web business to business subscription revenue under $1M $ sold

established and proven CRM business, providing advanced features and scalable SaaS tools to SMBs. Launched over a decade ago, the business has gained a loyal customer base thanks to its intuitive interface and focus on user experience, scalability and productivity. The product has incredible market fit, driving an average of 100 free trials per month, of which c.20% convert to paying customers. Customers have remained highly satisfied over the years, as demonstrated by the low customer churn of c.3% over the trailing 12-months. Net MRR has also been impressive, averaging just c.2% churn over the same period. Currently, the owner spends most of his time managing the two full-time independent contractors. This time is spent setting the ongoing direction for development and innovation with the contract software developer and answering the occasional questions from the customer support representative. This business represents an ideal acquisition for a buyer looking for a well-built SaaS product with a history of sustainable growth and profits. With a loyal customer base, strong SaaS metrics and well-defined growth opportunities, a new owner will be well set up for success in a rapidly growing niche. Yearly revenue: $420,000

web business to business social subscription under $1M $ sold

For sale is a B2B subscription service business in the social media marketing space. Founded in July of 2014 the company specializes in growing their clients’ social media followers across Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Using a software that has been fine-tuned over the years and an autonomous and capable behind-the-scenes team to target only the most relevant users for a client, the company has grown its client base to an impressive c.900 customers over the period of three years. The business has undergone strong growth over the trailing 12 months with monthly recurring revenues rising to over $41K in Mayof 2017. Currently, the owner spends only a couple of hours a day setting up new user accounts and setting overall growth strategies for the business. With a strong and growing value proposition in our increasingly-digital world, a new owner will be taking over a stable business on the rise with plenty of growth opportunities at its disposal. Yearly revenue: $431,000

web advertisement social education infrastructure under $1M $ for sale

For sale is a popular and authoritative advertising business in the motivation and education niche. Established as a Facebook page in 2012 and later launched with a branded website in 2014, the business has become the go-to resource for millions of users by focusing on inspirational and educational content delivered in a variety of formats including articles, images, and videos. Specializing in a range of self-help, spiritual, scientific, and political topics, the business has skyrocketed in popularity through the deployment of a Facebook-first strategy. This proved to be a wise move, with the social media platform now serving c.2 billion users helping the Facebook page grow to become one of the largest inspirational networks on the Internet, with c.2.5 million highly-active followers. The business itself is relatively hands off, with the current owner’s role involving basic site maintenance and content curation, which could be outsourced. This allows a new owner to spend their time focusing on the growth opportunities available to the business. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a proven and scalable business with millions of loyal followers that has stood the test of time. Yearly revenue: $567,000


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web under $1M $ for sale

CONFIDENTIAL Bids: ClassifiedAsset Type: Website Detailed Category: Home and Garden

ecommerce under $1M $ for sale

Niche: Apparel & Accessories Date established: June 2016 Monetization: eCommerce Net Profit: $30,561.57

web seo under $1M $ sold

This site provides visitors access to over 2.3 million publicly available United States mugshots and arrest records. The site is currently monetized with ads but there is the possibility to sell the data for a future owner. It requires less than 10 hours of maintenance time per month and continues to grow naturally without any SEO or marketing efforts. This would suit a buyer looking to add to an existing portfolio or with experience selling data. Yearly revenue: $567,000

ecommerce web business to business wellness revenue under $1M $ sold

For sale is the rare and exciting opportunity to acquire a 12 year old e-commerce business in the personal development and meditation niche. First established in 2003 in Colorado, this business has repeatedly created high quality products that have helped tens thousands of individuals, professionals and counselors in achieving advanced mind and body training. The business generated revenues through both direct website sales and B2B wholesale sales. The revenue profile of the business has proven to be extremely stable over the years with a 43% profit margin. With the huge expansion seen in the meditation niche over the past 5 years this business is poised for further growth. Yearly revenue: $844,000

amazon ecommerce under $1M $ for sale

Niche: Kitchen & Dining Date established: July 2014 Monetization: Amazon FBA, eCommerce Net Profit: $30,263.75

amazon under $1M $ for sale

Niche: Apparel & Accessories Date established: March 2011 Monetization: eCommerce, Amazon FBA, Other Net Profit: $21,164.40

beauty under $1M $ for sale

Niche: Beauty & Cosmetics Date established: February 2017 Monetization: eCommerce, Dropshipping Net Profit: $30,128.31

web business to business subscription revenue under $1M $ sold

FE International is pleased to present an exciting and rare opportunity to acquire a portfolio of successful SaaS businesses focused on the real estate niche. The SaaS metrics of the business are very strong, with an average LTV of $1,121 and a revenue churn of only 2.35%. Over the past year, revenues have grown by over 5% month-on-month, with little effort on behalf of the owners. The business now boasts over 1,200 paying subscribers. With the real estate industry undergoing major expansion, solid SaaS metrics, and a compelling business case, this is an ideal opportunity for a buyer looking to enter the SaaS space. Yearly revenue: $315,000*


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amazon ecommerce beauty under $1M $ for sale

CONFIDENTIAL Bids: ClassifiedAsset Type: Amazon FBA Detailed Category: Health and Beauty

web business to business seo subscription revenue under $1M $ sold

For sale is a B2B SaaS business in the SEO tools niche. The business was first launched in 2011 as a dedicated backlink tracker, and has developed and scaled significantly since. The software now offers comprehensive SEO and backlink functionalities. The product has quickly found market fit, now boasting a total paying customer base of over 800 clients. Revenues have seen rapid growth with the business reaching an impressive c.100% compound annual growth rate for the period 2014 - 2016. The business itself is easy to run with the current owner only spending a few hours a week answering customer support tickets. With an established presence in an expanding industry, a new owner will be taking over a business on the rise with a growing value proposition in our increasingly digital world. Yearly revenue: $367,000

web seo under $1M $ sold

Founded in 2009, this is an established and profitable business that compiles, updates and sells a variety of marketing lists/databases to small businesses in a number of countries. The business is largely run by a part-time employee who will be staying with the business. The majority of traffic to the site is paid and is therefore extremely sustainable. A buyer with a background in SEO may be able to save on PPC costs with a successful SEO strategy. Yearly revenue: $939,877

under $1M $ for sale

Niche: Apparel & Accessories Date established: November 2016 Monetization: Dropshipping Net Profit: $28,418.81

web affiliate advertisement email investment revenue under $1M $ sold

FE International is pleased to present a rare opportunity to acquire a portfolio of 14 high authority sites in the programming resource and tutorial niche, with the oldest dating back to 2006. All of the site in the portfolio have been acquired with significant traffic already in place but under-optimized (or no) monetization strategies in place. The owners have used their expertise to monetize these sites, which has resulted in both high levels of organic revenue growth and a blueprint for future acquisition growth. While the owners are very competent in advertising monetization, there is plenty of room for growth in email marketing and affiliate revenues – two areas that are almost non-existent. There are over 300,000 emails which could be targeted with affiliate offers. This portfolio is ideal for a buyer that wants to see their investment continue to grow organically (and quickly) over time. Yearly revenue: $300,000

game under $1M $ for sale

Niche: Gaming Date established: December 2016 Monetization: Advertising, App Net Profit: $24,602.57

ecommerce under $1M $ for sale

Niche: Finance Date established: January 2016 Monetization: eCommerce Net Profit: $24,022.94

ecommerce web under $1M $ sold

For sale is a growing and reputable dropship e-commerce business in the fashion and accessories niche. Founded in February 2016, the business has quickly found market fit by focusing on dog-themed apparel and accessories. The business has quickly evolved into the go-to online store for pet lovers looking for a wide range of high-quality products for themselves and their pets including shirts, bracelets, rings, and bracelets. Boasting over $2 million in annual sales and a c.30% CMGR over the trailing 12 months, the business’s products clearly resonate with consumers. The business utilizes a free + shipping model to deliver its products to the hundreds of thousands of customers interested in the store’s offerings. The business itself is relatively simple to operate with the owner focusing on streamlining and simplifying operations from the very start. Much of the day-to-day is delegated to VAs, allowing a new owner to focus on strategic growth. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over an e-commerce business on the rise. With a lucrative value proposition and robust operations, the business is primed for continued growth. Yearly revenue: $2,150,000

web advertisement education revenue under $1M $ sold

established and authoritative display advertising website in the education niche with a proven track record. Launched in 2007, the business offers users a centralized location to view and apply for international scholarships. With over a decade of operations, the site has evolved to become the go-to resource for millions of students each month. Monetized via Google AdSense and seeing tens of millions of page views every year, the business reached an impressive revenue CAGR of c.56% for the period 2015 to (e)2017. In the past year alone, the site saw over 8.5 million uniques and 61 million page views. This strong traffic profile is aided by the website’s rankings for over 65,000 keywords. The business itself is simple to operate with the current owner, a graduate from the University of Oxford and Stanford Fellow, only spending a few hours a week on content oversight and employee management. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a scalable and highly authoritative business with a decade-long proven track record. Yearly revenue: $377,000

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