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startup under $10M $ for sale

Lyke The company is a consumer electronics startup that developed the first truly wireless clean tech charging station. The office is located in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator) and has been evaluated by 2 accelerators (Monaco Tech and Silicon Valley's FI). The team has also launched a campaign on fundable that a buyer can edit per his / her discretion. Built with: clean tech $1,000,000

$550,000  contact    2 months ago
web travel under $1M $ for sale Bids: ClassifiedAsset Type: Website Engage Price: Buy It Now: $550,000 Detailed Category: Travel

Mark My World

$500,000  contact  a month ago
ios travel under $1M $ for sale

Mark My WorldAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $500,000 Time Remain: 13 days left Detailed Category: Travel

blog web finance startup wordpress infrastructure fun under $1M $ for sale

Project description Established News /Media & Retail Company Based in London UK. Trading since1999 and offering Branded Products & Entertainment Related News & Media.This project is built usingand php via our wordpress blog (also hosted on google app engine). besides server hosting Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $500,000 (USD) Project type: SEEKING CO-FOUNDER Posted by: website viewed 3 times posted by epicheroes Technology: This project is built usingand php via our wordpress blog (also hosted on google app engine). besides server hosting

travel under $500k $ for sale

Niche: Travel Date established: April 2011 Monetization: Service Net Profit: $16,447.49

web business to business subscription investment travel hardware under $500k $ sold

For sale is a B2B SaaS business in the lucrative fleet tracking niche. Established in 2010, this business has quickly become an established player, currently serving over 70 enterprise clients that rely on the software 7 days a week for fleet GPS tracking. The product itself is highly advanced, providing a suite of asset and vehicle tracking features based on the core hardware and software provided. The business generates revenues through hardware sales and monthly recurring revenues. This provides the business with a ROI on clients from the first day, plus the security of monthly recurring cash flows. With a low customer acquisition cost and high ROI per client, there is plenty of margin left for investment into growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $401,000

web ecommerce travel under $500k $ for sale

For sale is a dropship e-commerce business in the baby products and essentials niche. Launched in 2016, this business has quickly made a name for itself by selling a wide range of baby-related products including strollers, baby travel systems, cribs, and other essentials. With a focus on high-quality products and customer experience, this business has earned a BBB accreditation and secured glowing customer reviews across TrustPilot and similar review sites. Over the years, this business has established a firm foothold in the lucrative market for baby products. The baby products niche is predicted to expand at a c.6.9% CAGR to reach $121 billion by 2025, creating plenty of opportunities for this business to capitalize on this trend to fuel its own growth. Since inception, the business has scaled at an impressive rate, with revenues growing c.420% for the period 2017-2018. With a high ARPO of c.$335 and thousands of orders fulfilled to date, this business offers plenty of cash flows to reinvest in growth opportunities. This business presents a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a growing dropship e-commerce business. With simple operations, well-developed supplier relationships, and a vast selection of popular and high-quality products, a new owner will be immediately set up for success. Yearly revenue: $690,000*

$300,000  contact    3 months ago
web travel under $500k $ for sale

neotripper.comAsset Type: Website Engage Price: Buy It Now: $300,000 Time Remain: 13 days left Detailed Category: Travel

web affiliate advertisement seo travel under $500k $ sold

established affiliate and display advertising business in the travel niche with a 12-year track record. Launched in 2005, the business has become an authoritative site for family travel advice and destination reviews. Monetized via multiple affiliates, display advertising and sponsored posts, the business has seen steady growth. Revenues reached an impressive 146% CAGR for the period of 2014 to projected 2017 and have continued to grow at a c.4.6% CMGR over the last 12 months. With over 2 million unique visitors generating over 3.6 million page views in the last 12 months alone, the traffic stands as a testament to the brand’s authority. With hundreds of high-quality posts, the website ranks for over 36,000 keywords, creating a strong SEO foundation for a new owner to build on. The business itself is simple to run with the owner spending a few hours per week writing content and managing social media. Much of the work is outsourced to freelancers who are willing to stay post-sale, facilitating the transition process. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over an authoritative site on the rise, with a secure foothold in 1.3 trillion dollar travel niche. Yearly revenue: $98,000

amazon ecommerce web travel revenue infrastructure under $250k $ sold

For sale is a growing business in the $1.5bn/yr camping and travelling equipment niche. Established in 2014, this business sells it's own products internationally, leveraging the Amazon platform and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to reach customers in the US, Canada, UK and the wider European market. This has helped the business skyrocket, while maintaining impressive 41% profit margins. With it's own off-Amazon footprint, proprietary products and several Best Seller Rankings on Amazon, this is an ideal acquisition for an e-commerce buyer looking for more than just a FBA storefront. Yearly revenue: $182,000

$200,000  contact    3 months ago
web travel under $250k $ for sale

apurpleroo.comAsset Type: Website Engage Price: Buy It Now: $200,000 Time Remain: 15 days left Detailed Category: Travel

startup web business to business finance subscription under $250k $ sold

For sale is a fast-growing SaaS business in the online payment processing user experience space. Founded in 2015 and launched in 2016, this business provides a user-friendly front-end system to the incredibly popular payment processor, Stripe. The business has found product/market fit, with a compound monthly growth rate at 47% over the last year. The 100% Javascript (Angular.js frontend, Node.js backend) codebase was written by the founder and has received multiple updates and features since launch. This product-first mentality has driven fully organic growth. This is a perfect opportunity for a Javascript developer looking to scale an already proven solution. Alternatively, a non-technical owner could outsource future development and focus on driving marketing, sales, and customer success. Yearly revenue: $81,000*

web travel revenue under $250k $ sold

This US based company has served over 100 large clients with custom web reputation/SEO solutions over the last 4 years. The business is mostly automated with full time contractors and service resellers and has made $117,000 in profit in the last 12 months. The seller is a 15 year internet marketing expert and is willing to train a buyer for up to 120 days on everything he knows. Yearly revenue: $200,364

web amazon ecommerce investment travel under $250k $ for sale

For sale is a proven Amazon FBA business in the eco-friendly travel kitchenware niche. Launched in 2014, the business sells a range of innovative kitchenware designed for travel. The lightweight, space-saving products are made from durable materials, making them the ideal product for any camping or travel enthusiast. The reusable materials have also found favor with environmentally-conscious consumers who are turning to the products to reduce plastic usage. With camping proving to be one of the most popular outdoor activities in the U.S., coupled by consumers shifting away from the use of plastic, the business has established itself as a leader in a lucrative and growing space. With simple operations, minimal overhead, and a focus on process and automation, the business operates with strong net margins of c.34% in the LTM. The focus on automation has also helped reduce owner involvement to a few hours per month, creating plenty of time and cash flow to invest in growth. This business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a well-built and scalable Amazon FBA business. With a strong brand, simple operations, and a firm foothold in a growing niche, the business is primed for continued growth under a new owner. Yearly revenue: $150,000

ecommerce web affiliate advertisement travel revenue under $250k $ sold

For sale is a well-established diversified content business with multiple revenue streams in the highly profitable travel and leisure niche. Launched in 2009 the business boasts the most heavily trafficked site focused on the country of Italy in the English language. The 20,000 pages of content about Italian culture have grown into a definitive resource for all things related to tourism, events, real estate, news and community in Italy. Revenue is up 38% YoY over the last two years, driven via lead generation, brokering e-commerce sales, advertising, and affiliate earnings. Monthly traffic is up 32% YoY with over 2 million unique users in the last 12 months alone. With an experienced editorial and sales team in place and a strong foundation of organic traffic, the business presents a great opportunity for a buyer to take over an authoritative and established brand, primed for continued success. Yearly revenue: $106,000

$110,000  contact    5 months ago
web travel under $250k $ for sale

HelloFlight.comAsset Type: Website Time Remain: 13 days left Detailed Category: Travel

Growing Minecraft Server

SOLD $100,000  contact  7 months ago
game web travel revenue under $250k $ sold

This Minecraft server is growing in popularity with as many as 5,000 new players a day producing close to $7,000 a month in revenue and growing. The server is listed in the top 10 of 3 Minecraft server lists which helps bring in new players and traffic to the site. The current owner is willing to continue running the server for a reasonable cost per month, or he will train a new manager if needed. Yearly revenue: $67,300

web affiliate seo social travel revenue under $250k $ sold

authoritative business in the travel and leisure niche that helps people prepare for and save money while travelling. Originally launched in 2009, the owners have built a portfolio of two sites that have stood the test of time to become go-to sites for vacation preparation. With hundreds of geographically and SEO optimized articles covering travel tips for destinations all across the globe, the sites hold authoritative positions in the lucrative $7.6 trillion travel niche. Monetized via display advertising, affiliate partnerships and an online store, the business offers a highly diversified revenue base with opportunities for expansion across all income streams. With a combined 1.3M visitors over the past year, keyword rankings for over 7.2K keywords, and thousands of engaged social media followers, the business is primed for additional future growth. The sites present a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over a truly diversified business with nearly a decade of successful operational history and a valuable and loyal audience base. Yearly revenue: $48,000

web affiliate travel revenue under $100k $ sold

This website portfolio consisting of 2 main sites and 157 companion sites earns commissions through some of the largest international online hotel and car rental reservation services. The entire portfolio takes no more than 2 hours a week to maintain thanks to automated content updates, little to no customer support needs and an outsourced programmer. There are several ways to improve revenue as detailed in the prospectus. Yearly revenue: $44,499

web investment travel revenue under $100k $ sold

online travel resource providing readers inspiring and useful travel articles from around the world. The site has over 790 articles with many travel-related keywords. The site earns its revenue from advertising, mostly in the form of sponsored articles. The site has many links with authority businesses in the travel sector and has built a solid reputation since inception in 2011. Yearly revenue: $48,173*

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