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web beauty under $100k $ for sale

ediva.com Bids: ClassifiedAsset Type: Website Detailed Category: Health and Beauty

amazon web affiliate under $100k $ sold

Amazon Affiliate business in the highly profitable gardening niche. Launched in 2015, the site provides high-quality reviews for weed eaters/whackers and related home and garden power tools. The site has proven incredibly popular, with over 327,000 sessions in the last 12 months. The site ranks for 5,600 long-tail keywords, creating a well-diversified organic traffic stream. The current owner spends only a few hours per week researching keywords and hiring content writers. With Amazon’s new commission structure benefiting the gardening niche and the summer season high just around the corner, a new owner will see immediate cashflows that can be re-invested in the multiple growth opportunities the business has at its disposal. Yearly revenue: $47,700

Jackpot Slots

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ios under $100k $ for sale

Jackpot SlotsAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $98,000 Time Remain: 12 hours left Detailed Category: Hobbies and Games

Jackpot Slots

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ios under $100k $ for sale

Jackpot SlotsAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $98,000 Time Remain: 12 hours left Detailed Category: Hobbies and Games

web affiliate travel revenue under $100k $ sold

This website portfolio consisting of 2 main sites and 157 companion sites earns commissions through some of the largest international online hotel and car rental reservation services. The entire portfolio takes no more than 2 hours a week to maintain thanks to automated content updates, little to no customer support needs and an outsourced programmer. There are several ways to improve revenue as detailed in the prospectus. Yearly revenue: $44,499

amazon web affiliate under $100k $ sold

For sale is a rapidly growing Amazon Affiliate business in the health & wellness niche. Founded in 2015, the business quickly grew to be the source of guides and tips for body pain removal. The website has seen an explosive surge in popularity since inception, with the majority of traffic coming from organic sources, driven by the 16,200 keywords the site currently ranks for. A new owner will be taking over an affiliate business on the rise, that is in a stable and popular niche. Yearly revenue: $53,000

web affiliate social wellness under $100k $ sold

For sale are 2 websites in the diet supplement niche that have made $6,000 in net income per month on average combined over the last 12 months. Selling a popular product that has had strong demand over the last 2 years, these websites are in a good position for growth via SEO, promoting via social media and diet and fitness forums. Yearly revenue: $65,235

web business to business seo revenue under $100k $ sold

online business in the reverse-image search space. Established in 2013, the business helps B2B and B2C users find individuals or companies that use proprietary images without consent. The business has grown rapidly overtime, helped by gaining authoritative links (c.340 RDs) from well-regarded SEO resources, including Moz.com, SearchEngineWatch and SearchEngineJournal. The current owner spends around 8 hours per month managing support emails, this could easily be outsourced at a low cost. Yearly revenue: $37,020

business to business subscription revenue under $100k $ for sale

For sale is a growing SaaS business in the productivity niche. Launched in 2013, the business has quickly climbed in popularity by offering a widget aggregator for browsers. With a clean and intuitive UI and dozens of seamless widget integrations through a robust API, this business delivers a highly differentiated product that is difficult for competitors to match. Monetized via monthly and annual recurring subscriptions, one-time payments, and advertising, the business offers a diversified revenue stream with plenty of room to grow. The business itself is simple to operate, with the owner spending only a couple hours per month on maintenance and support. This is a great acquisition for a buyer looking to take over a business on the rise. With clear market fit, a unique interface, and dozens of integrations, the business is primed for additional scale. Yearly revenue: $29,000

web affiliate advertisement social revenue under $100k $ sold

For sale is a four year old sample/coupon aggregator, which generates revenue through both AdSense and affiliate income. This site has grown organically since its launch in 2009 and boasts a strong social media following as well as a large mailing list. This business is easy to run and has a well thought out and easy to follow operational process in place. This is ideal for a first time buyer, or a buyer looking to improve on the current rankings with some proactive SEO. Yearly revenue: $62,200

game web advertisement revenue under $100k $ sold

For sale is a highly profitable AdSense website in the gaming niche, boasting nearly 12 million pageviews per year. Established in 2013, this site grew organically with quality games and content, attracting users to the site through organic and direct traffic sources. With hand-picked games, detailed and unique descriptions and an easy-to-navigate website, this stands ahead of the competition. Selected for a premium AdSense program due to its high traffic numbers, this site benefits from having a larger number of AdSense units than most sites, driving revenues up. The sticky traffic base provides over 5 pages per visit and nearly 8 minutes on site per visit. This equates to just over $0.02 per visit. With few overheads and a diverse revenue base, this business is poised for growth with plenty of margin to implement new growth strategies. A new owner experienced in driving traffic and optimizing AdSense placements could see great success with this business. Additionally, an owner with a portfolio of gaming sites may see useful synergies and easy wins in this already highly successful and profitable business. Yearly revenue: $36,000

web subscription investment under $100k $ sold

For sale is a SaaS business in the business intelligence and analytics niche. Since launch, the business has attracted c.400 active clients, including enterprise companies like Michelin, Volvo and SoftBank. The owners have outsourced product development from the start and the skilful and inexpensive developers will be available to a new owner. This drastically simplifies future product development. Product-centric investments have resulted in impressive conversion statistics: over the last twelve months, trial-to-paid conversion averaged 67%. The product sells in over 50 countries, with the United States leading the list. Operations have been on near autopilot throughout 2016, with one of the two owners spending one day per week answering support questions. This is a perfect play for an investor looking to drive marketing and sales efforts into an already proven SaaS product with large addressable markets and existing high-profile clients. Yearly revenue: $37,700*

amazon web affiliate under $100k $ sold

Amazon affiliate business in the popular pet care niche. Established in 2015, the business has quickly established itself as a dominant player in the pet care niche. With informative, long form articles, the site sees tens of thousands of visitors per month. The business has been built with scale in mind, outsourcing much of the day-to-day to freelancers.This allows for plenty of time for a new owner to focus on growth strategies. This business proves a great acquisition for a new owner looking to take over a stable business, with a known brand, strong traffic, and low owner involvement. Yearly revenue: $46,000

web seo investment education under $100k $ sold

For sale is a 2 year old lead generation business in the education niche. The business owns and maintains an online database featuring 10,000 schools in the United States. The website helps individuals request information on prospective colleges and vocational schools, in return for a lead commission. The site is also monetized through Google AdSense. Established in 2013, the business was built with SEO in mind. The site has a strong backlink profile, with a number of highly authoritative links in place (nyu.edu, edweek.org, Forbes etc.). The sophisticated database provides automated SEO, a scalable model going forwards. The site ranks well for numerous keywords, including "colleges in Arizona" and "athens tech", which are a good source of traffic and achieve high CPC. With a strong foundation in place, the business requires little owner oversight. This is a good opportunity for a buyer interested in a scalable, passive business and/or an investor in the education niche. Yearly revenue: $37,990

web advertisement under $100k $ sold

established business in the job application support niche. With a technical focus, the site appeals to those looking for mock interview questions and support. The owner has been wise to write all content, ensuring that all articles are of the highest quality. The site ranks extremely well in Google and is ready to be taken to the next level by a new owner. Yearly revenue: $34,000

web business to business plugin under $100k $ sold

For sale is a storytelling software portfolio, aimed at B2B and B2C clients looking to create long-form interactive stories using WordPress. The portfolio comprises of a storytelling/theme website, a plugin upsell and an all-in-one hosted storytelling service, currently in Beta testing. Since its launch, the business has seen continued growth and has gained high profile clients, including Harvard Business School, Virgin, Duke, Boy Scouts of America and others. This would be a good opportunity for a buyer looking for software business with established clients and growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $56,200*

web blog affiliate infrastructure under $100k $ sold

For sale is a hosting affiliate in the blogging niche, a popular niche that services over 300 million blogs on the internet. Founded in 2014, the business provides tips, guides, and insights on how to start, grow, and monetize a blog. The business generates earnings through a Bluehost affiliate partnership. With over 1.2 billion live websites, the demand for hosting is on the rise creating a growing market for a new owner to capitalize on. The site has seen strong traffic, generating over 218,000 unique visitors in the trailing 12 months alone, thanks to the c.6,700 keywords the site currently ranks for. Revenues have grown at a 12% CMGR since the site started monetizing in September, generating average monthly revenues of c.$2,900 for each of the trailing three months. This is an ideal opportunity for a buyer to acquire a profitable and growing business with a strong presence in a lucrative niche. Yearly revenue: $35,000

web investment travel revenue under $100k $ sold

online travel resource providing readers inspiring and useful travel articles from around the world. The site has over 790 articles with many travel-related keywords. The site earns its revenue from advertising, mostly in the form of sponsored articles. The site has many links with authority businesses in the travel sector and has built a solid reputation since inception in 2011. Yearly revenue: $48,173*

web business to business video under $100k $ sold

For sale is a rapidly growing business in the video templates and marketing niche. Launched in 2017, the business delivers customizable video templates for use by B2B and B2C video producers across a wide range of industries. With a large catalogue of unique videos, the website has proven incredibly popular as illustrated by the c.380,000 visitors frequenting an average of 6.3 pages per session and driving c.2.4 million page views in the trailing eight months. The site itself is simple to operate, with the current owner spending just a few hours per month on basic site maintenance, allowing for plenty of time to focus on growth. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a rapidly growing digital products provider, ready to be taken to the next level under new ownership. Yearly revenue: $37,000*


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web under $100k $ for sale

CONFIDENTIALAsset Type: Website Engage Price: Buy It Now: $85,000 Time Remain: 14 days left Detailed Category: Home and Garden

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