web affiliate finance under $250k $ sold

This Forex Trading software product, launched in 2008, is one of the market leaders in the niche. The current owner has achieved a point where the business is almost fully passive - with extremely complex automated sales funnels set up and the software updating itself automatically. With four years of history, the product has proven itself to be evergreen. Majority of traffic originates from professionally prepared Pay Per Click campaigns (will be transferred to the buyer), meaning that the buyer does not have to depend on organic rankings which may change quickly. There is also an operational Affiliate Program, however the current owner hasn't worked on recruiting affiliates, which for the buyer means a fantastic opportunity to increase revenues. Yearly revenue: $207,438

web business to business finance subscription revenue under $250k $ sold

For sale is a rapidly growing B2B SaaS business in the payment transaction integration niche. Launched in 2015, the business has scaled incredibly quickly and effectively, generating over $5,000 in MRR only 2 years after acquiring its first paying customer. The business offers a strong value proposition by synchronizing Stripe transactions to Xero, simplifying its customers’ accounting processes. With MRR churn and customer churn standing at an impressive c.1.6% and c.3% respectively and still decreasing, these figures illustrate that once a customer signs up for the product, they are unlikely to stop paying for the service. The total customer base grew by c.200% over the last 12 months, now boasting a paying client base of hundreds of customers. The current owner spends less than two hours per week answering support tickets and managing the developer on an ad-hoc basis. The developer will be available to a new owner for a period post-sale, simplifying the transition process. Having demonstrated product-market fit within months of launch, the software has gone from strength-to-strength with no signs of slowing down. This presents a great opportunity for a buyer to enter the growing payment transaction integration niche with a proven product and an authoritative brand. Yearly revenue: $75,000*

web finance subscription education revenue infrastructure under $250k $ for sale

established and diversified content business in the algorithmic trading education space. Launched in 2012, the business has stood the test of time to become a trusted educational resource for millions of users looking to supplement their quantitative finance knowledge. With a blend of free and premium content in the form of articles, eBooks, simulation software, and a membership subscription area, the business has established itself as a clear authority in the niche. As the rate of technological innovation continues to accelerate, financial firms are quick to adapt, utilizing technology, coding, and statistics to discern stock trading patterns. This is fueling the explosive growth of algorithmic trading, predicted to grow at a c.8.4% CAGR between 2016 and 2025 to reach over $18 billion in revenue by 2025. As a long-term incumbent in the quantitative finance space, the business stands ready to benefit from this trend. With hundreds of pages of long-form articles, the site now ranks for over 11,000 keywords and boasts backlinks from sources such as BBC, Wired, and eFinancialCareers. This has helped drive steady traffic, with the site seeing over 1.2 million visitors in the LTM. The business itself is simple to maintain, requiring low owner involvement and creating plenty of time to focus on growth. This business presents a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over an authoritative educational resource platform with many years of operational history and a superior content foundation. Yearly revenue: $104,000

startup web business to business finance subscription under $250k $ sold

For sale is a fast-growing SaaS business in the online payment processing user experience space. Founded in 2015 and launched in 2016, this business provides a user-friendly front-end system to the incredibly popular payment processor, Stripe. The business has found product/market fit, with a compound monthly growth rate at 47% over the last year. The 100% Javascript (Angular.js frontend, Node.js backend) codebase was written by the founder and has received multiple updates and features since launch. This product-first mentality has driven fully organic growth. This is a perfect opportunity for a Javascript developer looking to scale an already proven solution. Alternatively, a non-technical owner could outsource future development and focus on driving marketing, sales, and customer success. Yearly revenue: $81,000*

web advertisement finance revenue under $250k $ sold

For sale is a rapidly growing U.S. financial institution directory business, with a highly profitable display advertising revenue stream. Launched in August 2015, the site quickly gained traction due to its comprehensive bank branch database. Monetized via AdSense, the site is a go-to resource for millions of users looking for the latest, up-to-date information on bank branch locations. The site has proven incredibly popular with users, seeing over 2 million sessions in the last ten months alone. Much of the traffic, c.75% is organic thanks to the c.229,000 keywords the website ranks for. This business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over an authoritative, growing business with a strong traffic profile. Yearly revenue: $64,000*

web affiliate finance under $250k $ sold

For sale is a portfolio of authoritative affiliate businesses in the banking and personal finance niche. Since the inception in 2016, the portfolio of affiliate businesses has grown to become a well regarded educational resource for thousands of consumers looking to open non-ChexSystems bank accounts each month. With the total number of bank accounts continuing to climb year-after-year, the sites are primed to continue their steady upward trajectory. With a clear focus and firm foothold in the personal finance space, the sites have attracted c.100,000 sessions in the past 12 months alone. With the owner currently outside the US, the earnings have been limited to international banking affiliate programs only. Under new US ownership, the revenues stand to increase significantly once the sites are also targeting US financial institutions. The portfolio of affiliate businesses presents a unique acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a portfolio of robust content businesses in a growing, evergreen niche. Yearly revenue: $106,000

web business to business finance subscription investment revenue under $250k $ for sale

For sale is a growing B2B platform-as-a-service (PaaS) business in the home and rental insurance niche monetized via recurring subscriptions. Launched in 2016, the business caters to the short-term rental market by providing flexible liability and loss-of-earnings insurance. With an affordable month-to-month offering, the business delivers a clear value proposition that has demonstrated market fit. The business has scaled by focusing on the rapidly-growing short-term rentals and private accommodation industry. With the market for short-term rentals expected to rise c.60% to reach $133 billion in annual revenue by 2022, the business has a large and steadily-expanding target market to pursue over the coming years. The business’s value proposition has proven effective, with the business reaching a c.58.7% CAGR for the period 2016 to 2018. With the average user paying c.$148 per month while staying on for of c.15 months, the business boasts an impressive LTV of c.$2,220 throughout the past year. With scalable costs and simple operations, a new owner will have plenty of resources to invest in growth. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner to take over an innovative B2B PaaS business monetized via a recurring subscription model. With lucrative unit economics, clear market fit, and a firm foothold in a steadily-growing niche, the business is primed to continue its upward trajectory under a new owner. Yearly revenue: $69,000

web ios android mobile business to business finance subscription under $250k $ for sale

For sale is a growing B2B App with a mission critical offering in the mobile payment integration niche. Launched in 2018, this business has grown at a remarkable rate by providing an intuitive iOS and Android mobile payment processing App for Stripe users. As a Stripe Verified Partner with an affordable product and a clear value proposition, this business has secured perfect five-star reviews on numerous third-party B2B reviews sites. The business is monetized via a value-based pricing model. This pricing strategy has proven successful, with revenues reaching a 29.6% CMGR throughout the LTM. This business presents a well-coded opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a scalable B2B SaaS business with a large addressable target market, glowing product reviews, and plenty of unexplored growth strategies. Yearly revenue: $28,000*

web finance investment revenue under $250k $ sold

This established insurance lead generation business for the United States market has been a strong investment for its current owner since he acquired it in 2010, making an average of $5,500 a month in profit in the last 12 months with highs over $10,000 in some months. This site is completely passive if the new owner decides to hire out SEO, and has been fully optimized for conversions with more than 50% of visitors clicking through to the second page with paid offers. There are 3 simple ways to increase earnings immediately (details in prospectus). Yearly revenue: $67,069

web finance subscription under $250k $ sold

established and popular B2C SaaS business in the personal finance niche. The business provides automated personal budget software that helps users manage and track their money. The subscription software connects to a user’s bank and credit card accounts to analyse spending habits and suggests budgets to save money. The business has amassed a customer list of over 243,000 clients and is frequently mentioned as one of the top personal finance tools by sources. This acquisition presents a great opportunity for a buyer looking to enter the growing personal finance market, with a proven and established SaaS business and plentiful growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $50,000

blog web seo finance under $250k $ for sale

Project description Notes Project was designed and created only to work with Webmasters for FREE and to have payed member features that include much more trade requests, custom templates, MOZ and other information of other trader sites. Paid member features are not developed. Project is built using newest coding t..This project is built usingPHPCSS Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $100,000 (USD) Project type: Blogging Platforms Web Tools Posted by: website viewed 7 times posted by postkings 1 1 Technology: This project is built usingPHPCSS

web finance design under $100k $ for sale

Project description This is a new, innovative and dynamic tool designed for managing screens in different mainframe coding languages. Features Mapset MEANS saving due to its low execution time. Design your BMS without the need to worry about errors thanks to the validation system.This project is built usingPythonDjangoAngularJSReactJSbmsHTMLpdfcanvasTypeScriptJavascript Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $90,000 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: Banking Tech Cloud Infrastructure Information Technology Posted by: website viewed 53 times posted by juliomrqz 1 Technology: This project is built usingPythonDjangoAngularJSReactJSbmsHTMLpdfcanvasTypeScriptJavascript

finance medicine hr under $100k $ for sale

Project description 1. HR 2. blood bank 3.This project is built usingoracle Oracle 11g databases .. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $90,000 (USD) - Negotiable Project type: Doctors Health Care Hospitals Posted by: desktop app viewed 11 times posted by junaid Technology: This project is built usingoracle Oracle 11g databases ..

Neural Trader

$45,000 github.com  contact    2 years ago
blockchain finance $ for sale

Neural Trader Autonomous crypto-currency trading using advanced neural networks to data mine decisions. Built with: NodeJS, NPM, Yarn, SocketIO, Express, VueJS, Docker, Nginx 45,000

ios mobile marketplace affiliate finance $ for sale

Project description I made an app that lets users calculate their dose of CBD, then find CBD products. Fully functional and accepted by the app store, but I have another company that takes up all of my time. Waiting to put it on the app store for insurance purposes.This project is built usingMySQLJavaiOSSwift Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $40,000 (USD) Project type: Algorithms Apps App Stores Posted by: mobile app viewed 17 times posted by thecbdmarketplace Technology: This project is built usingMySQLJavaiOSSwift

web affiliate finance $ for sale

Project description This listing is for an affiliate Insurance quote created between 2014 to 2018. The sites feature insurance quote and partner major insurance companies to compare rates. The business does heavy retargeting on Adsterra.This project is built usingWordPressPHPJava Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $39,995 (USD) Project type: Health and Insurance Insurance Insurance Companies Posted by: website viewed 13 times posted by wcib Technology: This project is built usingWordPressPHPJava


$30,000 codeinperson.com  contact    2 years ago
finance travel $ for sale

CodeInPerson Book talented, local coders who will get you up to speed on something technical, in-person. It's a full prototype: marketplace, booking engine, profiles, payment integration, decent design. Search 'ruby on rails', 'san francisco' to see the full flow. I'm now working in a different industry, so am not interested in developing it. Built with: Ruby on Rails, Stripe $30,000

web finance $ sold

This lead generation site was established in 2004 and has been a solid earner despite being neglected by the current owner. It's in the extremely lucrative health insurance niche and has a lot of room to grow in the right hands. Has some solid Google rankings and coverts extremely well. Yearly revenue: $21,000

web finance under $25k $ for sale

Project description Assets Included in the Sale: - Insurance Quote Direct Access Partner. - Lifetime phone number ($5,000 Value) auto redirect to local agent of the customer. - Quote java-script ready integrated to be responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile.This project is built usingWordPress Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $24,950 (USD) Project type: Finance Insurance Posted by: website viewed 10 times posted by wcib Technology: This project is built usingWordPress

web finance subscription revenue under $25k $ for sale

9 hours agoTHEMES SHOP - REVENUE $1000+ Per Month-9028 Uniques-Site Sells Themes for Building Classifieds SitesOur business is an online store that sells a digital product, ( a classifieds theme) which can be used to create a classifieds website similar to olx, gumtree etc... Users browse our website and can check a demo of the product before ordering. everything is automated, users add the product required to the cart, and checkout using paypal or credit card, then the system automatically send them the download link after the payment is approved. It's a great business generating money on autopilot. Lots of potential, around $1000+ per month Prices: MRR $1,048 Profits $1,048 Asking price $23,197

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