web travel under $1k $ sold

Detailed price: SOLD ⋅ Initial listing price : $10 Project type: Travel Posted by: website viewed 16 times posted by jluggage

web subscription audio & music infrastructure $ sold

For sale is a digital service business with recurring subscriptions in the audio production niche. Launched in 2015, the business provides a simple and effective audio and voice production platform aimed at businesses looking to engage with their audience via podcasts. With a well-built product and intuitive user interface, the business has successfully productized its service offering, allowing brands to create professional podcasts with minimal technical know-how. With over 700,000 podcasts and c.29 million episodes in circulation, Podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium for businesses and influencers to engage with their audience. As an early entrant in the niche, the business has established a strong footing in this rapidly growing niche. Over the past years, the business has demonstrated clear market fit, producing tens of thousands of podcast episodes for numerous global brands. With a portfolio of reputable customers, along with numerous positive reviews and glowing testimonials from satisfied users, it is perfectly-positioned to continue scaling via one of the numerous growth opportunities available to the business. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner to take over a reputable digital service provider with a productized service offering, established operations, and a lengthy track record of success. Yearly revenue: $Private

web affiliate infrastructure $ sold

For sale is a well-known affiliate aggregator and marketing platform with over a decade of operational history. Yearly revenue: $Private

blockchain web $ sold

Project description The company based in Luxembourg is behind the digital wallet, so it follows the lawful arrangement and guideline compulsory by the country. The supposed and dependable wallet has 15 million wallets, which shows its reputation. Phone up Blockchain Customer Support Phone Number 844-897-6216 if you wan.. Detailed price: SOLD ⋅ Initial listing price : $0 Project type: 3D Technology Posted by: website viewed 29 times posted by jorge203202 1

web amazon affiliate seo $ sold

For sale is a growing Amazon affiliate business in the printing and apparel niche. Launched in 2016, the business has scaled steadily and predictably by providing informative guides and reviews for heat press machinery. Aimed at consumers and businesses alike, the website continues to gain traction with users. As t-shirts and other printed merchandise remain some of the top-selling DIY products, the business has securely positioned itself in a lucrative industry. With the average article consisting of over 1,000 words and a robust backlink profile of over 2,000 active backlinks, the site has secured an impressive keyword profile. The business ranks on the first Google results page for highly sought-after terms such as ‘Heat Press’, helping drive over 75,000 visitors in the past year alone. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a growing and scalable content business primed for future growth. Yearly revenue: $38,700*

web subscription $ sold

Sold 6 months agoSalescamp SaaSSalescamp gives everyone the power to quickly make and embed their own referral campaigns into their website in order to grow a user base organically. Prices: MRR Hidden Profits Hidden Asking price Hidden

web subscription legal $ sold

Sold 8 months agoBibleHR SaaSI am planning to sell my Indian employment Law website (biblehr.com). The website is having 99% viewers from India and has around 7000+ subscribers. per day around it generates 4000+ pageviews, 1000~ users. Prices: MRR Hidden Profits Hidden Asking price Hidden

web affiliate revenue infrastructure design $ sold

This profitable business sells turnkey websites, offering services to make affiliate based websites to those seeking to make money online. Clients have a choice of three packages ranging from $280 - $550. The site also offers pure web design services. All services are outsourced to an experienced team (with the site for over 2 years). The site also generates revenue from on-going hosting following the initial free 12-month hosting period. Yearly revenue: $Private

ecommerce game web blog legal revenue $ sold

The site for sale was originally a blog (claiming no income) and in September 2012 transitioned into an e-commerce store. The site sells legal game keys at very competitive prices. Whilst the revenue from this side of the business is relatively young, the site itself has enjoyed stable traffic for a number of years. The site is very easy to run so would suit a range of buyers. Yearly revenue: $Private*

web finance $ sold

This 7 site network gets traffic from organic sources and requires no ongoing maintenance. The seller has not touched them for over 1 year. However, this does not take away the opportunities for general improvements in traffic generation and on page conversion. Yearly revenue: $Private

ecommerce web $ sold

For sale is a 100% drop ship e-commerce store that sells African masks, sculptures, wall decorations, and more and ranks number 1 for numerous targeted keywords. The current owner has put in hundreds of hours into white-hat SEO, and will provide full training for the buyer. Yearly revenue: $Private*

web advertisement seo revenue $ sold

This easy to run website gathers and provides its paying customers with certain data that isn't easily found elsewhere. The website is custom-coded and the operation of the site is nearly maintenance-free. A large portion of traffic originates from paid advertising so the website is not overly dependent on Search Engine traffic. Yearly revenue: $Private*

web advertisement medicine $ sold

AdSense site in the health and home remedy niche. The site has seen a rapid rise to popularity, now boasting nearly 15K unique visitors a day and a c.12K email list. This incredibly simple-to-run site leverages off the increase usage of the internet as a source for knowledge, with users coming to source information on healthy living, illness diagnosis and remedies. The increasing cost of medical care (in the US and abroad) is also leading many individuals to seek online solutions to everyday health issues and queries. This business would be ideal for a first time investor, a strategic buyer in the niche or a portfolio buyer looking to ass passive and growing revenues. Yearly revenue: $Private*

ecommerce startup web business to business subscription $ sold

For sale is a fast-growing SaaS business that provides powerful email automation to users of the dominant open-source ecommerce platform, Magento. First launched in June of 2015, this well-received product provides a quick and easy solution for those looking to retarget and convert customers who abandoned their carts, via automated email follow-ups. Since launch, revenues have grown exponentially, driven by a successful product-first approach. This represents an ideal acquisition target for somebody looking to scale a successful B2B SaaS startup with proven product/market fit and a large addressable market. Yearly revenue: $Private*

web email plugin wordpress $ sold

established WordPress plugin, which creates advanced Facebook Apps and custom pages. The industry-leading site turned over $113K in 2012, of which $84K was taken as profit. Most of this was seen in the second half of 2012 following the new product launch (July 2012). The site comes with several ready to launch sites/ products and a mailing list boasting around 10,000 members. Yearly revenue: $Private

game ios web blog $ sold

For sale is a high growth gaming blog aimed at users of the popular iPhone app, Candy Crush. The site has become a go-to-place for gamers looking for tips at how to combat certain of the more challenging levels of the game. Content is offered free and the business monetizes the traffic mainly through AdSense. This business would suit a new or seasoned buyer alike. Yearly revenue: $Private

android ios web affiliate $ sold

Provides online magazines for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android across a broad range of genres. The site provides premium magazines at a fraction of the cost of buying the magazine in paper form and currently has over 800 magazines and 1000 unique pages on offer. The supplier, Zinio, has over 10,000 magazines to choose to feature and all income is from their affiliate programme on Commission Junction. As one Zinio's highest performing organic affiliates, the site has preferable commission rates (25% vs. 20% for other similar sites) and there is the possibility to earn addition income by promoting complementary products. The site also has popular Facebook (1,527 likes), Twitter (950 followers) and Pinterest (326 followers, 2,435 pins, 1,106 likes) accounts. Yearly revenue: $Private

web affiliate travel $ sold

affiliate site in the travel and leisure sector, which helps clients make informed decisions on 'secret hotels' before booking rooms. 'Secret hotels' is a trend which is growing in popularity, with luxury hotels offering rooms at a significant discount to increase occupancy levels. These rooms are advertised on a no-names basis, under 'secret hotel' offers, to protect their brand image. This site offers insight as to the hotel's location, quality, any other features, before sending clients to merchants such as LastMinute.com (owned by Travelocity) and SecretEscapes.com to make the final booking. In its short history, the site has sent close to $500K in business to these sites. Yearly revenue: $Private*

web business to business email subscription infrastructure $ sold

FE International is pleased to present an exciting and rare opportunity to acquire a highly regarded and leading marketing automation SaaS business. Launched in 2013, the tool enables content marketers, professional bloggers, consultants and agencies to manage their email marketing lists and send email to customers based on user behavior. The business has seen significant success to date, growing organically through a comprehensive content marketing strategy, word-of-mouth and well-known customer champions. As a result, in early 2015, the software was recognized by Datanyze as one of the top 20 marketing automation platforms globally Now in its 3rd year of operation, the business has growing to c.1,500 customers. To read more about the sale see here: https://feinternational.com/blog/fe-international-advises-sale-drip/ Yearly revenue: $Private

web business to business subscription investment $ sold

FE International is pleased to present an exciting and rare opportunity to acquire a highly regarded and well known accounting SaaS business with over 8 years of history. Established in 2007, this business quickly gained popularity amongst SME owners and accountants for its easy to use UI and best-in class feature set. This business has seen year-on-year growth which has continued to this day, with a 29% increase in 2015 vs. 2014 alone. With a low client cost of acquisition, a very low churn rate and high client LTV, there is a huge ROI for further investment in growing the client base and service offering. Yearly revenue: $Private

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