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Show HN: Epoch Menu – Unix Timestamps in the OS X Menubar

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Sold 4 months agoOikon 2 Mobile applicationOikon is a simple expense tracking app. This sale includes the macOS app, the iOS apps (version 1 and 2), and the Zapier app. It also includes Recordari and Veezy (iOS apps, built in Swift). Even though the code is Open Source, the apps in the App Store generate revenue and it has been increasing. I'd love for someone to take over the apps and keep improving/focusing on them. Prices: MRR Hidden Profits Hidden Asking price Hidden


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Scenery SOLD Scenery is a macOS app that allows you to instantly create mockups for your presentations or marketing, choosing from dozens of authentic scenes and all the latest devices. It’s a free macOS app that comes with some free templates. Additional templates can then be purchased. This part is handled by a Rails backend. The app is still generating monthly revenue, this would be a great opportunity for a solo developer to take on, ideally someone who’s also into photography and can keep the app updated with new material. Built with: Swift, Ruby on Rails, Stripe Open to suggestions. Willing to give it away for free, if the right person can be found.

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