web mobile business to business seo subscription revenue infrastructure under $10M $ for sale

For sale is a reputable B2B and B2C App/Membership platform in the backend-as-a-service tutorial software niche. With an ecosystem of practical resources for developers who want to build high-quality web and mobile Apps, the App/Membership platform has cultivated a strong customer following, as evident by the site’s active slack channel with over 9,500 members and c.450,000 subscribers on YouTube. Since launching in 2017, the business’ effective software and large addressable market have allowed it to scale, with the business now attracting a customer base of c.1,400 paying users, an MRR of c.$26K, and a strong LTV of c.$102. With revenues expanding by c.24% over the LTM, the business now generates c.$469K in revenues per year (L3M annualized). The site boasts a strong SEO profile with rankings for c.13,000 keywords, and ranking first for valuable key phrases. In addition to this, the site has a strong traffic profile, attracting c.1.9M visitors and c.3.7M page views in the LTM. The acquisition is a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a stable platform business in a growing niche. Yearly revenue: $469,000*

web affiliate under $500k $ for sale

For sale is a highly scalable and unique content business in the popular Gardening niche. The business has shown solid growth over the years, driven by over 60 high in-depth and informative product reviews that rank for over c.11,000 keywords. Somewhat uniquely, traffic to the site is c.61% from organic sources, and 39% from direct and referral channels. The revenues of the business are also well diversified across seven main affiliate partners. In turn, the business has averaged a 27% MoM growth rate over the last 12 months and now generates $147K in annualized revenues. The business presents a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over a highly reputable and authoritative content business with multiple growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $147,000*

web advertisement $ for sale

established display and direct advertising business in the technology news and reviews niche, with a year of operational history. Launched in 2019, the business has grown rapidly through its high-quality content focused on the technology niche. The site has attracted over 3.2M unique visitors over the LTM as a result of their reputable content. With the consumer electronics market expected to grow at a 9.7% CAGR to reach $1.7 billion in size by 2025, the business is perfectly positioned to benefit from this growth through their strong content. Boasting over 460 live articles across the site, the business ranks for an impressive c.48,900 keywords. The sites strong keyword rankings and authoritative brand has helped the site attract over 3.7M visitors over the LTM. The business presents a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over a display & direct advertising business primed for growth. Yearly revenue: $16,000*

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