ecommerce web affiliate video under $250k $ sold

For sale is a 5 year old ecommerce business in the sporting niche, specialising in training products. The range of digital products were created by an expert basketball player and trainer over several years. This portfolio of assets is both very profitable and very low maintenance, with all of the current tasks outsourced to a single virtual assistant based in the USA. The business comprises of a total of 26 products, which are delivered electronically via the ClickBank platform. The diverse product range has helped maintain the strong revenues, with focus seamlessly switched from one product to another depending on demand. Traffic is driven through YouTube views as well as an established affiliate base, so the site is not dependent on organic traffic. There are many opportunities open to a new buyer to improve what is already a successful and scalable model. Please contact the team for more information. Yearly revenue: $139,000

game web video under $250k $ sold

For sale is a unique 'multiboxing' software business which enables PC gamers to control multiple instances of a game at the same time on a single computer. Created in 2009, the tool helps players of MMORPGs to control multiple characters at once by broadcasting mouse and keyboard inputs into several instances of the game. The software includes a host of impressive extra features including multi-monitor support, in-game web browsing, video recording and programmable keyboard functionality. Yearly revenue: $47,885

social video investment under $250k $ for sale

For sale is a growing and scalable App business in the social media niche. Since its launch in 2017, the App has enjoyed strong product market fit, quickly scaling to c.2,900 monthly active users. Targeting Instagram users on the App Store, the App allows customers to quickly and effectively create Instagram videos longer than 15 seconds. With an intuitive UI, unlimited video length, Facebook upload capabilities, and an early presence in the niche, the App has differentiated itself as a leader in the Instagram video space. The App’s Instagram-first strategy has proven to be highly effective, fuelling growth and creating a large total addressable market to tap into. With Instagram boasting 800 million MAUs and forecast to reach 1 billion MAUs by the end of 2018, the business is primed to capitalize on Instagram’s rapid growth and market dominance. The business itself is simple to operate, requiring only a few hours of owner input per month on customer support and maintenance. With strong margins, a new owner will have plenty of time and cash flow to invest in growth opportunities. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a scalable App business on the rise. With a well-known brand, robust functionality, and an early presence in a lucrative niche, the business is primed for additional growth under a new owner. Yearly revenue: $46,000*

web business to business video under $100k $ sold

For sale is a rapidly growing business in the video templates and marketing niche. Launched in 2017, the business delivers customizable video templates for use by B2B and B2C video producers across a wide range of industries. With a large catalogue of unique videos, the website has proven incredibly popular as illustrated by the c.380,000 visitors frequenting an average of 6.3 pages per session and driving c.2.4 million page views in the trailing eight months. The site itself is simple to operate, with the current owner spending just a few hours per month on basic site maintenance, allowing for plenty of time to focus on growth. The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to take over a rapidly growing digital products provider, ready to be taken to the next level under new ownership. Yearly revenue: $37,000*

game web advertisement video under $100k $ sold

For sale are two related, high-traffic, display advertising websites in the video gaming forum niche. Established in 2005, the websites have successfully and rapidly grown to become leaders in their niche. Combined, these sites see nearly 30MM page views per year The websites are fully automated with user generated content. The websites are managed and maintained by four forum moderators, all unpaid volunteers. The current owner spends roughly one hour per month checking and optimizing ad revenues. This is a great opportunity for a buyer looking to enter the display advertising space with a tried-and-true business requiring minimal owner input. Conversely, the websites can be combined with a buyer’s website portfolio to create cost saving synergies and generate passive cash flow. Yearly revenue: $44,000*

web video revenue under $100k $ sold

This website sells YouTube views, comments, likes, subscribers, and favorites. There is an entire staff that comes with the site to take care of most of the work. All traffic is organic from Google since the site ranks high on page 1 for the keyword "buy YouTube views", as well as other related long-tail keywords. Since August 2011, this site has averaged over $10k net profit per month with several months making 12k and 14k net profit. Yearly revenue: $206,400*

ecommerce web affiliate email video infrastructure fun under $100k $ sold

international retail e-Commerce business, focused on the street dance niche. The site has rapidly become a leading provider of street dance training equipment and general merchandise. This includes over 50 proprietary products, as well as affiliate products. The business has a low-cost outsourced fulfilment model and prides itself on a high standard of customer service. The site has access to one of the largest street dance communities in the world and typically generates between 150-250 orders per month. The business has a strong, loyal customer base, with c.12K individuals signed up to the mailing list as well as a substantial c.34M YouTube views and c.22K Facebook fans. The site has benefited from generating 40% of sales through repeat purchases, ranking in the top three on Google for over ten targeted keywords. With outsourced fulfilment, owner involvement is low at <10 hours per month. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a profitable, leading e-Commerce business in a fun and engaging niche. Yearly revenue: $98,000*

web advertisement video investment travel fun under $100k $ sold

AdSense business in the trucking niche. The website specializes in the provision of engaging, user-generated videos appreciated by avid diesel truck fans, globally. The business has grown significantly since inception and receives over 3 million unique visitors per year with an average CTR of 3.1%. With the majority of site content sourced from YouTube and Reddit, the business is not short of available content to embed onto the website. The current owner spends around 3 hours per week finding fresh content to post each day to the 135,000 fan base on Facebook which drives significant traffic to the site. This is a perfect business for a starter site or for an investor already in the niche who could benefit from the significant amount of traffic that the site generates. Yearly revenue: $49,123

web social video under $100k $ sold

This business sells social media services such as Facebook likes, Youtube views, Twitter followers, and Pinterest followers. It has averaged just over $4,000 a month in net income from verified and scalable traffic sources, and the current owner works with dependable service providers that will continue working with the new owner after the sale. Full training on how to run and grow the business will be provided. Yearly revenue: $64,834*

startup web video under $100k $ for sale

Project description PresentationTube project has been launched to help business professionals, teachers and students in record and share quality video tutorials easily and effectively. Thisproject offers free video recording tools, online video sharing platform, and on-site as well as online training. PresentationTube..This project is built usingPHPMySQLVisualBasichtml5 / css3javascipt PresentationTube Recorderallows teachers to narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides and synchro.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ > $50,000 (USD) Project type: SEEKING CO-FOUNDER Posted by: website viewed 36 times posted by alaasadik 1 Technology: This project is built usingPHPMySQLVisualBasichtml5 / css3javascipt PresentationTube Recorderallows teachers to narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides and synchro..

web advertisement video $ for sale

For sale is a growing content business in the video streaming software niche. Launched in 2017, the website has quickly found market fit by providing a range of useful guides and tutorials for the popular Kodi addon. Since inception over 15 years ago, Kodi has gained traction with millions of users by providing an all-inclusive, open source media server for viewing live TV and videos across a variety of devices. Since launch, the owner has built up a vast catalog of over 200 informative articles and secured rankings for c.9,000 keywords. In turn, this has helped drive strong traffic, with the site seeing over 925,000 uniques and c.2.5 million page views in the past eight months alone. This business presents a great opportunity for a new owner to acquire a growing content business with low operational overhead and a large content base to build on for future growth Yearly revenue: $20,000*

Ionic Video Chat

$25,000  contact    23 days ago
video chat $ for sale

Ionic Video Chat Fully functional real time Video and Group Text chat app similar to Viber or WhatsApp. It has full multi-platform support for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux built using Ionic 2. There are two separate versions, for Ionic 1 and 2, both of which generate income on the marketplace, and include a Node backend. I am running out of time to maintaining them, as I am spending time on Unity rather than Ionic lately. If you are looking for a custom chat app with full source code, this project is for you. Built with: Ionic, Ionic2, Node, WebRTC $25000 or offer

game web video travel under $25k $ sold

For sale is a 4 year old site that makes money through the eBay partner network selling video games and also earns through private advertising. It has received roughly 1,500 visitors a day consistently for the past three years and makes anywhere from $1500 to $2000 a month in profit. The site does require regular content updates, but the seller will help train a writer. Yearly revenue: $22,650

web affiliate seo video revenue under $25k $ sold

This site has earned close to $40,000 in profit since the current owner acquired it in early 2011. It is now averaging around $1,500 in profit thanks to an agreement with a reputable affiliate network. It requires minimal maintenance thanks to outsourced SEO work and a content writer. However, there is room to increase earnings with the right strategy (detailed in prospectus). Yearly revenue: $16,265

subscription video under $25k $ for sale

23 minutes agoClipgur SaaSCreate clips from YouTube videos. Prices: MRR $1 Profits $1 Asking price $10,000

Get Smart Audio

$5,000  contact    23 days ago
video audio & music education under $10k $ for sale

Get Smart Audio Hi, The project is Its a collection of audio interviews ever given by a person. I created this to scratch my own itch. I listen to a lot of podcast and most of the interviews of Elon Musk were on youtube. Also I wasnt interested in the 10-15 min media interviews, I wanted to learn about the philosophy of the the interviewee. Plus some podcasts are not available on itunes, some are outdated and there are no xml scripts. The goal was to have a local collection of audio files, if they are not available anywhere and make a podcast app, where the major theme is the person being interviewed not the podcast show that he/she appeared on. So imagine a central location of all the audio interviews ever given by a person. A youtube for audio interviews. WHY AM I SELLING I have recently been admitted to a graduate school, and would have no time to manage this. I really believe that something like this should exist. cheers, Faizan Built with: django, s3, heroku, bootstrap, jquery, made a custom audio player 5000


$2,500  contact    23 days ago
video documents under $5k $ for sale

VideoReadr Add multimedia captions to any YouTube video. You can embed the video+captions package into another web page or share link that starts the video presentation from a specific time. See example - Currently requires flash to play youtube video, but code can be modified to use html5 video player instead. Built with: Ruby on Rails, Javascript $2500 or worthy trade


$1,500  contact    a month ago
mobile video under $5k $ for sale

xilften A video content management system. Videos can be purchased/viewed on android/ios devices. Includes mobile apps, admin website, CDN interface, paypal integration... (contact me via email) Built with: Angular, NodeJS, React native, AWS Lamda, Vimeo, AWS Cloudfront $1500

ios video fun under $5k $ for sale

VIVU - Remote screen for YouTube Bids: 6 BidsAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $1,000 Time Remain: 21 hours left Detailed Category: Entertainment

ios video fun under $1k $ for sale

VIVU - Remote screen for YouTubeAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $650 Time Remain: 29 days left Detailed Category: Entertainment

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