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For sale is a reputable and authoritative B2B SaaS business in the search engine optimization (SEO) niche with over 2,000 lifetime users. Launched in 2014, the business helps webmasters, digital marketing agencies, and freelancers improve their organic search visibility via automated link indexing. With a fully automated software and a strong track record of success spanning over half a decade, the business offers a proven method for customers looking to improve their SEO. Th business has secured a favorable position in the growing market for SEO services. With US business spending on SEO expected to reach c.$79 billion annually by the end of 2020, the business has a large target market to tap into to continue scaling. Over the years, the business has continued to scale steadily and predictably. With a clear value proposition and a large addressable market, revenues reached a CAGR of c.7.9% over 2016 to 2019, with the business generating c.$4,000 in MRR in Apr-20. The strong sales figures and attractive unit economics, with the business generating an ARPU of c.$15.4 in the LTM while maintaining net margins of c.76%. With an automated process and low owner workload requirements, a new owner will have plenty of resources to invest in growth. With an automated process and extensive functionality, including public reporting, scheduled campaigns, multi-level link processing, and API and RPC integration, The business delivers a clear value proposition at an affordable price. In-turn, this has helped the business attract over 2,000 customers since inception while securing multiple 5-star reviews. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a reputable and authoritative B2B SaaS business in a lucrative and growing niche Yearly revenue: $44,000

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startup web $ no price

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