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Project description Websitefunctions http://worldwarriders. dx. am/ (could change) 2 emails (could change) Forum platform Classifiedsplatform eShopplatform Blogplatform Portfolio platform Membersplatform Groups and Events System Contact Forms Notification system Social Activity Profiles Badges Syste..This project is built usingPHPMySQLHTMLcms Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $960 (EUR) Project type: Automotive Chat E-Commerce Posted by: website viewed 25 times posted by hepromaster Technology: This project is built usingPHPMySQLHTMLcms


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blog under $1k $ for sale

DuCards DuCards is a list of links maker to create, share and discover curated lists of the most popular links around the internet including articles, videos, tutorials and blog posts. It's ready, no maintenance needed, just need someone who takes care of marketing. I'm selling this project because I'm working full time now, don't have the time for marketing. Built with: Python,Flask,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT $700 (Negotiable)

blog web under $1k $ for sale

Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $500 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: Blogging Platforms Posted by: website viewed 5 times posted by silver prince

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Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $500 (USD) Project type: Blogging Platforms Content News Posted by: website viewed 55 times posted by slashhash


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TKChecker TKChecker is a WordPress plugin I developed a short while ago. It helps bloggers and writers to avoid writers block by using the TK method. The author puts markers throughout their text as places they need to re-visit or fact check. Instead of doing a manual find & replace the plugin summarises those markers into a to-do list inside WordPress. The plugin has had a few sales but my audience is firmly designers, it would better suit someone who has an audience of bloggers or an existing WordPress plugin business. Happy to discuss offers. Built with: WordPress $500 ono


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Spring Have helped raise 70K for crowdfunding campaigns! Spring is a marketing and Consulting firm that specializes in growth-hacking and helping entrepreneurs, especially crowdfunding campaign owners, reach their goal and set growth plans to increase brand exposure. We have interviewed "Shark Tank" companies on our blog (attached to the site) and will give you all account details to fully own the website. Potential to make $3,000-10,000+ a month if you can pitch entrepreneurs that you can help them grow their brand exposure. Selling because of some health issues that are making me not have time to grow the company. Willing to negotiate on price. Built with: html 499

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Aajtak jagran news Aajtak jagran news is an auto blog which means that latest news updates are automatically posted on the blog daily. ha100+ visitors per day. Aajtak jagran shows news about india but you can also add fox and new york times news using ifttt generates most of the traffic from facebook.and the blog is SEO friendly.i have earned some dollars using can earn more by using affiliate marketing, propeller ads,etc. Built with: Built by blogger. $300 or worthy trade

blog web under $1k $ for sale

Project description Artem shypulya. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $25 (EUR) Project type: Blogging Platforms Posted by: website viewed 24 times posted by artemshypulya

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Show HN: A blog running on a terminal emulator

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Show HN: Readology – Simple, bloat-free blogging platform

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Show HN: Airtext – Create your own decentralized blog with one click

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Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Active Lifestyle Blogging Platforms Exercise Posted by: website viewed 2 times posted by aktivdag

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Show HN: Notepin – Extremely simple blogging platform

startup blog food & drinks documents $ no price is an AI powered domain name generator we built as a side project.My wife was trying to name her blog and I threw out an offhand comment over dinner about how we could totally build an AI to do that. She asked why we never actually build any of these things we talk about and it turned into a challenge. By late that night we had a dataset of a million domain names and were generating text that looked enough like domain names to encourage us to keep going.The names aren't all perfect but there are some really good ones in there! There are also some hilarious ones in there. For some reason the internet seems to be biased towards chickens and is available, as is a personal favorite of mine www.greatergoats.comFor the AI-inclined: we're using a character-level RNN to generate domain names which we match against the user's query with word vector similarity.

blog web food & drinks $ for sale

Detailed price: SHOWCASE Project type: Blogging Platforms Brand Marketing Food and Beverages Posted by: website viewed 11 times posted by fasterchef

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My wife and I spent our 20s stressing about money and getting our finances together. We made a lot of mistakes but finally got to a good place. Now, in our early 30s, we're saving over half our income and using the rest to pay off debt aggressively and invest. Retiring in our 40s is very realistic.I started writing about what we learned. It's practical advice about how people can save more money and create a secure, stress-free existence for themselves. Here's the most recent article: What astronauts can teach us about reducing money stress.Love to hear your thoughts on this post or the two others I have up there. Trying to determine if what I'm writing is helpful and what to write about going forward.

startup blog infrastructure $ no price

Show HN: Major upgrade to blogging platform I've been building

startup blog $ no price

Show HN: – Publish blog posts just by sending an email

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