web subscription revenue infrastructure under $25k $ sold

For sale is a SaaS business in the employment and resume niche. Launched in 2014, the business offers users a fresh and intelligently designed online resume platform. With personalized URLs, clean UI, and an innovative “story mode layout”, the business helps candidates stand out in their employment searches. The online recruitment industry has seen steady growth, with 8 in 10 job seekers now searching for jobs online. This has helped fuel demand for tools such as the one offered by the business, which help differentiate candidates and provide them with a competitive edge. As an incumbent in the recruitment niche, the business commands a well-known brand, helping attract hundreds of paying customers through word-of-mouth and amassing c.45,000 user emails. This business presents a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over a scalable SaaS business with steady MRR, low churn, and glowing user reviews. A new owner will be taking over a proven business with plenty of untapped growth opportunities at its disposal. Yearly revenue: $15,300

web revenue under $25k $ sold

This website has successfully sold a service that is valuable to internet marketers since 2007. Revenue is consistent and traffic comes from 3 different sources. The outsourced writers will continue working with the new owner. Yearly revenue: $17,200

web affiliate seo investment revenue hardware under $25k $ sold

For sale is a portfolio of three content businesses in the tools, hardware, and accessories niche. Launched in 2017, the portfolio of sites has grown in user popularity by offering hundreds of informative guides and reviews focused on a wide range of evergreen tools and accessories. With over 300 articles combined, the sites now rank for c.8,100 keywords, allowing for a strong SEO presence. The upfront investment into content has also helped drive steady traffic, with the sites seeing c.30,000 sessions in the L6M. With three complementary content businesses, the portfolio offers a diversified revenue base that continues to generate stable cash flows. With simple operations and clear synergies, a new owner will have plenty of time and cash flow to invest into new content creation or guest posting. The portfolio presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a diversified content business with a solid SEO foundation, primed for additional growth. Yearly revenue: $8,600*

web seo revenue under $25k $ sold

For sale is a 6 year old, Google PR 5 web directory and forum that focuses on the webmaster and SEO niche and makes the majority of its revenue from paid yearly and permanent listing submissions fees. It has over 3,200 active listings in 934 categories. Traffic is on a growing trend over the last 12 months with an average of 70% of visitors returning to the site and spending over 5:30 minutes per visit. Maintenance requires up to 10 hours per week adding new listings and managing the forum. Yearly revenue: $13,350

web affiliate seo video revenue under $25k $ sold

This site has earned close to $40,000 in profit since the current owner acquired it in early 2011. It is now averaging around $1,500 in profit thanks to an agreement with a reputable affiliate network. It requires minimal maintenance thanks to outsourced SEO work and a content writer. However, there is room to increase earnings with the right strategy (detailed in prospectus). Yearly revenue: $16,265

web subscription revenue under $25k $ sold

This 1 year old business sells a uniquely-coded widget used to increase conversion rates on sales pages. The product is sold on a recurring billing plan through Clickbank and currently has 45 paying customers making the business $850 a month in profit and growing. The business requires no more than 5 hours of maintenance time per month handling customer service related tasks. This can be outsourced for an estimated cost of $100 a month. There are numerous ways to grow the business as detailed in the prospectus. Yearly revenue: $9,593*

web revenue under $25k $ sold

This business is in the Internet Marketing niche and has been established for 18 months now. It sells a software that automatically creates Yahoo Answers accounts and posts/answers questions for you. The traffic is a nice mix, coming from forums, search engines, and affiliates. There are several upsells that also bring revenue and the business has high growth potential. Yearly revenue: $20,250

Popular over 50s blog

SOLD $20,000 feinternational.com  contact  2 years ago
web blog affiliate revenue infrastructure under $25k $ sold

Provider of free content-based articles for the over 50 population. Articles are targeted at both over 50's and those caring for over 50's. Articles are written by the website owner and other authors in exchange for content on their own respective sites. Revenue is predominantly derived from AdSense, as well as affiliate income from relevant offers. 'Insurance' and 'Healthcare' articles are the two highest grossing topics over the past 12 months. Yearly revenue: $14,000*

web affiliate seo revenue under $25k $ sold

For sale are two sites with 7 months of history that earn affiliate income promoting appetite suppressant and acne treatment products. They averaged $850 in profit per month in the first 5 months, but just over $2,000 so far in 2013. Traffic is growing steadily thanks to SEO efforts by the current owner. Yearly revenue: $6,717

amazon web affiliate email revenue under $25k $ sold

online business in the home DIY niche. Established in early 2015, the website has a blend of informational based content and review articles with a focus on a specific type of DIY heating decor, which have become increasingly popular among US households. A new owner would be wise to start building a mailing list for remarketing purposes and could increase revenue by conducting further content outreach within the niche. Yearly revenue: $12,676

amazon web affiliate seo investment revenue under $25k $ sold

established Amazon affiliate website in the men's lifestyle niche, the business also generates revenue via Google AdSense. The website specializes in the provision of content, reviews and guides on the latest fashion and grooming trends, with a focus on electronic razor and grooming product reviews. The website achieves a 7% affiliate commission for products sold via the Amazon Affiliate Program. Launched in 2013, the business has grown rapidly through content posting focused on long-tail keywords. The website occupies top 3 positions for 5 keywords, including "how to wear chinos" and has a strong backlink profile (172 links), built over time. With a strong SEO foundation in place, the site is relatively passive in nature, requiring little owner oversight in order to maintain current traffic. The current owner previously outsourced content writing (at low cost) and currently carries out minimal tasks on the site. This is a good opportunity for a first-time buyer or an investor in the popular fashion/lifestyle niche. Yearly revenue: $5,832

web blog social revenue under $25k $ sold

This established blog focusing on sustainability and alternative energy topics has published over 4,000 articles in the last 6 years and makes revenue through sponsored posts, text links, and direct advertisements. Most of its content comes from free sources with a small percentage currently handled by the owner. This can be outsourced for $120 to $150 a month reducing the maintenance time to approximately 20 hours a month. The sale also comes with 4 social media accounts and their c. 10,000 followers. Yearly revenue: $9,887

mobile revenue startup infrastructure design under $25k $ for sale

Project description Zatrek is a platform for mobile personalization content (wallpapers,ringtones) that is based on sharing profit with artists who create their own original content. to download the app please visit: https://play. google.This project is built usingJavascriptJavakoltinFirebaseNodeJS A team of senior software developers plus a UX designer has completed this project with a cost of $2.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $17,000 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: SEEKING CO-FOUNDER Posted by: mobile app viewed 28 times posted by youssef27 Technology: This project is built usingJavascriptJavakoltinFirebaseNodeJS A team of senior software developers plus a UX designer has completed this project with a cost of $2..

web blog revenue under $25k $ sold

This blog has earned an average of $1,000 in profit per month in the last 3 months thanks to interest surrounding new product releases and other technology news. With it being Google news approved, new articles are indexed within 5 to 10 minutes showing in Google's news feed. Maintenance time is around 15 hours per month thanks to a hired English speaking writer. Yearly revenue: $5,103*

web revenue under $25k $ for sale

Project description Selling CBD (Cannabis) oil and extract products website with integrated merchants. We Sell : webpage, SEO, instagram and WHOLESALE price CBD. You get 500 % profit from every product, your price per 1 mg/CBD - 0.This project is built using This business is built for you if you are looking for huge grow business and want to have steady distribution of CBD products. We provide everything f.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $15,000 (EUR) Project type: Health and Wellness Pharmaceuticals Posted by: website viewed 27 times posted by lubas 1 Technology: This project is built using This business is built for you if you are looking for huge grow business and want to have steady distribution of CBD products. We provide everything f..

web revenue under $25k $ sold

Running for the past 3 years, this business provides US based customers with bankruptcy records via email. It takes roughly 1 hour a day to manage with basic administrative skills (can be outsourced). It gets traffic through a combination of paid and organic sources and has shown its highest amount of profit in July at $1300. Yearly revenue: $15,866

web advertisement education revenue under $25k $ sold

This site in the student textbook market helps students find their textbooks online for free or much cheaper than regular price. Over the past 7 months, this site averages $1,124 in profit and over 40,000 visitors per month. With the new school season approaching, this is the perfect time to buy this site as revenue will be picking up. Yearly revenue: $13,488*

web hr revenue documents under $25k $ for sale

Project description handbooks. io lets companies create a thorough, detailed handbook for their company in minutes. After answering a few basic questions about your business, you can download an editiable Word doc employee handbook.This project is built usingNodeJScss and javascript for the webapp Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $14,000 (USD) Project type: Business Services Human Resources Small and Medium Businesses Posted by: website viewed 23 times posted by mhannam Technology: This project is built usingNodeJScss and javascript for the webapp

ecommerce web wellness revenue under $25k $ sold

This online store sells fitness supplements, energy bars, and workout drinks and has made close to $10,000 in profit in the last twelve months. It is targeted to American emergency service workers such as police officers, firefighters, and military personnel and enjoys a loyal following. Weekly maintenance requirements are around 5 hours a week, but this can be reduced to 5 hours per month if the new owner uses the supplier's dropship option. Yearly revenue: $28,706

web advertisement revenue under $25k $ sold

This site provides information on corkboard sheets and makes revenue via Adsense. It has consistent earnings of $600 a month for the last twelve months. Content is unique and includes over 40 articles. Yearly revenue: $7,200

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