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Show HN: Legal Marketplace for Startups

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