ecommerce web subscription medicine wellness under $10M $ sold

FE International is pleased to present a rare opportunity to acquire a fast growing subscription e-commerce business in the yoga lifestyle space. Launched in 2014, this business quickly positioned itself as the leading subscription e-commerce player in the niche, with a brand centered on high quality design, great user experience and large social outreach. As a result of a consistent and powerful outreach campaign, MRR has risen by c.91% YoY and the business now boasts 3,400 active subscribers. Net margins have also increased over the same period. This is an ideal opportunity for a buyer looking to take an already established and successful subscription e-commerce business to the next level. Yearly revenue: $1,497,000*

amazon ecommerce web medicine beauty infrastructure under $10M $ sold

For sale is a popular and growing business in the sports and medical apparel niche. Established in 2015, the brand has gone from strength-to-strength with high-quality, private-label hosiery alongside an expanding range of beauty products. The business leverages the Amazon platform and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to reach customers and drive strong sales figures. The business has built up strong supplier relationships, allowing for customized product designs. With over a dozen high-quality SKUs catering to the growing market for compression apparel, the business reached a 39% CAGR for the period 2016 to 2017. The products clearly resonate with consumers, allowing for a 99% positive seller feedback rating on Amazon and driving c.25% customer repeat rates. The business itself is simple to run, with much of the required sunk cost and time required to launch the business already absorbed by the current owners. With two VAs willing to transition post-sale, a new owner will have plenty of time to focus on growth opportunities. This business would be an ideal acquisition for an e-commerce buyer looking for a growing and reputable Amazon business with a strong brand ready be taken to the next level under a new owner Yearly revenue: $1,629,000

web investment medicine education revenue infrastructure under $1M $ sold

authoritative content and lead generation business in the education niche. The site is a leading provider of information for prospective students looking to pursue medical assistant education programmes. Established in 2012, the business has quickly become one of the main online resources for education and careers advice in the medical assistant niche. The website serves as a lead generation source to dozens of academic institutions in the USA, successfully connecting hundreds of interested applicants to medical schools per week with average revenue per lead of $25 - $30. On average, the site generates 700-1000 leads per month. This business would be ideal for any investor looking for a large and stable passive income. Operating a lean cost structure, the site enjoys net margins of 85%+ with owner involvement of less than 10 hours per month. Yearly revenue: $292,200

ecommerce web medicine infrastructure under $500k $ sold

For sale is a drop ship bathroom furnishing seller that has utilized the Houzz platform to achieve an incredible growth rate of 758% since its founding in late 2014. The store offers a wide variety of products to both contractors and end-users, including bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and range hoods. All orders are drop shipped from suppliers to the customer, which reduces operational complexity, cost and inventory risk. Growth has been consistent and impressive, with a compound monthly growth rate of 8.6% over the last 12 months. The business also has simple financials. Suppliers allot an average 29% margin and Houzz takes a 15% commission per sale, leaving roughly 14% gross margins. Ongoing operations are incredibly simple, with customer service being the primary owner task. Both founders started the business with no prior industry knowledge and found that the majority of product questions can be answered via distributor data sheets. This represents an opportunity to take over a fast-growing and well-established business that has deep roots in a thriving online marketplace. Yearly revenue: $922,000*

android mobile subscription medicine under $250k $ for sale

an hour agoMedical ID Mobile applicationThe android app that could save your life. Prices: MRR $1,400 Profits $1,400 Asking price $150,000

web advertisement medicine under $250k $ sold

For sale is a fast-growing AdSense business in the alternative medicine and natural remedies niche. With a focus on quality writing and design, the site has seen a 14% compound monthly growth rate since February 2016. Targeting low competition, long-tail keywords has resulted in a steady increase in traffic over time. The site now ranks for over 170,000 keywords. This is a great opportunity for a buyer looking for a fast-growing AdSense site with impressive keyword rankings and a loyal following in a growing evergreen niche. Yearly revenue: $44,500*

web blog affiliate seo investment medicine under $100k $ sold

For sale is a two and a half year old review website, specialising in weight management supplements. The site is monetized through affiliate sales. Created in early 2012, this website is an authority source for those looking to lose the pounds with active weight management strategies. The blog provides useful lifestyle/health advice and reviews for some of the most popular weight loss products on the market. The articles are written by a professional doctor based in Canada, who will continue to supply a new owner. The website itself requires very little work beyond some content outsourcing and basic SEO - ideal for a first time buyer or seasoned investor looking for passive cash flows. Yearly revenue: $38,100

web affiliate advertisement medicine revenue under $100k $ sold

For sale is a website in the health and medicine niche. Founded in 2011, the business provides high-quality information on sleep apnea, including advice on exercises, diagnosis and treatments. The site generates strong Google traffic thanks to rankings for c.5,000 keywords. The site is monetized via four different direct advertising and affiliate programs. The business is on a steady upwards trajectory and primed for future growth. The site has recently seen explosive revenue growth, netting c.$8,000 in the last three months alone. The owner only spends a few hours per month sourcing content and performing general site maintenance, leaving plenty of time for a new owner to focus on the multiple growth opportunities the business has at its disposal. This site would be a great acquisition for a buyer looking to take over a rapidly growing business requiring little owner involvement. Yearly revenue: $32,000*

web medicine under $100k $ sold

For sale is a one year old portfolio of lead generation/AdSense sites focused on the medical and cosmetology niches. This portfolio has grown naturally since its launch in early 2013 and now generates a significant monthly net income. The portfolio requires very little work beyond some basic customer support and content updates, which has all been outsourced to date. This is an ideal opportunity for either a first time buyer, looking to take over a simple, yet highly profitable portfolio of sites, or a seasoned investor, looking to add growing cash flows to an existing portfolio. Yearly revenue: $34,900*

web medicine $ sold

authoritative job board in the pharmaceutical sales niche. Launched in 2009, and acquired by the seller in 2016, the business provides a centralized location for job listings from top companies in the medical and pharmaceuticals sales industry. Monetized via membership subscriptions for exclusive access to job postings and talent, the business provides a targeted approach to recruitment in a lucrative c.$800 billion pharmaceuticals niche. The website has seen over c.10,000 unique visitors generate over c.179,000 page views in the last 12 months alone. With nearly a decade of operations, the site continues to play a critical role in the searches of thousands of job-seekers every month. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over an established brand with an eight-year track-record Yearly revenue: $23,000

web medicine $ sold

For sale is a well-diversified portfolio of online businesses in the mental illness niche. The portfolio was established in 2013 and targets counselors seeking education, families looking for residential treatment centers as well as to individuals seeking medical advice. The owner has successfully dominated this low competition niche by targeting long-tail keywords. Traffic to this site is monetized via a Pay-Per-Call network and AdSense. Pay-Per-Call leads can generates up to $315 per caller for the business. The current owner spends minimal time working on the sites; they continue to perform well passively. The owner would be happy to share a road map for future content ideas to the new owner. Yearly revenue: $20,400

medicine startup infrastructure under $25k $ for sale

Project description We seek to develop innovative solutions in healthcare services. We are in the go to market phase with GAVA. The GAVA consists of a support platform for medical entities, and individual modules installed on the motorcycle and helmet that allow the detection of an accident and the acquisition of event..This project is built usinglanguage cHTMLPHPVisualBasicdatabase - ms sql Why are you selling the business? Due to the professional life of the desig.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $20,000 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: SEEKING CO-FOUNDER Posted by: other viewed 16 times posted by dbvalente Technology: This project is built usinglanguage cHTMLPHPVisualBasicdatabase - ms sql Why are you selling the business? Due to the professional life of the desig..

android app blockchain medicine under $25k $ for sale

DCTR - New Medical Cryptocurrency BlockchainAsset Type: Android App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $14,999 Time Remain: 9 days left Detailed Category: Business

web marketplace medicine under $25k $ sold

These uniquely created information products in the medical niche (3 in total)are sold through the Clickbank Marketplace and have shown consistent earnings of around $500 a month for the last 1.5 years. Requiring minimal customer service due to in depth FAQ pages and low refund rates (under 5%), these sites are a good match for a first time buyer. Yearly revenue: $5,964

League of Doctors

$6,000  contact  4 months ago
ios medicine education under $10k $ for sale

League of DoctorsAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $6,000 Time Remain: 14 days left Detailed Category: Education

League of Doctors

$5,500  contact  4 months ago
ios medicine education under $10k $ for sale

League of DoctorsAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $5,500 Time Remain: 14 days left Detailed Category: Education

Start Yoga

$2,300  contact    5 months ago
marketplace medicine wellness wordpress under $5k $ for sale

Start Yoga Yoga studio and retreat marketplace Built with: Wordpress 2,300

android app medicine under $1k $ for sale

Zombie Doctor Adventure IslandAsset Type: Android App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $750 Time Remain: 7 days left Detailed Category: Hobbies and Games

android app medicine education under $1k $ for sale

Kids Doctor : Cool Dentist Bids: 9 BidsAsset Type: Android App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $699 Time Remain: 6 days left Detailed Category: Education

ios medicine wellness beauty under $1k $ for sale

Yoga - Meditation and Workout Bids: 2 BidsAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $500 Time Remain: 19 days left Detailed Category: Health and Beauty

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