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FE International is pleased to present a rare opportunity to acquire a 12 year old digital microstock business. This household name has been run by a passionate husband and wife whose efforts have gained widespread press coverage, including popular publications like Inc.com, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, TechRadar and Internet.com. To date, this photography marketplace has seen nearly half a billion pageviews. The site generates revenues through sale commissions and display advertising (AdSense). This business has seen a huge amount of success and there is plenty of room for further growth. Images are a founding part of Web 2.0 and this site is set to continue capitalizing on the growth in Internet usage for years to come. Yearly revenue: $180,000

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established SaaS business in the server administration niche. Since its launch in 2013, the business has seen continuous growth while successfully maintaining a very low churn rate. The software itself is incredibly useful and the client base is completely reliant on it for day-to-day activities. The business has relatively few overheads and the development is highly advanced, requiring little in the way of updates. The business has recently been selected by IBM as a co-promotion partner, which will see a huge expansion on their Bluemix marketplace (IBM’s flagship cloud computing platform with over $1bn in investment). This and other growth opportunities will greatly benefit the business under new ownership. Yearly revenue: $128,000

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These uniquely created information products in the medical niche (3 in total)are sold through the Clickbank Marketplace and have shown consistent earnings of around $500 a month for the last 1.5 years. Requiring minimal customer service due to in depth FAQ pages and low refund rates (under 5%), these sites are a good match for a first time buyer. Yearly revenue: $5,964


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BoxRowSeat BoxRowSeat is a marketplace to enable direct, secure ticket resale between sports fans or concert-goers. BRS connects sellers who want to re-sell their ticket online without the hassle of haggling, emailing and meeting strangers in dark alleys and the buyers looking to purchase guaranteed, authentic tickets direct from sellers without paying unnecessary fees. Technologies include: Rails, Stripe for payments, Twilio for SMS notifications, SendGrid for email notifications and AWS for storage. Built with: Rails, Stripe for payments, Twilio for SMS notifications, SendGrid for email notifications and AWS for storage. $2,500

Start Yoga

$2,300 startyoga.co  contact    23 days ago
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Start Yoga Yoga studio and retreat marketplace Built with: Wordpress 2,300

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Show HN: Legal Marketplace for Startups

startup marketplace $ no price

Lawn Love is modern, on-demand lawn care. We're like Uber for your yard.

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Project description Anyone who has tried to build an online marketplace or a completely custom website knows that it can be very costly. That's where Arcadier comes in. We aim to empower communities andentrepreneurs with our marketplace technology so they can make a difference.This project is built usingbackend - javaCSSMicrosoft Azure.NETapi Founded in 2013 by ex-PayPal executives, Arcadier is the first Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) compa.. Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: E-Commerce SaaS Web Development Posted by: website viewed 0 times posted by samkuek Technology: This project is built usingbackend - javaCSSMicrosoft Azure.NETapi Founded in 2013 by ex-PayPal executives, Arcadier is the first Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) compa..

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Show HN: Decentralized marketplace for health services and goods

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Few years ago I have started a car exporting business with a friend out of simple curiosity. We purchased couple of used cars through a car auction and sent them overseas to sell. As soon as the vehicles reached the destination, they were instantly sold out. We understood right away that we were onto something. Without any second thoughts, we decided to increase the number of cars we would send. Our problem was that we didn’t have enough cash to purchase additional cars. Delivery of cars on the ship would take about 3 months and we simply couldn’t just wait that long to cash out and repurchase cars again. We would be losing on the opportunity to grow our business and make more money. Getting a loan was the solution and we started looking lending institutions and banks. Unfortunately, dozens of them rejected us because of our credit scores, insufficient collateral and bunch of other reasons we didn’t know about. Also the application process would take forever and it was super hard to get approved. Few lenders eventually approved us for a loan, but we didn't know if those rates were competitive enough. Then we thought that there must be many other small business owners like us who are not able to find working capital easily for their businesses. So we’ve built a Funder Hunt - a lending platform that saves you hundred of hours on searching for lenders that provide working capital for your business at competitive rates. Have a look and let us know what you think🙂Funder Hunt

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Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: E-Commerce Platforms Marketplaces Technology Posted by: website viewed 4 times posted by peterjohnpofi

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Lendify is the largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace in Sweden - check it out. Loans and investments (avaiable in Sweden only atm)

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We are pleased to introduce BlockMyTalent.com, the first freelancing marketplace using Blockchain Technology and Ether Cryptocurrency effectively without ICO or Utility Token.With BlockMyTalent, you can Post/Find Freelancing Jobs, Hire, Work, Pay and experience fair & hassle-free engagement in a competitive space by utilizing the power of Blockchain Technology.Join BlockMyTalent.com today using the following link to avail 25% OFFon all your contracts http://bit.ly/2mogNhIRefer & Earn 25% -Refer your existing clients, freelancers, and friends and receive 25%of their fee as a referral bonus. They also receive 25% off on all their contracts. Learn more.

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Dhaan Mandi (app and http://dhaanmandi.in ) is an online marketplace for farmers to sell their crop to more potential buyers around the world for free. Key features: 1. Dhaan Mandi is free of cost. 2. Dhaan Mandi is one of its kind platform. 3. We have no competitors anywhere. 4. We are dedicated to agriculture. 5. We will establish physical Markets (Mandis) in future.


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Amazon seller accounting integration made easy. Automated accounting & bookkeeping for amazon marketplace and FBA sellers.

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Hi r/SideProjectSnapSquad is the result of the coming together of 3 internationally and technically diverse individuals with one common passion, photography. Having experienced first hand the difficulty in finding a photographer for a specific shoot, our founders identified a disconnect and the idea for SnapSquad was born. Hailing from London, UK and launching in February 2017, we are initially targeting two cities, London and New York, before rolling out a strategic and phased expansion to other cities across the globe.For Clients:Our aim is to make finding a photographer as simple and as easy as possible. Bringing together the most talented photographers/videographers and their specialisms into one easy to navigate marketplace. Along with making the initial search easy, we want to keep choosing process simple too. Our platform allows for community reviews from verified purchasers, multiple photos to showcase portfolios and photographer led pricing, catering for all budgets.For Photographers and Videographers:We know that most freelancers gain revenue from multiple streams, for this reason our aim is to compliment ones existing business and be as flexible as possible. To do this, we let photographers make the rules; allowing them to set their rates, hours, locations and specialisms.Quite fancy the idea of a few weeks in Paris? Why not create a listing there and have a working holiday? Having the idea is one thing, having the platform to do it is another. And that’s where we come in.We also understand the frustration of having to chase a client for payment. That’s why we have implemented a payment upfront system, meaning you will always get paid.Checkout www.snapsquad.io


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BytedBy BytedBy as in "Sponsored By" is a marketplace for commercial endorsements of scientists, developers, engineers, technologists, etc. - think how cool it would be to see Elon Musk on a Wheaties box Built with: Rails, MongoDB Open To Offers

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