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Hand-written character dataset 2.7 Million hand-written characters (A-Z) in Vector and Bitmap format; ready for use as "MNIST stand-in". All datapoints are labeled with the writer's gender, country of origin and the industry they work in (i.e. artist, media, ict, etc.). All data is formatted (in Protobuf and PPM-style formats) and I've written Node.JS based exporters which output to JSON and actual images already. Would be a great dataset for any Neural Net that wants to go a little further than just MNIST's digits. Still needs an exporter for Python/C++ if you want to use it for any of the major ML platforms, which should be easily converted from my NodeJS exporter (which is already quite well optimized). For the right offer I'll do it for you. Built with: NodeJS, Protobuf $20000 or offer


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Photoscorer Photoscorer calculates score for profile picture by using machine learning and image recognition. More you use Photoscorer better results you will get. At Photoscorer we detect various traits of awesome profile pictures - Sentiment analysis: happiness, sadness, confused, confidence etc. In general profile pictures which display a smile and confidence is likely to be rated higher. Built with: Android, Python, AWS, Image recognition, machine learning $3000

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ML Jobs List OtherMachine Learning Jobs List is the #1 machine learning community to find and post jobs! Prices: MRR No Profits No Asking price $2,000


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LearntEmail SOLD Marketing automation suite - with a focus on machine learning and easy to use UX. It also supports sending emails with videos in them - so you can do personalized video. It it has a smorgasbord of email marketing functions; from newsletters to automation to cold outbound emails. Had some success talking with people and getting trials; but I'm not a great salesperson. I think I personally lack focus, and that somebody else might be able to build on the small momentum to make something great! Built with: Django, Python3, React, Relay, Material-UI O($1000) - happy to talk

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Show HN: Serverless Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js

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Show HN: OpenMined – Building Safe Artificial Intelligence

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Me (Dr. Shaunak De) and my colleague Dr. Avik Bhattacharya at the Microwave Remote Sensing Lab at IIT Bombay have developed a novel artificial intelligence algorithm to map urban areas in all weather conditions, and even at night!Satellite imagery can’t usually map urban areas in the rain due to its inability to image though clouds, or at night since it is dependent on the sun for illumination. Radar satellites on the other hand can image in all weather and even in total darkness, however the images from them are difficult to interpret and need specially trained analysts to make sense of. By teaching an artificial intelligence algorithm the rules of physics, the researchers were able to extract human like performance in map generation.The researchers simulated radar scattering from different urban areas, and trained the algorithm to develop an understanding of it. This way, even if the scene was new to the algorithm, by developing a human like intuition and deduction of radar physics, it is able to correctly map the area. This all weather mapping capabilities are crucial in case of natural disasters like hurricanes, where the ability to quickly track damage is crucial in saving lives. Or in military applications, where the ability to maintain surveillance of bunkers and encampments being built at night by insurgents is mission critical.We are hoping to reach some tech publications, so that our work may reach a wider audience. Any help is appreciated.You can find a more detailed write-up here:

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Show HN: I trained a neural network to learn Arabic morphology

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Show HN: Neural-fortran – A parallel neural net microframework

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Show HN: Train Machine Learning Image Models in the Browser with Tensorflow.js

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