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Show HN: UserGuiding 2.0 is featured on Product Hunt

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Show HN: Producthunt Floating Prompt

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Hey guys! So here’s an exciting update.I and Rupak were working on revamping this tool for the past couple of months. We began this project way back in college, which got us featured in the top 2 products at ProductHunt in 2016.It’s finally ready! Presenting to you again, Culrs gives you a simple and smart approach to pick quality color palettes for any application. Explore 500+ palettes, which are regularly updated to bring you the best always.Check out the short video created by both of us to re-introduce Culrs.Here is a small elevator pitch what exactly culrs do:-Culrs is an open platform for the user to choose color palettes for their application with extreme ease. What makes Culrs different is that there is no more manual process of creating color palettes. The user doesn’t have to go through the process of making the right color combinations over days or weeks. All of this is already done and presented to the user. And Culrs is not just a random color palette generator. The colors are curated and palettes are fashioned with colors that work together, creating beautiful combinations, keeping in mind the color wheel and color theory. The color palettes on Culrs can be used for various applications, across art and design.Introducing​​

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I created Intent because as the year wears on and life gets busy, I forget and lose focus on my well-meaning New Year's resolution.The way it works is simple: You sign up with your email and resolution, then you receive weekly challenges related to your resolution. Not only are you being reminded of what you want to work on, but Intent keeps track of your progress all year long. This is not just a reminder - it's a way to turn your ambitions into action which will help you keep your resolutions in mind all year long.We posted this last week on Product Hunt and received 40 sign-ups so far. We're optimistic about this response. We think it is resonating with some people and I wanted to share it here to see what your thoughts are on first glance.What do you like about it? What don't you like? What would you change? Any feedback/thoughts welcome.You can check it out here and give it a try if you'd like (it's free):

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Hello Everyone 👋​For 2019, I have 6 small side projects in mind so far. I wanted to start the year by launching this one first.​It is a simple directory of tech conferences happening around the world. You can filter through them by selecting a country followed by a month for example.​Link to website: https://techconferences.coLink to Product Hunt (Launched today):​The site was built using Table 2 Site made by​As tweeted by Sarah Evans:🇺🇸 Search by country📅 View by month✔️ Plan your year🎤 Apply to speak​You can also suggest/submit additional events. 🙌If you notice any errors, please let me know and I will get it fixed.​Do you believe meetups should be added?​

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Quick backstory to the birth of this project: There a many scenarios similar to this but I personally was one of the buyers stung by the Butterfly Labs scandal and after multiple attempts to share my frustrations on their forum only to have a moderator remove my post I decided we needed a mechanism to comment on a domain, page or specific full url without fear of the domain wonder moderator us... freedom of speech for the internet.​So the resulting service and extension became Gromments which poorly translates into Globally Recognised Comments... not a great name but its the best I could think up with all my spirit of creativity.​I have listed the link to the service / website for the chrome extension on Product Hunt which I noticed many people do and I am starting to like the Product Hun so I will pay it forward by linking through them.​'t forget to upvote on product hunt if you like.​Check it out and feedback is always welcomed, if you want to go that extra mile... use Gromments' Chrome Extension to post feedback directly into Gromments on the domain. haha.​Happy Grommenting!

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Hi folks,AWS CloudWatch is a service for viewing and analyzing logs of other AWS services. In the case of AWS Lambda, if you have many function invocation, you may have a hard time when analyzing your logs since there is no separator for two consecutive logs of lambda invocation. Especially, I have difficulties to realize the beginning and the end of logs of specific invocation. Therefore, I developed a simple Chrome Extension to make them easily distinguishable visually. This extension sets the same background color for the logs of same lambda invocation. As a result, logs of every lambda invocation has a different background color. In other words, logs are grouped visually with having different background.You can install extension from Chrome Web Store. Furthermore, check it out extension's ProductHunt page.

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Show HN: A list of books recommended by Indie Hackers

startup famous $ no price​I launched it on Product Hunt yesterday, would love your feedback!I'm also trying to figure out what communities would find something like this useful.​

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