$4,999 fasdeal.com  contact    a year ago
android ecommerce web advertisement finance infrastructure under $5k $ for sale

Fasdeal Fasdeal.com is a local deals platform built on laravel framework that can be interchangeably also used as an e-commerce portal. - Adding deals, stores, users & banner images can be fully done with the help of admin panel. - Payment gateway integrated (India). With basic coding knowledge, any gateway be integrated. - Domain Name, Code, Android App, Admin Panel are included in the sale. - The website currently receives traffic of about 500-600 users per month from India. Adding relevant location data can easily help push the traffic upwards in relevant locations. Built with: Laravel PHP, Bootstrap, Android App $4999 or Worthy Trade

ecommerce web finance revenue under $5k $ for sale

Project description This website is a dropship bikini, payment via stripe. The website is well built there is no need for web admin since everything is automated. It’s fairly simple, when you receive an order you make the purchase from the wholesale supplier with the customer address the average profit is 400% per item..This project is built usingWordPress Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $4,950 (USD) Project type: E-Commerce Posted by: website viewed 18 times posted by michelabella Technology: This project is built usingWordPress

Loan Money USA

$3,500 flippa.com  contact  2 years ago
android app finance under $5k $ for sale

Loan Money USAAsset Type: Android App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $3,500 Time Remain: 4 days left Detailed Category: Business


$3,000 wexlang.com  contact    a year ago
finance education under $5k $ for sale

WexLang WexLang is a service where you can learn a language by reading whatever you like. Read books in original language. Without being distracted by a dictionary. Read foreign language books together and help each other with understanding and learning a foreign language. 104 languages are available. Every language pair is a potential market. I'm selling it because of mortgage loan. Built with: PHP (laravel), html, css, jquery, mysql 3000

revenue startup famous hardware design under $5k $ for sale

OfficeHours Cards OfficeHoursCards is both a physical and digital product for helping people to prepare for their startup accelerator interview, or just to help refine any startups vision. It's a super simple business model with huge room for potential. Would suit someone who likes the startup world but doesn't want to have to manage an app or a team of developers. It featured on ProductHunt last October and got around 50 orders in 1 day. It continues to bring in orders each time there is any promotion of it. It has brought in thousands of dollars of profit so far and can easily be expanded upon. I am now consolidating all side projects to focus on new work. The sale includes :- Domain HTML & CSS site Design assets Supplier contacts Remaining inventory & branding materials worth $250 Future marketing suggestions documentation Contacts for graphic & web designers Assistance with transition and setup to new owner. It's pretty much a business in a box! Serious offers only please Built with: HTML, CSS, Gumroad $3000

blockchain web finance design under $5k $ for sale

Project description We are developing the cryptocurrency exchange script for any kind of startups. It can be just started with few steps. Our solution is cost effective for you.This project is built usingcake php framework Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $3,000 (USD) Project type: Design Web CMS Web Development Posted by: website viewed 17 times posted by scarletemilye Technology: This project is built usingcake php framework


$3,000 platformplug.com  contact    2 years ago
web advertisement seo infrastructure under $5k $ for sale

PlatformPlug What is included in the sale? Website Domains Servers Marketing Technique User database (Over 1k accounts) SEO Status What is required to keep the business operational? Website hosting (will help with migration) Why are you selling the business? Moving onto other ventures in different industries. How does the business generate revenue? Through charging a commision fee upon a talent booking, monthly fee for a featured spot on the homepage Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? Website hosting (will help with migration) Transaction Email Provider (will help with migration) File Storage Provider (will help with migration) What marketing initiatives have been used for this business? SEO Facebook Google Adwords Content Marketing How can the future owner improve the business? Continue adding features to the platform Continue spend on marketing and discover new advertising techniques Interact with users Built with: Laravel (PHP) 3000


$3,000 sublid.com  contact    2 years ago
finance subscription under $5k $ for sale

Sublid Sublid is a subscription management platform, that allows users to track their reoccuring subscriptions (think mailchimp, netflix, dropbox etc.) and trials. The software then notifies users when the payments are coming up, what payment source is assigned. It also lets you know when a trial is about to finish up so you don't get charged. Great for someone who has some more ideas on where to take the project and some good marketing skills. Built with: Elixir, Phoenix, React 3000

What If Bitcoin

SOLD $2,999 whatifbitcoin.com  contact    2 years ago
blockchain social famous under $5k $ sold

What If Bitcoin SOLD WhatIFBitcoin.com will make the user so unhappy that they will share it on social media and generate more traffic for the site :). The site got featured on major news publications like OM.com , lifehacker and more and since the initial viral hype has passed it still gets 8000 page views a day and people share it all over social media. You can read more about how I built it here: https://medium.com/@surfcoderepeat/i-put-ph-launch-guide-to-test-and-this-is-what-happened-6ddd9b271ec3 Built with: HTM,CSS,JS $2999 or worthy trade

Urgent Sales Timer

$2,499 apps.shopify.com  contact    2 years ago
ecommerce web shopify finance under $5k $ for sale

Urgent Sales Timer Urgent Sales Timer 5 STAR Shopify App lets you sell 3x more by placing disappearing discounts on your website through growth hacking and automation. Selling because of some health issues that are making me not have time to grow the app. -Currently, 5 star rated -Will include shopify partners account with full access to all the resources needed, including development team assistance with no work on your part -Passive income potential to $10,000/month or more -Willing to negotiate on price or offer payment plan Built with: Ruby on rails $2,499

web finance under $5k $ for sale

Project description http://viagrakopenonline. nl/ is gevestigd in Nederland en heeft een wereldwijd netwerk van gezondheidsprofessionals om klanten wereldwijd te bedienen, waaronder de VS, Australië, het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Azië en Europa. Zij verstrekken een discrete, geschikte en betaalbare website om online medicij..This project is built usingWordPress Mijn naam is Kristin Erwin. Ik ben aan het werk als urologe in het UZ Leuven. Ik ben een arts die ge.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $2,000 (USD) Project type: Health and Insurance Health and Wellness Health Care Posted by: website viewed 4 times posted by kristinerwin Technology: This project is built usingWordPress Mijn naam is Kristin Erwin. Ik ben aan het werk als urologe in het UZ Leuven. Ik ben een arts die ge..

blockchain web finance under $5k $ for sale

Project description Without Banks, our economycouldn't function properly. Though the banking process is mandatory for financial development. By considering this we can also prefercryptocurrency banking for our advanced digital currency growth. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $2,000 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: Banking Tech Productivity Software Web Development Posted by: website viewed 2 times posted by pulsehyip

subscription famous under $5k $ for sale

18 hours agoBounty Hunter SaaSGreat product hunt traction. Needs to be relaunched. Prices: MRR No Profits No Asking price $2,000

Oh, My Coins!

$2,000 ohmycoins.xyz  contact    2 years ago
web blockchain famous under $5k $ for sale

Oh, My Coins! "Oh, My Coins!" is a website where you can anonymously share your cryptocurrency loss. So far people submitted stories of lost coins that are worth about 230.5k BTC or ~$4.5B. Project did relatively great on Producthunt - http://producthunt.com/posts/oh-my-coins despite badly timed launch and the website has very positive feedback from people. The reason I'm selling is that the project feels finished for me and I don't have any more ideas. Built with: Vanilla JS, HTML, CSS (framework bulma.io - open source) $2000

Cat Attack

$1,500 catattack.co  contact    2 years ago
famous under $5k $ for sale

Cat Attack Selling Catattack.co because I don't have the time to update or maintain it. It's already made me a couple thousand dollars, and has huge potential. The vast majority of that came over the week I launched on Product Hunt two years ago. Despite doing zero marketing since then, I still get a few bucks a week from the site. With some love and attention, this could be a steady stream of income! You can also take the code and build numerous texting sites. You could even clean up the code and sell it as a generic "annoying texting site" template for $99. Tons of possibilities if you have the time and energy! The entire thing runs off of a $5 digital ocean droplet and texts are sent through plivo. Whole site is custom coded on php, so you should know how to code php if you're buying the site! Built with: php $1,500

android app finance under $5k $ for sale

Free Loan Calculator with amortization scheduleAsset Type: Android App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $1,150 Time Remain: 13 days left Detailed Category: Business


$1,099 grabthatsong.com  contact    a year ago
seo revenue under $5k $ for sale

GrabThatSong GrabThatSong is a reliable SoundCloud downloader. You can enter a URL of any of the songs and it will convert it to MP3. This is a brilliant ad revenue opportunity if you know how to market it in organic search. SoundCloud downloaders on the top of Google search are making around $300 per day with ads. Built with: HTML, JavaScript, AWS Lambda 1099

BIN List

$1,000 binlist.io  contact    8 months ago
finance under $5k $ for sale

BIN List BIN List is a database of BIN numbers%2C which are the first six numbers of a bank card used to identify the issuing bank. These numbers are commonly used in fraud prevention and detection platforms. The site currently gets over 5%2C000 visitors a month and makes %2450%2B in ads. %0D%0A%0D%0AI%E2%80%99m selling because I no longer have the time to maintain the database or continue working on the app. Built with: Python, Django $1000 or best offer

Bank Codes

$1,000 bankcodes.io  contact    8 months ago
affiliate finance under $5k $ for sale

Bank Codes Bank Codes is a database of bank codes from different countries used to make domestic and international transfers. It currently gets around 5%2C000 visitors a month and makes %2450-100 in affiliate earnings. %0D%0A%0D%0AI%E2%80%99m selling because I no longer have the time to grow the site. It%E2%80%99s hosted with Digital Ocean and Server Pilot and can be easily transferred to a new owner. Built with: WordPress, PHP $1000 or best offer

blockchain web finance chat under $5k $ for sale

Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $1,000 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: Trading Posted by: website viewed 9 times posted by algol

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