web advertisement business to business subscription wellness under $10M $ sold

authoritative and established SaaS business in the email automation and productivity niche. Launched in 2012, the business has gone from strength to strength by providing an effective email tool aimed at B2B and B2C users. With a number of valuable features via a browser extension, the software plays an integral role in the day to day of hundreds of thousands of users, helping send millions of emails over the years. Backed by highly regarded customer service, robust features, and wide-market acceptance, MRR has grown rapidly and consistently, reaching a c.27% CAGR for the period 2013 to (e)2018. With c.190,000 free users, a new owner will have plenty of opportunities to grow the business via upsells, marketing to the c.1.3 million-strong email subscriber list, or through the many explored advertising strategies. The owner built the business with scale in mind from the very start, automating much of the day-to-day and reducing overhead. This allowed business to scale with consistently high and steady margins while reducing owner workload to a few hours per week and leaving plenty of time to focus on growth. This business presents a great acquisition target for a new owner looking to take over an authoritative SaaS business with a long history of success, proven market demand, and plenty of untapped growth opportunities. Yearly revenue: $401,000*

ecommerce web subscription medicine wellness under $10M $ sold

FE International is pleased to present a rare opportunity to acquire a fast growing subscription e-commerce business in the yoga lifestyle space. Launched in 2014, this business quickly positioned itself as the leading subscription e-commerce player in the niche, with a brand centered on high quality design, great user experience and large social outreach. As a result of a consistent and powerful outreach campaign, MRR has risen by c.91% YoY and the business now boasts 3,400 active subscribers. Net margins have also increased over the same period. This is an ideal opportunity for a buyer looking to take an already established and successful subscription e-commerce business to the next level. Yearly revenue: $1,497,000*

web affiliate wellness fun under $10M $ sold

For sale is a 2 year old entertainment and sports publication in the fitness niche. The business comprises of two highly branded websites, known throughout the fitness and sporting niche. The business enjoys strong affiliate relationships with many of the large brands in the fitness industry, such as BodyBuilding.com and others. This business is ideal for a buyer looking to enter the fitness space, with other fitness businesses able to exploit potential synergies or those proficient in growing well-established publications/blogs. This is a unique and exciting opportunity in a niche which is only increasing in popularity. Yearly revenue: $356,600

web wellness education under $1M $ for sale

For sale is a growing and established digital products business in the digital marketing education niche. Launched in 2015, the business has quickly found product market fit by providing a range of best-selling online marketing courses. With a vast catalog of 20 informative courses specializing in various aspects of digital marketing, the business has secured a leadership position in the digital marketing education niche. As the educational landscape continues to shift to an online model (with as many as 50% of all classes expected to be offered online by 2019), and demand for digital marketers outpacing supply, the business is poised to capitalize on these growing market dynamics to continue its steady upwards trajectory. The business was built with scale in mind from the very start, reducing owner involvement to a couple of hours per week and allowing for continuously strong margins. With two freelancers transitioning with the business post-sale, a new owner will have plenty of time and free cash flows to continue scaling the business. This business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a digital products business on the rise. With a market-leading brand, a portfolio of best-selling courses, and bountiful growth opportunities, a new owner will be immediately set up for success. Yearly revenue: $322,000

ecommerce web business to business wellness revenue under $1M $ sold

For sale is the rare and exciting opportunity to acquire a 12 year old e-commerce business in the personal development and meditation niche. First established in 2003 in Colorado, this business has repeatedly created high quality products that have helped tens thousands of individuals, professionals and counselors in achieving advanced mind and body training. The business generated revenues through both direct website sales and B2B wholesale sales. The revenue profile of the business has proven to be extremely stable over the years with a 43% profit margin. With the huge expansion seen in the meditation niche over the past 5 years this business is poised for further growth. Yearly revenue: $844,000

web subscription wellness infrastructure under $500k $ sold

For sale is a four year old recurring membership business in the fitness niche. The business is run by the two California based founders as a lifestyle venture, with much of their focus spent on developing fitness tools for end users looking for a holistic solution to their fitness needs, whilst also building a SaaS platform for established Personal Trainers. Yearly revenue: $180,400

amazon ecommerce wellness under $500k $ for sale

Niche: Health & Fitness Date established: July 2017 Monetization: Amazon FBA Net Profit: $11,077.96

web business to business social subscription wellness under $500k $ sold

For sale is a B2B subscription service business in the social media marketing space. Launched in 2016, the business has made a name for itself by quickly and effectively growing social media followers for their clients on Instagram and Twitter. With a rigorously-trained team, world class customer support, and a proven history of continued success, the business stands head and shoulders above the competition. The social media marketing niche is undergoing unprecedented growth, with enterprise spending on social media marketing forecast to reach c.$17.5 billion by 2019. With a market-leading product, targeting the 800 million monthly active Instagram users, the business reached a c.11% CMGR over the past year and is primed to continue its strong upward trajectory. The owner built the business with scale in mind from the very start, allowing for continuous growth without a significant change in operations. The remote team of four employees is fully capable of running the day-to-day operations and will be available to a new owner post-sale, creating plenty of time to focus on growth opportunities. With a proven product, well-trained team, and a growing value proposition in our increasingly-digital world, a new owner will be acquiring a business on the rise with plenty of growth opportunities at its disposal. Yearly revenue: $164,000*

web audio & music wellness infrastructure under $500k $ for sale

For sale is a reputable and established platform as a service business (PaaS) in the music and events niche. Launched in 2014, the website has carved out a defendable position in the niche by providing a platform for DJs and event organizers to connect. With a focus on House and Electric Dance Music (EDM), the platform has helped hundreds of DJs perform in venues such as nightclubs, lounges, festivals, promo events and more. The business has made a name for itself in the lucrative and growing market for EDM music, currently valued at $7.4 billion. With younger generations fueling the growth of EDM and choosing to spend their money on concerts and other live experiences, demand for DJs and DJ events shows no signs of slowing down. With a market-leading brand and a history of success, the business is primed to capitalize on this trend for future growth. The owner has built the business with scale in mind from the very start, automating much of the day-to-day. This has reduced owner involvement to a few hours per week, allowing for plenty of time for a new owner to focus on scaling the business through one of the many unexplored growth opportunities. The business presents a great acquisition opportunity for a new owner looking to take over an established PaaS business in a growing niche. With an authoritative brand, innovative business model, and years of operational history, the business is well-positioned to continue its strong upward trajectory under a new owner Yearly revenue: $86,000

game web blog advertisement wellness chat under $500k $ sold

For sale is a high-traffic content site in the fast growing social app and gaming niche. Established in 2014, the owner has successfully capitalized on the ever growing popularity of social apps like Twitter, Tinder, Kik, Snapchat, and WhatsApp by providing high quality content which attracts tens of millions of pageviews each year. The owner had scale in mind when growing the business, so he entirely outsourced content creation to high quality writers. The site currently has roughly half a million words of high quality content. This opportunity would be ideal for a buyer looking for a high traffic site that covers a range of growing evergreen niches. Yearly revenue: $108,000

web affiliate wellness revenue under $250k $ sold

For sale is a high growth affiliate business in the lucrative fitness and sports niche. Established in 2014, the site targets users seeking an active lifestyle and looking for additional workout, product or nutritional research to fulfil their goals. The site has proven incredibly popular, with over half a million pageviews in the last 6 months alone. By targeting several different areas from nutrition to self-improvement, health and fitness, the owner has been able to cast a wide net to maximize revenue growth. This business has been built with quality in mind and is entirely outsourced to a team of strong, competent U.S. writers. Yearly revenue: $85,776*

web affiliate social wellness under $100k $ sold

For sale are 2 websites in the diet supplement niche that have made $6,000 in net income per month on average combined over the last 12 months. Selling a popular product that has had strong demand over the last 2 years, these websites are in a good position for growth via SEO, promoting via social media and diet and fitness forums. Yearly revenue: $65,235


$80,000 instructortut.ru  contact    5 months ago
subscription wellness under $100k $ for sale

InstructorTuT Fully functional SaaS for searching tutors, instructors and fitness trainers. Built with: Ruby On Rails, es6 + react + webpack, jQuery, postgresql $80 000

amazon web affiliate wellness $ sold

online business in the health and fitness niche. Established in early 2015, the website reviews a certain type of bike. These bikes have become extremely popular in recent years as fitness enthusiasts look to buy for personal use at home, which is reflected in current search trends. With nine keywords placed in 2nd position and many residing on page two, a new owner should look to improve rankings through optimizing on and off-page SEO. The current owner spends little time per month (3-4 hours per month) managing the site and the main tasks can all be outsourced at a low cost. This can easily be done using a reputable platform. Yearly revenue: $20,304

ios game wellness beauty $ for sale

FitYou - Fitness Game and Activity TrackerAsset Type: iOS App Engage Price: Buy It Now: $35,000 Time Remain: 13 days left Detailed Category: Health and Beauty

ecommerce web wellness infrastructure $ for sale

Project description Founded in 2014 in Sydney Australia, Pet Threads is an established pet clothing and accessories brand and niche ecommerce business. Run independently for four years, it is now time for this solo entrepreneur to hand over the reins of this business to a creative mind with the right marketing chops to..This project is built usingWooCommerceWordPress The site operates on the Divi platform which is a content and page builder for Wordpress. It is extr.. Detailed price: FOR SALE ⋅ ~ $30,000 (AUD) - Negotiable Project type: Pets Specialty Retail Posted by: website viewed 10 times posted by petthreads Technology: This project is built usingWooCommerceWordPress The site operates on the Divi platform which is a content and page builder for Wordpress. It is extr..

amazon web affiliate wellness design $ sold

For sale is a high-growth Amazon affiliate business in the health and fitness niche. Since launching in January 2016, the site quickly rose in popularity attracting over 105,000 visitors in the trailing 12 months and averaging 21,000 monthly sessions over the last three months. The website’s unique design and authoritative articles help drive an impressive c.20% conversion rate over the last six months. This is a great opportunity for a buyer looking for a fast-growing affiliate with plentiful growth opportunities and a strong content base. Yearly revenue: $11,800*

web advertisement wellness under $25k $ sold

Display Advertising business in the fitness niche. Launched in 2017, this site has been built with scale in mind, and utilizes two different display advertising channels to drive strongrevenues to the business. Ranking for over 5,100 keywords, with a lean and simple cost structure, and low owner involvement this site is well positioned to continue growing in this popular niche. This business proves a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a scalable business in a popular niche. Yearly revenue: $7,800*

web affiliate wellness under $25k $ sold

online business in the exercise and fitness niche. The website focuses on providing guides and reviews about everything fitness-related. Monthly sessions have averaged 2K per month for the trailing six months of 2016. Traffic is driven in large-part via Google and ranks well for over 1,300 keywords. Visitors are monetized via a ClickBank affiliate partnership. This is a great opportunity for a buyer looking for a ClickBank business to diversify their affiliate portfolio, or a buyer looking to enter the profitable fitness and exercise niche. Yearly revenue: $8,700

ecommerce web wellness revenue under $25k $ sold

This online store sells fitness supplements, energy bars, and workout drinks and has made close to $10,000 in profit in the last twelve months. It is targeted to American emergency service workers such as police officers, firefighters, and military personnel and enjoys a loyal following. Weekly maintenance requirements are around 5 hours a week, but this can be reduced to 5 hours per month if the new owner uses the supplier's dropship option. Yearly revenue: $28,706

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