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For sale is a package of two sets of B2B WordPress plugins in the web design and productivity space. Launched in 2013 and 2015 respectively, the two sets of plugins have carved out leadership positions in the WordPress plugin niche. Aimed at developers, the plugins offer invaluable solutions for G-Suite integrations as well as PDF capabilities. With glowing review, the plugins have been successfully implemented by hundreds of thousands of users to date. Targeting the c.75 million WordPress sites, the plugins are primed to capitalize on the growth of WordPress, which received 198 million downloads in 2016 alone. In turn, this has helped the business reach a c.78% revenue CAGR for the period 2014 to 2017. The business itself is simple to run, with the current owner spending only a few hours per week on customer support and basic maintenance. Much of the customer support work is outsourced to a VA who is likely to be willing to transition with the business post sale. This will leave plenty of time for a new owner to focus on the many growth opportunities the business has at its disposal. The business presents an excellent opportunity for a new owner to take over two sets of well-known and authoritative plugins that have shown consistent user demand time and time again. With rapidly growing revenues, a strong value proposition, bountiful cross-selling opportunities, and a scalable cost structure, the business is ready to be taken to the next level under a new owner. Yearly revenue: $323,000

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For sale is a software as a service (SaaS) business, providing a highly quality one stop solution for beginner entrepreneurs looking to create affiliate ecommerce websites. The owner of the business spent the first six months of 2013 developing the software at a cost of c.$50K, ahead of a launch in the middle of that same year. Since launch, the software/services have been a great success, providing a unique offering of a full CMS with built in blog, page creation, social media integration, drag and drop design - all build within sleek and modern templates. The revenues of the business are generated through both recurring monthly memberships and by selling add-on services. With internet usage continuing to grow exponentially (https://feinternational.com/blog/6-reasons-buy-online-versus-offline-business/) businesses such as this will continue to see high consumer demand and service a growing population of first time website owners, looking for their own piece of online real estate. Yearly revenue: $255,200

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For sale is a well-established software business specialising in Pinterest related WordPress plugins. With 4 years of history and over 44,000 plugin downloads, this business provides a great opportunity for any investor interested in the niche. The business offers a mix of free and paid products, with free products acting as a marketing tool and ultimately funnelling some users into paid products. The business is highly automated from an end user perspective and internally most tasks are handled by a developer and a support service. This leaves the owner with less than 8 hours of work per month. With Pinterest continuing to grow (now valued at $11bn as of mid-March 2015) there is plenty of opportunity for a new owner to benefit from the rising popularity of the platform, as well as pushing more proactive growth strategies. A new owner with a good marketing background could see this business grow rapidly in a relatively short space of time. Yearly revenue: $45,300

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For sale is a storytelling software portfolio, aimed at B2B and B2C clients looking to create long-form interactive stories using WordPress. The portfolio comprises of a storytelling/theme website, a plugin upsell and an all-in-one hosted storytelling service, currently in Beta testing. Since its launch, the business has seen continued growth and has gained high profile clients, including Harvard Business School, Virgin, Duke, Boy Scouts of America and others. This would be a good opportunity for a buyer looking for software business with established clients and growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $56,200*

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For sale is a well-known and proven site in the women’s organic health and beauty niche. Since inception in 2012, the site has established itself as an authority in the niche by focusing on natural breast enhancements. With a firm foothold in the natural and organic beauty industry, forecast to reach a c.$22 billion in sales by 2024, the business offers access to a large and profitable target market. With over half a decade of operations under its belt, the site has developed a large and loyal following, driving 500,000 uniques in the past year. Much of this traffic is organic, thanks to rankings for 8,000 keywords and backlinks from the likes of WikiHow. The business itself is highly automated, requiring minimal owner involvement on basic plugin updates and site maintenance. This is a unique opportunity for a new owner looking to take over an authoritative business with a track record of success. Yearly revenue: $17,100

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For sale are two online businesses in the outdoor hobby niche. The site owner has created two popular online resources centred on reviewing equipment, clothing accessories and apparel to help individuals select the best products for their needs. Targeting low competition, high volume keywords has resulted in a steady increase in traffic, over time. The sites rank well in Google for 4,000+ keywords, with many sitting in positions one and two. Given the global interest in both pursuits, a new owner could look to build traffic in other regions (e.g. Europe) and use a geo-targeting plugin to build revenue streams / affiliate commissions outside of North America. The current owner spends little time per month managing the sites and the main tasks can all be outsourced at a low cost. Yearly revenue: $18,271

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For sale is a 1.5 year old web software and WordPress plugin business, highly regarded within the niche. Monetization comes from the direct sale of 4 key products, all supported with strong customer service. All technical workings have been produced (and documented) to an extremely high quality. This is a great opportunity for a buyer already in the space, a marketeer or a buyer looking to enter this lucrative and expansive niche. Yearly revenue: $16,000

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3 weeks agoSketch Managers OtherSketch plugin to manage design asset libraries Prices: MRR $2,000 Profits $2,000 Asking price $30,000

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For sale is a WordPress theme and plugin business, providing automatic updates for premium WordPress themes and plugins. The business was established in 2011 and has seen a gradual increase in MRR since. The business ranks well for numerous industry keywords including "updating wordpress theme" and "wordpress auto update", which bring in consistent traffic. The business has benefited from automation and the current owner has seen a decrease in management requirements, other than handling support tickets. The owner was wise to develop a mailing list early on, which has over 2,000 subscribers. The business would be perfect for a buyer with technical skills who is looking for their first online business. Yearly revenue: $6,167

web plugin wordpress under $25k $ sold

Being the only Wordpress plugin offering a solution for website owners to quickly and easily make money from safelist marketing, this business is a proven income stream. Included in the price is a dedicated development and support team (if needed), a list of 1823 leads, plus much more. This is priced to sell quickly due to an unfortunate circumstance for the current owner. Yearly revenue: $27,300*

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Front Page New Tab extension A chrome extension that replaces a user's new tab page with headlines from a custom-selected set of publications. It's really easy to update scrapers when sites have HTML changes, but I've been too busy with another start up to maintain. Users create a lot of new tabs per day, so this could make a lot ton of pageviews for someone interested in promoting it. Built with: Javascript 1500

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Social Roller - Chrome Extension This is an like bot for Instagram. It clicks the "like" button on a post, waits a few seconds, then clicks the next button and repeats the process over and over again. You can leave the tab open with Social Roller running while you work on other things. The extension tries to act like a normal user would (random human like pauses) and automatically stops after liking 50 posts (configurable). This is an extension that's been fairly well received by users. It currently has around 75 active users across several Chrome Web Store items (it use to be multiple editions and they have all merged into one but there are still multiple listings in the store). I haven't pursued it much but I think the right person could make a little more money on the idea. It would need some very minor updating each time that Instagram updates the design of their page. The source code is maintained in GitHub. There is no website or web service behind it so no hosting is necessary. Built with: HTML, CSS, Javascript $1500


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TKChecker TKChecker is a WordPress plugin I developed a short while ago. It helps bloggers and writers to avoid writers block by using the TK method. The author puts markers throughout their text as places they need to re-visit or fact check. Instead of doing a manual find & replace the plugin summarises those markers into a to-do list inside WordPress. The plugin has had a few sales but my audience is firmly designers, it would better suit someone who has an audience of bloggers or an existing WordPress plugin business. Happy to discuss offers. Built with: WordPress $500 ono

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Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $200 (USD) Project type: B2B Business Information Systems Business Services Posted by: website viewed 23 times posted by rezqon 1

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Show HN: HIBP Offline Check – KeePass plugin for haveibeenpwned

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https://i.redd.it/e8bhdgge3rs11.jpgHey all, this is an updated post looking at other features of upvotenation.Hope you enjoy it, and as always we look forward to your feedback.https://www.upvotenation.comWhy Just Have A Boring Blog, Or Share The Occasional News On Social Sites, When You Can Manage A Full Blown Online Community?Why just have a boring blog, or share the occasional news on social sites, when you can manage a full blown online community? Create a channel, write a blog, share news, videos, and pictures, connect, explore, create...Do all that and more on Upvotenation.com We're looking for experienced bloggers and writers to lead our main channels and take back control over the news.Are you passionate about a topic? Be it Politics, Economy, Blockchain, Photography, Travel, Movies, etc? Let us help you reach a better and broader audience.Sign up today or contact us at[info@upvotenation.io](mailto:info@upvotenation.io), and Let's build something that matters!Why are we better?1- Regular blogs are static, you can't really interact with your audience, and even if you are an avid writer who writes a blog a day, there is no need for your users to spend more than 10 minutes on your blog, finish reading it, and maybe come back the next day. Upvotenation supplements your blogs automatically with news, videos, and images ( In reality you don't even need to write blogs if you don't want to and we will provide the blogs for you, but more on that later). It allows you to send direct notification to your followers and subscribers about upcoming events, blogs, products and services you are promoting and more. Upvotenation also provides your community with a message board and a way for your audience to share your channel and connect with you in all your other social networks. Want to write a blog and share on Facebook and twitter? Do it from just one place. Once you create your channel you have a interactive community that's is constantly active even when you are on vacation at the beach!2 - Many sites claim to be a community when in reality they are just a very large number of individuals. While those individuals may be interacting, they are not really helping one another. We change that paradigm on our model. Every member is incentivized to provide relevant and interesting media to Upvotenation. If that media meets your channel criteria related to news category, keywords, media source, content, blog writer rating, popularity and so on, it gets immediately pushed to your channels for your users to see. The more and better content on your channel the more followers and subscribers you get, which also plays into your incentives and builds your audience for you.3- Interested in multiple topics? You can create multiple channels all managed from your settings and visible to your users on their display. What this means is that you can segregate your audience into specific topics but easily manage everything from one place. Since you can create a channel in less than 2 minutes it gives you much more flexibility than a traditional blogging or news media platform. Also, since you get your own unique url with every channel you create, your users can bookmark, share and subscribe to your channel and always come back to you without having to go thru the broader upvotenation community first.4- Gamification. We keep an active leaderboard with the top user rated by their contribution to the community and you can see your points go up as you contribute content or the community interacts with your content. We also issue badges for accomplishments such as the "founder's badge" for the top 1,000 users that sign up, and we will continue to find new and interesting ways to make Upvotenation engaging and entertaining for the users.5- Smart algorithms. The way you select what news source are available on your channel is not by selecting from a large list of potential source (CNN, CNBC, FOX, etc.) But instead, every time you read and rate a particular media on upvotenation we record your ratings and we aggregate it in a way that only highly rated sources are included. That way if a particular news source that you originally liked start to provide sub-par content it will be removed from your channel automatically without the need for you to do anything. So you and your subscribers will always only get the news and news sources that gives you the best information. The ratings app is at the heart of Upvotenation.6- Profit sharing. The points users earn on upvotenation means something. And as the site developers and it's monetized the revenue is split with the community so we can all benefit together.7- You help fight fake news! Since users points are based on community votes and media rankings, posting news from non reliable sources are discouraged based on this built in incentive. More importantly, when you design your channel, the only media shared on your channel are the media that meets your personal criteria, and only from sources you personally rated above your defined threshold. You can change your parameters whenever you want and our algorithms will do the rest for you.8 - Regular users going to Upvotenation will benefit even more than you will. Upvotenation has a dual search structure where the homepage lists the top rated media of the day independently of category. This is so the homepage can be a place where users can find out about trending topics and new and interesting things. we call it the discovery layer. However, they can quickly drive down into different categories (i.e Politics), news outlets ("Search TechCrunch on Upvotenation"), and keywords, or as we mentioned above search by channels and going straight to the topics they are interested in.We are waiting to reach the 1,000 users to release a broader marketing campaign and the second beta version of Upvotenation with additional features that will definitely change the way you look at news and allow you to influence how media is created. Now that's something worth waiting for!But we need to start with channel and content creators. So, sign up, help us spread the word, share it with your friends, and let's take back control over the media! https://www.upvotenation.comWant to start sharing? Download our Google chrome extension and start sharing today from anywhere on the web.https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/share-it-on-upvotenation/kcapimihmadldinajlfikobemgoepkbe

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I added a couple videos explaining some the channels app and how to post to Upvotenation.com.​Become a media publisher and content editor with Upvotenation Channels - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YBIk_2Bw6M&t=​Submit media to Upvotenation using our google chrome extension - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewtcf9zjehM&t=​Launch video (Animated) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vY4i9eZbj8&t=Let me know your feedback. Also any of you have experience with user acquisition?Explaining the concept, reaching out to users and get a community is been really challenging.​Thanks.

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Show HN: A Chrome extension to Carbonify gist when you browse them

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